Top MMA News Confirms WEC Calgary Date


As reported in January, Zuffa was planning to bring the WEC to Calgary this summer.  At the time, WEC Vice-President Peter Dropick said, “It looks like we’re going to Calgary.”  Now, Top MMA News has confirmed that the WEC has booked June 20th for their Canadian debut in Calgary in the Stampede Corral.

Calgary Combative Sports Commission chairperson Shirley Stunzi confirmed this to Top MMA News saying, “I can advise you now that WEC has officially booked June 20 in Calgary for their event.”

No fighters have been confirmed for this event at this time.

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9 Responses to “ Top MMA News Confirms WEC Calgary Date ”

  1. Killer Bee says:

    Thats awesome, can’t wait to see the card

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  2. Rain-bows says:

    I’d love to see a few of our top ranked featherweights and bantamweights on this card… Nick Denis would be my top choice!

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  3. pr0cs says:

    I’m sort of surprised they’d have it at the corral. Considering how under served Calgary is when it comes to MMA I would have expected them to go to the SaddleDome. I’ll be there either way but the corral seems rather small.

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  4. Rain-bows says:

    Unfortunatly with WEC 48 being less than two months before WEC 49 we probably won’t see Aldo, Faber, Henderson, Brown or Cerrone! Hopefully we’ll get Torres at least!

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  5. Rain-bows says:

    Jamie Varner is the only rumoured participant so far!

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  6. Have to assume Hominick, Horodecki, and Jabouin will be on this card.

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  7. Robbie Black says:

    crash and burn

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  8. ganjaghost says:

    they could still pull of a ok show

    see you guys there finally something in calgary

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    According to MMA Junkie Chris Horodecki vs. Ed Ratcliff is targeted for WEC 49

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