Boots Scraps – CFC 4 and XKL Belt


Hello everyone!

I am back in O-town training with my team and feeling great for my next fight!

I had a great week in Winnipeg, as they took really good care of us over there. On Friday night was the CFC fight night, I warmed up Remi, who had a rematch fight against Roland Delorme. Pat, Brody and I was in Remi’s corner that night and here is how it went down:

The fight started off great for us, Remi landed some solid low kicks to Roland’s lead leg. Roland immediately closed the distance and tied Remi up, Remi reversed Roland’s takedown attempt and Remi ended up top half guard. Remi disengaged and the fight was up again. Remi look really comfortable standing with Roland, even though he did not have the reach advantage, he was doing great. This time Roland tied him up again and landed a judo throw on Remi, Roland was on top half guard this time. Roland was right away on the pass\sub. He secured a head and arm choke and passed Remi’s half guard. Remi defended the head and arm choke but made the mistake to expose his back and his neck.

Roland has shown great BJJ skills and looked really sharp and very technical. Remi is a very tough fighter and I am sure he will get back on the winning track!

I had the chance to watch the co-main event who was John Makdessi, who I fought in amateur Kickboxing years ago, and Lindsey Hawkes, who is a great MMA fighter, the best 155lbs of Winnipeg. The fight was great,  I can see that John had kept his Tae Kwon Do kicks but had superior boxing skills then when I fought him. Lindsey on the other hand, has the Muay Thai striking game. In round 1, Lindsey landed some solid low kicks to John’s lead leg and was using his reach advantage really well. Towards the end of the round, John had the better hands and a great jab that landed in Lindsey’s eyes and face. Round 2 John was throwing lots of side kick, and I think that one of them got through and hurt Lindsey’s body, from there John kept throwing some safe boxing combo’s and when Lindsey tried to take John down, John sprawled out and flurried to get the TKO in round 2. That fight was very entertaining and both fighters are really tough and technical strikers. Congrats to John and I am sure that Lindsey will come back stronger from this fight. Great fight guys!

Dan Christison vs Mike Wessel was the main event of the CFC 4. Mike Wessel had to fly in a corner man and in the locker room asked Pat and I if we could help out in the corner also. We got to talk to Mike a lot in the locker room. He is a great guy and really funny! It was hard to corner a guy that you haven’t worked with before, Pat did most of the talking. For me it was great experience to have to corner a UFC guy, I really liked it. It was a last minute thing, it was very challenging to corner a fighter that you have not worked with but at the end fighting is fighting and Pat and I did the best to yell out good instructions, that Mike followed perfectly. He listens very well and did  a lot of escapes from submission attempts when he was in trouble. He also followed the instructions of throwing the over hand right and the left hook that Pat was yelling out. Both heavyweights had a great fight, standing and on the ground. Dan Christison got the Kimura at round 3 for the W.

CFC was a great show, well organized, weigh-ins were on time and the fights started on time! Great venue with the only circular cage in Canada. Thanks to everyone that put  CFC together, great show!

On Saturday morning, we flew out of Winnipeg to land in Montreal. Once I got there, Nick Castiglia picked me up and we went to relax and have some fun for the weekend at Mont Tremblant. It was my first time there and it was awesome! We got to go for a few hours in the spa “The Scandinavian”, we got to take a few dips in the cold river and relax in the sauna. I felt really good after that, all my muscles were relax and I am ready for a hard week of training.

I have 3 weeks left to train for this fight, I just started my diet on Monday…training is going good and I’m losing weight rapidly. I’m feeling really low energy but I have to get used to my diet and I hope that the energy will come back!

Here is a picture of the belt I will be fighting for at XKL against Corey Hill March 20th in Detroit! I will post again at the end of this week to let you guys know how is the training!

Take care!

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