CFC 4 Play by Play – Christison Submits Wessel


CFC 4 is about to start in their brand new cage.  Keep refreshing this page for CFC 4 updates:

Dan Christison vs Mike Wessel
Two big boys feel each other out to start before Wessel lands a big right and a knee before being taken down by the Sandman.  Christison in side control then gets Wessel’s back.  Christison has both hooks in.  Wessel escapes out the back door and lands some rights on Christison.   The two stand up and Christison gets kneed in the groin.  Time is called by Big John McCarthy.  Christison is in a lot of pain and he is going to need some time.   Back on.  Straight right by Wessel and another knee catches Christison in the groin.  Wessel charges and throw punches in bunches.  Nice right jab by Wessel as he is owing the standup.  Kick by Christison and punch score.  Christison is scoring more on his feet now.  Knee by Christison.  Knee by Wessel and he falls back.  Christison lands a forearm at the bell. Very close round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Christison

The two clash in the middle and then Christison lands a high kick.  Christison has Wessel in trouble as he is having problems seeing out of his right eye.  Christison repeatedly lands jabs and a nice right before taking Wessel down.  Wessel gets up and is bloodied up.  Christison has really found the range on his left jab.  Straight rights landing by Christison and he catches a Wessel kick and lands another big right.  Leg kick by Wessel and a nice left hook.  Combo by Wessel.  The two clinch and Wessel lands some knees before being dragged down by Christison.  Wessel gets right back up and gets tripped down for his trouble.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Christison

Wessel is charging with punches in the third and is throwing some hard punches.  Three thrown by Christison and two land.  The two heavyweights trade punches.  Wessel lands a knee but looks tired.  Sandman starts picking Wessel apart with straights. Really good fight by two heavyweights.   Christison lands repeatedly and Wessel drops to his knees.  Sandman has Wessel’s head trapped and starts working a Kimura as well.  Wessel taps out.  Very good heavyweight fight.
Dan Christison submits Mike Wessel by Kimura in Round 3, 3:56


Lindsey Hawkes vs John Makdessi
Crowd favorite Hawkes takes on the undefeated Makdessi.  Hawkes starts things off with leg kicks that score hard and a nice double jab.  Makdessi catches a kick by Hawkes and lands a punch.  Makdessi goes for side kicks that do not score but lands a hard leg kick.  Hawkes scores a left in a tactical fight.  Makdessi lands a right and Hawkes scores a body kick.  Combo by Hawkes as this is not going to go to the ground.  Left by Hawkes and a leg kick that sends Makdessi to the ground.  Back up Makdessi lands a side kick to Hawkes’ chest and misses a spinning back kick.  Nice counters by Makdessi to a Hawkes kick.  Leg kicks by both fighters score. Makdessi strikes again after catching another Hawkes’ kick.  Lindsey lands a takedown at the end and Makdessi throws a real late kick after the bell.  Too even to call.  Top MMA News scores it 10-10.

Hawkes was cut by a Makdessi punch over his right eye and that could affect this fight.  Hawkes lands leg kicks to start the round.  Makdessi misses another spinning back kick.  Straight right by Hawkes followed by some great kicks by Makdessi.  Leg kick by Makdessi and hard left jab by Hawkes.  No edge to anyone.  Side kick by Makdessi scores in Hawkes’ midsection.  Another wild spinning back kick that Hawkes should take advantage of as he steps in.  Two hard rights by Hawkes.  Hawkes left jab is very effective but does not follow it up.  Great front kick pushes Hawkes back.  Makdessi pours it on now and he is taking the fight to Hawkes now.  Big hard right by Makdessi.  Hawkes is bloodied up.  Hawkes goes for a takedown and Makdessi sprawls.  Hawkes is receiving a bad beating and the fight is stopped very late just before the bell sounds.  Makdessi just turned it up a bunch of notches with two minutes left and Hawkes had no response.  Impressive performance by John Makdessi who remains undefeated.
John Makdessi defeats Lindsey Hawkes by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 4:59


Justin Barnard vs Markhaile Wedderburn
Undefeated Barnard puts his record on the line in this one.  Surprisingly, Wedderburn immediately shoots for a takedown.  The two clinch and Showtime lands a knee.  Barnard gets the single and takes Wedderburn to the ground.  Wedderburn works hard to get up and finally gets up.  Barnard shoots the single again and takes Showtime down.  Barnard gets side control but gets reversed by Showtime.  Wedderburn is now in Barnard’s guard but the two get up.  Barnard tries to drag Wedderburn down but ends up on his back.  Barnard reverses and gets side control on Showtime.  Barnard needs to punch in this dominant position but he inflicts no damage. Top MMA News scores the round 10-10.

Round 2 starts with Wedderburn kicking and landing a couple shots.  Wedderburn gets Barnard’s back and sinks in a choke. Barnard taps. Showtime is now 4-0 in Winnipeg and handed Barnard his first loss.
Markhaile Wedderburn submits Justin Barnard by Rear Naked Choke  in Round 2, 0:24

Chris Stranger vs Chase Degenhardt
Chris Stranger runs across the ring and gets clotheslined.  He gets up and eats a big knee.  Degenhardt lands a bunch of punches while Stranger recovers.  Degenhardt lands more big knees after they get to their feet.  Degenhardt in side control then full mount.  Back to half guard for Stranger and Chase gets the full mount.  Stranger bucks him off after eating at least five shots to the face.  Body kick by Stranger.  Jab by Degenhardt followed by nice counters by Stranger.  Stranger lands a bunch but eats a knee.  Stranger is swingly wildly but lands a nice jab.  The two trade in the middle.  Another knee by Degenhardt at the end of the round.  Stranger has to avoid the clinch as he is getting beaten there.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Degenhardt

Nice straight right to start round 2 by Stranger that bloodies Degenhardt that changes the whole fight.  Another big right by Stranger and Stranger gets Degenhardt’s back.  Chase escapes.  Front kick by Stranger.  Stranger charges and lands a couple punches and then another charge.  Stranger has a ton of heart and is winning the round after a bad first.  They are very tired and still throwing.  Tough left hook by Stranger and it looks like Stranger is breaking Degenhardt.    Nice jab by Degenhardt who seems to have recovered a bit due to a brief lull.  Now Degenhardt is pushing the pace and the crowd grimaces as Degenhardt just misses another knee.  The two clinch and Degenhardt lands a glancing blow with his knee.  The round ends as Degenhardt lands a couple blows. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Stranger

Right lands by Stranger but Degenhardt works the leg kicks.  Stranger hits a leg kick / straight left.  The pace has slowed and Degenhardt continues working the leg kicks.  Jab stranger, leg kick Degenhardt.  Nice body kick by Stranger and then a couple hooks are thrown wildly.  More leg kicks by Degenhardt.  Leg kick wobbles Stranger’s lead leg.  Jab/leg kick by Degenhardt.  Body kick by Stranger, but Degenhardt is all over Stranger’s left leg with kicks.  Front kick by Stranger and more leg kicks by Degenhardt. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Degenhardt. Fight of the Night so far.

Chase Degenhardt defeats Chris Stranger by Unanimous Decision – Degenhardt stays undefeated.

Sam Osman vs Lance Cartwright
The two trade body kicks with no real power behind them and circle each other.  Big pair of knees by Cartwright land hard.  The two circle and Cartwright lands a right uppercut.  Osman shoots and Cartwright sprawls.  Another big uppercut by Cartwright after blocking a Osman high kick.  Osman now on his back and Lance is landing the odd punch.  Lance goes to his feet and Osman starts to rise and Cartwright kicks him in the head.  Illegal blow and Big John gives Osman time to recover.  The ref waves off the fight and its over.  Kick is ruled unintentional.
Lance Cartwright and Sam Osman Technical Draw in Round 1, 4:34

In one of the quotes of the night, Cartwright says that he must have thought he was in a back alley fight in the North End.

Remi Morvan vs Roland Delorme
Another rematch on CFC 4 as Morvan hopes to avenge his December WRECK MMA loss to Delorme.  Two leg kicks by Morvan start off this fight.  Delorme goes for a take down and its Morvan with top position. Delorme gets up and the two seem to cartwheel while in a whizzer.  Delorme ends up in top position and lands a couple punches.  Morvan grabs a heel but Delorme punches him for his efforts.  Delorme takes Morvan’s back and sinks a Rear Naked Choke and remains unbeaten as Morvan taps.
Roland Delorme submits Remi Morvan by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:28

Mark Durant vs Joseph Latour
This is a rematch of a previous CFC match where Mark Durant won a Split Decision victory over Joseph Latour in a great fight.  Leg kicks by Durant and then a flurry of punches by Mark.  Leg kick by Durant but a huge left by Latour.  Clinch up and Latour goes for a Guillotine but does not have it.  Durant slams Latour but the two stand and trade again.  Huge left kick by Durant hurts Latour but causes Durant to lose his balance.  Clinch.  Solid combination by Latour lands clean.  Hard leg kicks and a big left hook lands by Durant.  Durant trips Latour down by his corner.  Full mount by Durant and Durant lands a bunch of punches.  Latour remains very calm.  Durant lands punches over and over as round stops.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Durant.

Durant shoots for a single but moves up and lands two big punches.  The two are winning the punches and Durant takes Latour down.  Durant lands body shots while Latour works for a Kimura. Latour reverse the position into full mount using the Kimura.  Durant gives up his back and Latour has his right hook in.  Durant slips into Latour’s guard and received no damage from Latour.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Durant

Leg kicks by Durant as this round starts very slowly.  Leg kicks have hurt Latour though and he is limping badly.  More leg kicks and Latour is limping a lot.  Head kick by Durant stumbles Latour and Big John McCarthy jumps in.
Mark Durant defeats Joseph Latour by TKO (Kicks) in Round 3, 2:07

Luis Cepeda-Javier vs Jesse Ronson
Fight starts with a leg kick from Cepeda who is throwing wildly.  Luis is working Ronson’s lead leg with kicks.  Ronson responds with a left.  Cepeda catches him with a straight left that hurts Ronson.  Nice body shots by Ronson and a left body kick. Straight left is effective by Cepeda.  Ronson pushes pace but Cepeda lands a right hook.    Ronson landing a body and head kick.  Cepeda is tiring.  Bell rings.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ronson.

Ronson starts the round with a kick to the body.  Big right by Ronson but it wakes Cepeda up and he lands at least five punches with Ronson against the cage.  Ronson pushing pace again and has Cepeda backing up. Big left by Ronson followed by a combination.  Ronson hurts Cepeda with a body shot to the liver and Cepeda grimaces.  Ronson lands a few more and Cepeda wants no part of it.  A few more and the ref stops the fight.
Jesse Ronson defeats Luis Cepeda-Javier by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 3:17

Cory Houston vs Curtis Demarce
Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts Cory Houston makes his debut tonight against Demarce.  Tentative start.  Leg kicks by Demarce.  Houston grabs Demarce and lands two knees. More knees by Houston and the two go to the ground and Houston is in Demarce’s half guard and works to side control.  Back to full guard and the two trade blows with Demarce on his back.  Houston postures up and lands harder shots.  Demarce reverses with 30 seconds left but Houston goes for an Arm Bar, but time expires.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Houston.

Nice kicks by Demarce to start round 2 to the body, legs, and one to the head.  Big exchange with Houston landing two and Demarce counters with a right hook.  Kick causes Houston to stumble, but he recovers to land a knee.  Left uppercut by Demarce as Curtis controlling the round at halfway point. Clinch up against the cage where Houston lands effective knees.  Big right and knee by Houston on the tiring Demarce.  Houston grabs a leg and takes Demarce down only to land in a Guillotine.  Houston taps out.
Curtis Demarce submits Cory Houston by Guillotine in Round 2, 3:32

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  1. Dan says:

    Thanks… The updates were awesome. 2 bad about the PEG FIGHTERS… CHRIS STRANGER..UR A WARRIOR!!!!

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  2. Dan says:


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  3. CR says:

    Great card of fights, I was very impressed with the cage and presentation of the show. I gotta hand it to Stranger, the dude can take a punch. As my buddy said while we were watching it, you could probably hit him with a bat and he’d still keep coming. Both fighters were out of gas in the third round and it showed.
    The Carwright fight was a joke, the head kick was a glancing blow and the fight could have continued. Osman was getting it handed to him and he saw an out so he faked an injury

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  4. I could not believe Stranger came out in the second and smashed Degenhardt between the eyes and bloodied him up. It almost broke Degenhardt. Him and everyone else thought Stranger was done at the start of the second because he took some huge damange (how many knees?) in the first. Almost a 10-8 first round. Good fight. Congrats to both fighters.

    As for Osman, I do not think CFC should bring him back for a rematch. Stupid move by Cartwright though.

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  5. Dan, Roland Delorme secured his place as a top 135 lb fighter in Canada after beating Morvan again.

    I encourage everyone to read Remi Morvan’s post on the fight @ . Morvan is tough and will be back.

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  6. Sean McManus says:

    I was very impressed with Stranger and even more with Chase after he got really bloodied up and hung in there and pulled it out. What can you say about Stranger…the guy definitely came to fight. Remi is a tough tough guy who will rebuild and come back stronger – and one of the most genuine guys in the sport. Delorme is the real deal though. Cheers.

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