MFC 24 Weigh In Results


Here are the MFC 24 weigh-ins.  Travis Galbraith missed weight by 1/2 pound.  On the Heat XC undercard, Elliot Duff was seven pounds over.  Duff has to get down to 187 and he will lose 25% of his purse.  As well, both fighters in the Blaber vs Chouinard fight were two pounds over.

Derrick Noble (156) vs Yves Edwards (155.5)
Ryan McClain (205) vs Dwayne Lewis (205)
Tom Watson (184.5) vs Travis Galbraith (186.5)
Nathan Gunn (169.5) vs Jesse Juarez (171)

David Letourneau (169.5) vs Nick Hrynchyshyn (170)
Paapa Inkumsah (170) vs. Dami Egbeyemi (170.5)
Jared Kilkenny vs. Jason Kuchera Kilkenny pulled out today.
Elliot Duff (193) vs. Jason Gorny (185.5) Duff weighed in second time at 193.  Fight cancelled.
Chris Barber (153.5) vs. Garret Nybakken (154.5)
Eric Chouinard (207) vs. Zach Blaber (207)

6 Responses to “ MFC 24 Weigh In Results ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    Heath is not fighting… Ryan McClain weighed in at 205 right?

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  2. Yes. McClain not Heath. Bad cut/paste error.

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  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Wish i was there for this. Dami is gonna stir some shit up at 170.

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  4. UPDATE: Gorny/Duff fight is cancelled. Duff weighed in at 193 on his second attempt and the fight was pulled.

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  5. George Carlos says:

    That is brutal in Duff’s part to be out so much!!! I feel bad for Gorny as he made the weight and he also trained his butt off for this fight!! Very unprofessional on Duff’s part.

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  6. Rain-bows says:

    Wow… did he even try to cut anymore after the first time, Duff should be ashamed!

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