XKL – Evolution 1 – March 20


The Extreme Combat League (XKL) will be holding their Evolution card on March 20th in Michigan.  On the card will be Jeff Monson, Ricco Rodriguez, and Corey Hill.  Top MMA News Boots Scraps columnist Mark Holst will take on Corey Hill for the XKL Lightweight title. 

Buy your tickets for the card at Emutix or you can watch it on Internet Pay-Per-View at the Extreme Combat League website.

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  1. Mr MMA says:

    I will see you all there at this Fight!! XKL is really proving it self to be a league to notice! Good job guys!

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  2. The XKL says:

    205 lbs – Terry Davinney vs. Colby Mcmahan
    155 lbs – Lance Snow vs. Frank Slater
    185 lbs – Tam Khan vs. James Brasco
    170 lbs – Abdullah Humdan vs. Tyrone Holmes
    205 lbs – Eric Smith vs. Ricky Shivers **XKL WORLD LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP**
    225 lbs – Ricco Rodriguez vs. Bryan Ryan
    155 lbs – Corey Hill vs. Mark Holst **XKL WORLD LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP**
    265 lbs – Jeff Monson vs. Scott Barrett ***MAIN EVENT***

    ** Title Fights = 5 x 5 minute rounds
    ** Standard Fights = 3 x 5 minute rounds
    ** Amateur Fights = 3 x 3 minute rounds

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