Patrick Finally Signs UFC Deal


Claude Patrick is finally in the UFC.  The fighter, who recently appeared at Aggression MMA vs Matt MacGrath, is expected to have his first UFC fight at UFC 115 in Vancouver. 

Patrick told Top MMA News of two previous time that he was offered shots at the UFC but felt at the time he was not ready to compete in the biggest stage of MMA.  Prior to his CFC 3 fight, Patrick was offered to fight for the UFC in Dallas.  Patrick told Top MMA News at the time,

“I could not take (the UFC 103 fight) because I was tied up with my Elite Training Centre business with a change of partners. I have a good business and I had to take care of it. It will be better to go to the UFC when I am 100% ready – when my money, gym, and training are all in a good position. I am not going to fight in the UFC to tell my girlfriend I did it or to wear a UFC tshirt at some club.”

Patrick joins a strong Canadian contingent of UFC fighters lead by Georges St-Pierre.  The list also includes Rory MacDonald, who is already scheduled to fight Carlos Condit at UFC 115, Jonathan Goulet and TJ Grant.

3 Responses to “ Patrick Finally Signs UFC Deal ”

  1. A Stephens says:

    Looks like TopMMANews recycled a quote from last year and tried to pass it off as a new one from CP about his signing.

    Shady journalism IMO.

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  2. Shady journalism. Ha.

    1. Who is CP? Canadian Press? I don’t mention Canadian Press in this post.
    2. Claude Patrick told that to me, owner/editor of Top MMA News, prior to CFC 3. I have the audio recording.
    3. Pass it off as current? Is that why I wrote “Prior to his CFC 3 fight, Patrick was offered to fight for the UFC in Dallas. Patrick told Top MMA News at the time
    4. CFC was given permission to post my article by myself. If you need the President of the CFC to defend my integrity, I will get him to post on here, if required.
    5. It is not a quote about his signing. It is a quote about his not signing.

    Top MMA News has the power to delete these comments, but I like the MMA world to see how much our competitors come to our site for their MMA news and look for opportunities to take us down.

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  3. HAHA nice try guys.

    As you should be aware, CFC and Top MMA News are fairly close friends and share content and information.

    IMO Keith doesn’t need anybody to defend his integrity as he’s never done anything close to shady journalism.

    The quote came from Patrick himself in talking with Keith. What more do you want?

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