MFL 2 Play by Play


With approx 1500 in attendance the Complex Sportif Claude-Robiliard was completely sold out. A few changes to the card were announced as Yan Pellerin vs Jason Cecil and Nordine Taleb vs Justin Primmer were cancelled.  Also Chester Post stepped up on short notice to face David Loiseau in the main event. 

Lyndon Whitlock vs Pierre-Etienne Marcoux
The fighters circle the center of the cage as Whitlock shoots in and land the takedown on Marcoux. Whitlock starts raining down the ground and pound from guard. Whitlock then passed to full mount. Marcoux rolls over to avoid the barrage of punches and gives up his back. Whitlock sinks in his hooks and the RNC.
Lyndon Whitlock defeats Pierre-Etienne Marcoux via RNC at 2:10 of the first round.

Joey Gambino vs Louis-Philippe Gauthier
Right off the bell Gambino bum rushes Gathier and drops him with a right hook. Gauthier is able to recover and gets back up. Both fighters are trying to work the clinch against the cage. After a brief exchange Gambino lands a takedown and winds up in Gauthier’s guard. Gambino starts working the ground and pound but Gauthier is able to fight back up to his feet. Once again, Gambino drops Gauthier with a vicious knee from the thai plum. Gauthier recovers again but is bloodied up and fights his way to his feet. Gauthier is finally able to take Gambino down but lands in Gambino’s guard. Gambino throws his legs up and catches Gauthier in a tight armbar.
Joey Gambino defeats Louis-Philippe Gauthier via Armbar at 4:45 of the first round.

Daylin Logan vs Eon Shirley
The bell sounds and Logan charges at Shirley and lands a vicious left, right, left combination and shoots for the double leg takedown. Logan lands the takedown and winds up in Logan’s guard. Shirley reverses only to be reversed again by Logan. Logan lands some vicious ground and pound as the referee calls an end to the fight.
Daylin Logan defeats Eon Shirley by TKO via Ground and Pound at 1:21 of the first round.

Louis-Philippe Carles vs Chris Vorano
Fighters start off by circling and pawing at each other with kitten like punches and leg kicks. Carles lands a solid left straight right as both men continue to circle. Carles finally drops Vorano with another left right. Carles follows him down and lands in half guard. Carles starts to work some ground and pound from the half guard. Carles starts to land with the ground and pound as Vorano quits and taps as the ref call a halt to the contest.
Louis Philippe Carles submits Chris Vorano via Strikes at 4:42 of the first round. (The fight was officially announced as a TKO win)

Dimitri Waardenburg vs Mark Fraser
Waardenburg lands some nice leg kicks as the fighters circle each other. Fraser then shoots in and lands a monsterous double leg takedown. Fraser winds up on top and cinches in a tight arm triangle.  Waardenburg reverses position while still in the submission hold. Waardenburg muscles his way out of the hold and takes full mount. Waardenburg pushes Fraser’s chin back and lands three devasting elbows and knocks Fraser completey unconscience. The fight is called as Fraser lays motionless on the canavas. 
Dimitri Waardenburg defeats Mark Fraser via TKO at 1:31 of the first round.

Martin Grandmont vs. Sebasiten Garguier
This fight is the reason to own a DVR (BTW check your local listing as the Fight Network will be broadcasting this event). This might not have been an all out war as it was only five minutes and ended prematurely, but it was an historic battle.  Had the kitchen sink been there it would have been used. At one point Garguier grabed Grandmont from the back of the neck and lands some nasty hockey punches. The fight is briefly halted to check the dual cuts on the corner of both of Grandmount`s eyes. Grandmont looks over to the big screen to admire Garguier’s handy work and proceeds to ask for the crowd`s approval. The crowd responds with a roaring ovation and the fight is restarted. The fighters restart going shot for shot. Soon Grandmont starts to get the better of the exchanges and forces Garguier into the cage. Grandmont capitalizes and wings wild punches all over Garguier. Garguier tries to cover up and the referee stops the fight right at the horn, declaring Grandmont the victor. The crowd boos in disbelief as Garguier may have been in a rough spot but by no means was he finished.
Martin Grandmont defeats Sebastien Garguier via TKO at 4:54 of the first round
Tom Murphy vs Bruno Hosier 
Murphy immediately lands a takedown on Hosier. Murphy lands a few quick punches to the back of Hosier’s head. The fighters are restarted on their feet as Murphy is warned for his infraction. Murphy tries another takedown but Hoiser defends and lands some back elbows on the back of Murphy’s head. Once again the fighters are stood up and this time Hosier is warned for his breach of the rules. Murphy shoots in again and lands the takedown. Murphy passes to the crucifix position. Hosier muscles out but Murphy is able takes Hosier’s back. Hosier rolls and Murphy takes full mount. Murphy lands some devasting ground and pound as the referee saves Hosier from further punishment.
Tom Murphy defeats Bruno Hosier via TKO at 4:33 of round 1.
Steve Bosse vs Marvin Eastman 
Eastman pushes Bosse up against the cage. Both fighters jockey for position and this continues for 4:59 seconds untill Eastman is able to land a takedown right at the buzzer. Round two starts off with Bosse pushing Eastman up against the fence. Eastman tries for a few single leg attempts but Bosse demostrates his new found takedown defence. Round three starts off with Bosse once again pushing Eastman up against the fence. Bosse lands a little dirty boxing while Eastman attempts a few lateral elbows and thankfully this snorefest ends.
Steve Bosse defeats Marvin Eastman via Unanimous Decision (All three judges scored it 30-27 in favour of Bosse)

David Loiseau vs. Chester Post 
Loiseau starts off landing some nice leg kicks. Post defends Loiseau’s first takedown attempt, but “The Crow” is able to score on his second attempt. Loiseau lands in Post’s guard. Loiseau is looking to land those patented elbows. Post tries to use a high guard, but Loiseau is able to posture up and rain’s down some vicious blows to Post’s face, Post turns to avoid the onslaught but is unable to defend and taps due to strikes.
David Loiseau defeats Chester Post by TKO via Ground and Pound at 4:40 of the first round.
A great night of fights was wrapped up as David “The Crow” Loiseau announced his fight purse wound be donated to the Haitian Relief fund. Also in attendence at MFL 2: Battleground were Jerome LeBanner, George St. Pierre, Jonathan Goulet and Bellator’s recent signee Mike Ricci. MFL also anounced their next event which is schedualed to take place May 29 in Montreal, no fights were announced. Top MMA News gives FOTN honors to Martin Grandmont & Sebastien Garguier for their five minute brawl to end it all. Submission of the Night goes to Joey Gambino who looked very impressive finishing Louis-Philippe Gauthier with a slick straight Armbar. Lastly, KO of the Night goes to Dimitri Waardenburg for laying the siesta on Mark Fraser with devasting elbows from mount.

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