MFC 24 Play by Play


Great night of fights from MFC.  The fights had everything including a war between Letourneau and Hrynchyshyn, some nice submissions, and some highlight reel KOs.  Here is the recap:

Derrick Noble vs. Yves Edwards
This battle of MMA veterans begins with Noble throwing a head kick that misses the mark. Edwards fires back with a leg kick followed by some body shots. Noble lands a kick to the body and Edwards responds with some well placed shots that send Noble retreating. Edwards misses a head kick but lands a body kick. Noble misses another head kick. Edwards again answers with a leg kick and presses ahead with a flurry of punches that drops Noble and rains down punches until the ref has to pull him off to put an end to the fight. 
Yves Edward defeats Derrick Noble via TKO (Ground and Pound) at 4:44 of Round 1

Tom Watson vs. Travis Galbraith
The two start the fight cautiously feeling each other out until Galbraith lands a leg kick and forces Watson into the corner. As both men struggle for position Galbraith lands an inside knee and a spinning back elbow. Galbraith steps away from the corner and Watson lands a brutal right head kick which puts Galbraith out cold face down on the mat. 
Tom Watson defeats Travis Galbraith via KO (Head Kick) at 1:56 of Round 1

Ryan McClain vs. Dwayne Lewis
Round 1- Lewis entered to a massive ovation from the crowd, many wearing “Team Lewis” shirts. Lewis begins the fight by running full speed across the cage trying to catch McClain with a flying knee and a barrage of punches against the ropes. McClain weathers the initial storm, gets some separation and responds with a leg kick which is met with a superman punch and a leg kick of his own from Lewis. McClain and Lewis trade simultaneous body kicks and McClain hits Lewis with a left. An errant Lewis knee hits McClain in the groin and the referee calls time so McClain can recover. The action restarts with a Lewis push kick to the mid section that drops McClain to the mat but he gets right back up and the two go toe to toe with some quick punches. Lewis clinches but McClain gets seperation and then comes forward with a few quick shots. Lewis counters with a body shot. McClain rushes in however Lewis counters with lefts, rights and uppercuts and then grabs ahold of a Guillotine attempt in the final seconds which he holds until the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lewis 
Round 2- Lewis starts the round with a side kick that lands in McClain’s stomach. McClain comes back with right and left leg kicks. A big shot from Lewis drops McClain to the canvas. Lewis jumps on top as McClain covers up. Lewis continues firing away as blood begins pouring from McClain’s nose. Lewis continues to drop heavy hands from McClain’s half guard until the ref rescues him and calls a stop to the fight as the crowd erupts with their approval. 
Dwayne Lewis defeats Ryan McClain via TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:08 of Round 2

Nathan Gunn vs. Jesse Juarez
Gunn looks for a quick shot to begin the fight however Juarez avoids the shot and fires a devestating head kick that knocks out Gunn and splits him open. Juarez follows up with a punch on the ground for good measure before the ref can step in between the fighters. Gunn remains on the canvas for a minute or two before he is helped to his corner where Juarez comes to check on him. 
Jesse Juarez defeats Nathan Gunn via KO (Head Kick) at 0:11 of Round 1

Paapa Inkumusah vs. Dami Egbeyemi
Round 1- Inkumusah opens the fight with a right hand followed by a barrage of punches in the corner. Egbeyemi responds with leg kicks and body kicks. Inkumusah comes right back with another combo of punches to the head and body. Egbeyemi continues the back and forth with a combo of leg kicks followed by a few good shots and Egbyemi shoots in for a double leg but gets caught in a standing Guillotine attempt by Inkumusah. Egbeyemi pulls his head out and takes Inkumusah to the ground and attempts a Rear Naked Choke. Inkumusah spins out and ends up in Egbeyemi’s guard and escapes back to his feet to end the round. Top MMA News scores a close round 10-9 Inkumusah
Round 2- Egbeyemi throws a head kick to start the second round and it’s blocked, The two feel each other out and throw pawing jabs, neither landing anything significant until Egbeyemi throws a leg kick followed up back a big right hook that drops Inkumusah to the mat. Egbeyemi jumps on top landing on Inkumusah’s back and fires away with heavy shots. Inkumusah survives and pulls Egbeyemi to his half guard but Egbeyemi takes his back again and looks to finish the fight with a Rear Naked Choke. Inkumusah fights off the submission attempt until the bell rings for the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Egbeyemi
Round 3- Inkumsah opens with a number of 1-2 combos and jabs and Egbeyemi answers with a leg kick and a left hook follwed by another leg kick which is countered with a punch from Inkumusah. The two circle each other for much of the remainder of the fight, with Egbeyemi pressing forward but failing to inflicting any significant damage until the final moments of the fight when he presses the action with a barrage of rights and lefts.  Egbeyemi locks up double underhooks, takes Inkumusah to the mat landing in side control and punctuates the fight with a knee to the body as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Egbeyemi 
Dami Egbeyemi defeats Paapa Inkumusah via Split Decision (29-28 Inkumusah, 29-28 and 30-27 Egbeyemi)

David Letourneau vs. Nick Hrynchyshyn
Round 1- Letourneau opens the fight with a body kick that finds its mark and Hrynchyshyn reponds with a right that connects on the chin. The fighters back off and feel each other out for a moment. Letourneau returns to the body kicks which are already leaving a visible welt on Hrynchyshyn’s mid section. Hrynchyshyn fires a head kick that hits the target. Letourneau eats the kick and peppers Hrynchyshyn with a few leg kicks and a superman punch. Letourneau throws another head kick which is blocked by Hrynchyshyn but follows up with a flurry of punches that bloodies Hrynchyshyn and forces him to clinch and he throws a knee that lands. Letourneau gets some seperation and throws another body kick as the round comes to and end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Letourneau
Round 2- The second round opens with both fighters trading leg kicks, Letourneau lands two big shots that backs Hrynchyshyn up and Letourneau follows up with another flurry of punches that puts Hrynchyshyn on the ground. Letourneau drops into Hrynchyshyn’s guard and begins landing heavy shots further bloodying Hrynchyshyn. Letourneau continues to pound away from inside Hrynchyshyn’s guard for the entire round sparying the ringside with blood. Hrynchyshyn’s nose is leaking like a faucet and appears to have been broken. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Letourneau
Round 3- After another back and forth opening to the round. Hrynchyshyn drops Letourneau with a head kick and lands in side control. Letourneau sweeps Hrynchyshyn and lands in his guard. Letourneau transitions and takes Hrynchyshyn’s back looking to sink in the Rear Naked Choke. Hrynchyshyn escapes and scrambles to his feet. Some loose tape on the glove of Letourneau cuases a short delay. The two trade missed head kicks followed by a slow flying knee by Hrynchyshyn. Both are looking tired as the pace of the fight begins to slow, Letourneau goes back to the body with another kick and finishes the round with another flurry of punches. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Letourneau 
David Letourneau defeats Nick Hrynchyshyn via Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27

Chris Barber vs. Garret Nybakken
Barber shoots for and secures the takedown to begin the fight.  As the debuting fighters jockey for position on the ground, Nybakken sweeps Barber and looks for a Guillotine. Barber escapes only to be picked up and slammed by Nybakken. Nybakken breaks away and the fighters are back on their feet. Nybakken fires a body kick at Barber and Barber shoots in for another takedown. Nybakken stuffs it and takes the back, locking in a Rear Naked Choke forcing Barber to tap out.
Garret Nybakken submits Chris Barber via Rear Naked Choke at 2:30 of Round 1 

Eric Chouinard vs. Zach Blaber
Blaber comes out firing with a flurry of rights that backs Chouinard into the corner. Blaber locks him up and takes him down landing in side mount. Chouinard attempts to get the fight back to the feet but Blaber keeps pressing and gets back to side control where he applies the Kimura and induces the tap out.
Zach Blaber submits Eric Chouinard via Kimura at 1:17 of Round 1

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