Adam Gabel Backs Out of KOTC Lightweight Title Fight


KOTC Promoter John Cooper confirmed to Top MMA News today that Adam Gabel has officially pulled out of the KOTC Canadian Lightweight Title fight.  This bout was scheduled to take place at KOTC UPRISING II in Nanaimo, BC in just over one week.

Cooper also confirmed that Gavin Neil (6-1) will replace Gabel to fight Charlie Zak (3-2) for the title.  The fight will remain the main event on the same card as was scheduled originally for Darcy James vs Adam Gabel.  Problems first arose when James had to pull out of the fight due to a training injury.  Cooper had this to say to Top MMA News on why Gabel has dropped the fight:

“Adam Gabel phoned me this week to inform me that he was not going to be able to make weight and did not feel like he was ready to fight for the KOTC Title, and based on this behaviour I think he is right.”

Gavin Neil is coming off of two straight wins, and has an impressive 5-1 record with the MFC.  Neil is back on the Island to finish his degree at UVIC and has been working on getting back into shape.  Neil was surprised to receive the offer for the title, “I was training anyways just to get in shape and there was some talk of being on AFC II but nothing came around. So when this came up I said why not it’s a nice belt.”  This fight will be Neil’s first with the KOTC promotion and John Cooper seems excited to add him to the card:

“Gavin should have been provided the title shot in the first place in my mind.  At the time that we booked this title fight Gavin Neil’s availability was uncertain.  In my opinion these two fighters are both at the top of the food chain for 155lb fighters in BC.  I am much more excited about how these two talented fighters match up than I was about Gabel vs Zak,  I felt that Zak was a considerable favourite in that fight.  I think with Gavin Neil in place of Gabel, Zak is now in for a much harder night.”

Charlie Zak doesn’t seem to mind either, when Top MMA News asked him what he thought of the change he simply replied “He’s just another opponent.” 

Stay tuned in to Top MMA News for more updates and results.

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4 Responses to “ Adam Gabel Backs Out of KOTC Lightweight Title Fight ”

  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the scoop James – funny how some other Canadian MMA site won’t source you guys when they come out with the news almost a day later.

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  2. Puppettamer says:

    great job you guys, busted out the news on Macdonald vs White before anyone, even busted your name on tv.

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  3. Sean McManus says:

    What? I love being on TV…I’m a media whore though…all joking aside when were we on tv? Do mean when they put Marc-Andre’s mug on The MMA Show and Mauro spoke with him? Yeah the big cheese gets all the fame…cheers, Puppettamer – thanks for the compliments and Josh, we just do our thing and let other people worry about their own…cheers!

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  4. Jason says:

    Sean, we were on the Score’s MMA show a few weeks back as well – couple pics from Aggression MMA with photo credit to TMN, if you blinked you missed it though lol.

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