CCF 5 Play-by-Play


CCF returned after a year’s absence this time with DREAM rules and a full house.  The night featured a couple knees to a downed opponent by Chad Williams, a couple fights went past the normal five minute first round, but no fighters wore wrestling shoes or gis. 

The night was light on fights but included some highlight reel KOs and featured Bantamweight Arnold Ranon who left all in the audience impressed.

Here is the play-by-play:

Jon Charbonneau vs. Jordan Murray
Murray rushes right in to start, but Charbonneau turns his back and retreats. Charbonneau and Murray lock up and jockey for position. Murray secures the take down but Charbonneau rolls through and lands in side control. Murray quickly reverses position and mounts Charbonneau. Murray begins to rain down punches as Charbonneau tries to tie him up and force a stalemate. Murray postures up, isolates an arm and applies an armbar causing Charbonneau to tap out.
Jordan Murray defeats Jon Charbonneau via Submission (Armbar) at 1:51 of Round 1
Chad Williams vs. Connor Noyes
The two fighters circle and feel each other, before they meet in the center of the ring and both start throwing wild shots until Noyes closes the distance and takes Williams to the ground landing in side control before passing to full mount. Noyes postures up and drops a few shots before Williams sweeps Noyes and winds up in his guard. Noyes throws a few shots from the bottom until both fighters get back to their feet. Noyes lands a shot knocking Williams off balance. Williams capitilizes and takes Noyes down landing in side control. Williams lands a few knees to the face of Noyes and then mounts him and drops a few shots before standing up and letting him to his feet. Noyes lands a big shot and follows up with a takedown landing in side control before transitioning to full mount posturing up and raining down shots until the ref calls a halt to the contest.
Connor Noyes defeats Chad Williams via TKO at 5:40 of Round 1 
Arnold Ranon vs. Corey Berridge
Berridge comes out firing but Ranon counters with a very quick flurry of rights and lefts. Berridge applies a thai clinch and throws several knees that do little damage. Ranon breaks away and catches Berridge with a well placed shot that sends him tumbling into the ropes where Ranon pounces and fires away with heavy hands until the referee rescues a down and out Berridge from any further punishment.
Arnold Ranon defeats Corey Berridge via TKO at 0:27 of Round 1
Ryan Rother vs. Tiago Tavares
Tavares comes out with a body kick. Rother responds with a takedown attempt that is fought off by Tavares. Tavares grabs ahold of a single leg and slams Rother to the mat landing in side control and then moves to full mount. Rother sweeps Tavares landing in his guard. Rother stands up out of Tavares’ guard and fires a pair of leg kicks to his downed opponent before allowing him back to his feet. Tavares fires away with a quick barrage of punches, a right connects and Tavares shoots in for a double leg driving forward and taking Rother down going straight into mount. Rother attempts to sweep Tavares but is unsuccessful. Tavares lands numerous shots until the referee calls a stop to the fight due to unanswered blows. Had the fight been contested under the unified rules of MMA, Rother would have escaped the round and continued into the second.
Tiago Tavares defeats Ryan Rother via TKO at 5:06 of round 1
Jorge Brito vs. Josh Kyrejto
Brito starts out throwing a mixed bag of kicks with a leg kick, a body kick and then a head kick followed by a well placed right that drops Kyrejto to the mat where he jumps on top and lands punches and hammerfists that knock Kyrejto out cold ending the fight in impressive fashion.
Jorge Brito defeats Josh Kyrejto via KO at 0:37 of Round 1

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  1. Rain-bows says:

    Very impressive wins by Ranon and Brito!

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  2. jason says:

    4 fights? r u kidding me? thats gay n not even worth going to unless tickets r 5 bucks

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