MFL 2 Results – Crow Posts Victory over Post


Top MMA News is at the MFL show in Montreal tonight.  Here are the quick results:

David Loiseau defeats Chester Post by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 4:40
Loiseau shows some vicious Ground and Pound in his win over the outmatched Post. Lets hope Loiseau can exhibit this aggressiveness against higher calibre opponents.

Steve Bossé (203) defeats Marvin Eastman by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Tom Murphy defeats Bruno Hosier by TKO (Ground n Pound) in Round 1, 4:33
Murphy displays superior skills than Hosier who looks very mean but was outclassed.

Martin Grandmont defeats Sébastien Garguier by TKO in Round 1, 4:44
This was an absolute stand up war that was an amazing fight. Fight was halted earlier to check serious cuts over both of Grandmont’s eyes. He then came back out and took the fight. Fight of the Night so far!

Dimitri Waardenburg defeats Mark Fraser by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 1, 1:31

Louis-Philppe Carles defeats Chris Vorano by TKO (Verbal Tapout due to Strikes) in Round 1, 4:42

Daylin Logan defeats Eon Shirley by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 1:21

Joey Gambino submits Louis-Philippe Gauthier by Arm Bar in Round 1, 4:45

Lyndon Whitlock submits Pierre-Etienne Marcoux by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:10

The Yan Pellerin vs Jason Cecil and the Nordine Taleb vs Justin Primmer matches are off.


8 Responses to “ MFL 2 Results – Crow Posts Victory over Post ”

  1. craig L says:

    The show sucked, Jason cecil didnt fight . Daylin Logan defeated a chump who was 0-3 , wow get him a better opponent ,that was a set up big time. I am glad Joey won. Other than that i wont be back to another show in Quebec. I should have gotten my money back.

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  2. Steve says:

    I would have to agree with Craig , this show really sucked i think Quebec is having way to many shows and are killing it. alot of fights didnt happen the match making was garbage. I wont also be back to another show.I had 49 people come , not again.

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  3. terry says:

    The show was shit . very bad match making who is this joey benoit has he evr been in the ring himself . I doubt it, he is friends with Tri star Team thats one of the reason the fights were set up. I think some of these shows will be dead soon i can see why.

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  4. The show is not even over. You were not even there.

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  5. drew says:

    i was about to say the exact same thing.

    also, joey benoit isn’t mfl matchmaker, but ringside matchmaker and there is not too many promotion in quebec, there is only 2 of them… and promoters can’t be responsible if fighters are forced to withdraw… shits happens.

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  6. terry says:

    we aLL left early , trust me it sucked !!!

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  7. James says:

    Check out W-1 on March 20th. They have an international promotion. They bring in fighters from all over as opposed to only getting local fighters to square off against each other. Their card looks stacked.

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  8. terry says:

    bellator the best promotion in the world right now !!!

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