Lets Get it On with Showtime Wedderburn


It was Showtime at CFC 4 (photo by Sean McManus)

Elaine McCarthy’s Lets Get It On promotion is rumored to be having nine shows in Canada this year.  The wife of famed referee Big John McCarthy has tentatively scheduled four shows out East and five shows at the River Cree Casino in Edmonton, Alberta. 

It is rumoured that they will be holding a Lightweight and Welterweight tournament.  The first Welterweight that has been confirmed for the tournament is Markhaile Wedderburn.  Wedderburn confirmed with Top MMA News that his first fight with Lets Get It On is May 22 in Gatineau, Quebec.  At this time, Showtime is unaware of his opponent.  Wedderburn last beat Justin Barnard at CFC 4.

Top MMA News has heard rumours of many fighters participating in the tournament since January, but have been unable to confirm any names until this week.  Stay tuned to this web site for more information as it becomes available.

6 Responses to “ Lets Get it On with Showtime Wedderburn ”

  1. chris says:

    showtime to the top.Rumor has it that hes on a crazy comeback.

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  2. chris says:

    way to go show. let themno whats up when they see you fight

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  3. Sean McManus says:

    I’m actually really excited for a tournament format in Quebec. Showtime looked really good in CFC against Barnard whose grappling is his strength and Markhaile shot in within the first 10 seconds for a takedown and won via submission. Keep an eye on the TFC show as well, he’s fighting there too. Cheers!

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  4. Billy Beck says:

    This show will crash and burn.

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  5. chris says:

    more like he will crush his opponents that are stepping up to fight him …..cant wait to everybody sees hm fight again…

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  6. mad peeps says:

    showtime!!!! they can’t stop the movement all they can do is hate…..haterz!!!!
    showtying on the rise!!!!

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