Alpha Fight – Saskatoon – March 13


Date: March 13, 2010
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
TV: None
Tickets: Ticket Edge




1. Cory Chambers (Scheer’s MMA) vs Chantha Bunn (Kensei, Red Deer) (MMA – 147lbs)

2. Derek Gatz (Scheer’s MMA) vs Derek Dayday (Kensei, Red Deer) – (MMA – 155lbs)

3. Kris Myer (Revolution, Calgary) vs Kelsey Enns (Iron Fist, Saskatoon) (MMA – 155lbs)

4. Claire Roberts (Scheer’s MMA) vs Laurie Thomson (Iron Fist, Saskatoon) (K-1 Max Rules Kickboxing Bout 140-145lbs)

5. Cody Molinger (Scheer’s MMA) vs Jeremy Mitchell (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) (MMA – 155lbs)

6. Eric Williams (Scheer’s MMA) vs Derek Clermont (Cheney’s Kickboxing, Red Deer)(K-1 Max Rules Kickboxing Bout 150-155lbs)

7. Tyler Siwak (Scheer’s MMA) vs Miles Anstead (Complete MMA) (MMA – 185lbs)

8. Wes Cameron (Iron Fist, Saskatoon) vs Brock Moran (Cheney’s Kickboxing, Red Deer)(K-1 Max Rules Kickboxing Bout 165-170lbs)

9. Travis Brunner (Scheer’s MMA) vs Dwayne Mombourquette (Kensei, Red Deer) (MMA – 195lbs)

10. Greg Parton (Scheer’s MMA) vs Sebastien Tritz (United MMA, Lloydminster) (MMA – 155lbs)

11. Nick Enns (WAMMA, Winnipeg) vs Brad Oxby (Complete MMA, Regina) (MMA – 205lbs)

12. Riley Enns (Iron Fist, Saskatoon) vs Paul Grebinski (Complete MMA, Regina) (MMA – 205lbs +)

13. Rondel Roberts (Teofista, Calgary) vs Mariusz Ksia (WAMMA, Winnipeg) (MMA – 190lbs)

39 Responses to “ Alpha Fight – Saskatoon – March 13 ”

  1. Garth says:

    Are any of the fights in Saskatchewan sanctioned, yet? or are they all classified as “Amateur” events, still?

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Ammy for now. My understanding is that a lot of work is being done to get “pro” legalized, but there is still a lot left to do.

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  3. L-Boutin says:

    Gonna be an unreal event !! The Best Saskatoon has ever seen for sure !

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  4. MMACannot says:

    Are you sure about that Luke? Check out these quotes from idiots at another Canadian web site.

    “You think UFC is making waves? the XCW in small-city Saskatoon Canada is killin it!!”

    “XCW president Dave Lochert can rightfully say that he is the king of MMA in central Canada”

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  5. L-Boutin says:

    haha, which website ? Thats gotta be Dave himself plugging his shitty show.

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    Just found it, its really sad how un-informed some people are.

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  7. landon says:

    Well I guess the CFC,MFC,KOTC,TFC,Adrenaline, Agression,EFC,HeatXC!! All better pack their bags and give up, as the XCW is self proclaimed only 2nd to the UFC!! . Top MMA news should investigate and do a feature on this MMA ICON show! The level of fighters, top ranked teams, sell out numbers!! How can anyone stay afloat with a power house like this! The promoter is the 2nd coming of Dana White! makes you giggle.

    Is that you dave??

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  8. Corey D. says:

    Dave Lochert has been punched in the head too many times…

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  9. BigBoi says:

    Dave’s like that guy from Hair Club For Men.

    He’s not just the commission (ICAF) he’s also the Promoter.

    But wait there’s more. Dave also refs at his own events.

    As a limited time offer Dave will also offer to coach the guy you’re fighting so that the complete and total conflict of interest is kept in tact. Yay Davis Harris…. I mean Lochert.

    Sorry Dave I know you don’t like to be reminded of your real last name.

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  10. Graham Weenk says:

    Good old ammy in sask, fight under essentially the same rules as pro(minus head elbows and knees) but don’t get paid or its illegal… fighters taking the same risks as pros with nothing more than experience to gain.

    pretty crazy that no commission only means no one can get paid, still fine to have full on mma fights as long as the fighters get no money or career advancement for it… seems crazy to me.

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  11. Graham Weenk says:

    with SMA involved all the proper medical work will be done which is a step forward in Saskatoon MMA, hopefully the event goes well and Sask government will catch up with the rest of Canada and get a commission together so these fighters can get paid and advance their careers

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  12. L-Boutin says:

    This event happened over a year ago, went really well. Chris Desaultels (sp?) Was the head official. Great night with some really good fights.

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  13. Graham Weenk says:

    ha ha, the recent post fooled me! lol, yeah heard it went well

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  14. Like to point out that this was a Troy Scheer event.

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  15. L-Boutin says:

    yeah, I didn’t really understand it at first either…lol

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  16. Christian says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. L-Boutin says:

    The fact that Dave let you fight after 2 months of training is enough to show you the level of his shows. There’s a reason Scheer’s makes you put in the time training before they want you to fight.

    Look at the level of the guys fighting in XCW and compare it to good amateur shows like alpha, ritc, Saturday night fights etc. It’s not even close. XCW is like watching 2 drunk guys brawl outside a bar at 2 am (probably because Dave doesn’t care if you train or not, he’ll throw anyone on his event, he could care less.)

    I could go on about Dave an XCW but it’s really not worth it.

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  18. BigBoi says:

    Hey Dave… I mean Christian,

    Thanks for coming out. We really do enjoy your posts. Listen could you explain to me how or why letting someone with 2 months of experience fight is a good idea?


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  19. Sean Quinn says:

    Christian, you’re a fucking idiot. Go get another neck tattoo and practise some more UFC in mommy’s basement.

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  20. Hopefully I’ll have the time off to attend this event. I went to the last one and it was a good show for sure!

    Glad to see Tyler Siwak and Travis Brunner both on the card. Siwak is a beast and Brunner has taken some time off but I have a feeling he will be very well prepared and ready to dominate.

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  21. Christian says:

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  22. Christian says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  23. Christian says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  24. Evan says:

    ^^ That is pure awesomeness hahahaha.
    I don’t know any of these guys either but I’m sure they know their stuff when it comes to the MMA in Canada. These 3 guys; Quinn, L-Boutin, and BigBoi comment on almost everything on here and usually have some really great things to say.
    You must be kinda new cause Quinn has been on here calling someone out for a fight for a little while now, so that would actually make him a “pro” fighter and can’t really fight you in xcw if all they do is ammy, just saying. But it was a great little post and I did have a laugh and I think they will too once they read it later on today.

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  25. Evan says:

    oh i meant comment 21 was awesome hahaha

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  26. Christian says:

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  27. Christian says:

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  28. Sean Quinn says:

    Lol, TROLL!
    XCW is shit. Dave loves money, not fighting. Get a life.

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  29. Gunner says:

    Is that Christian”e” Santos trying to avoid her womans suspension by calling out poor quinny and fighting in the mans division now?

    I love a bit of foggy headed rambles to read bright and early in the morning

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  30. Robin Black says:

    That’s not a real person right? That’s someone who’s pretending to be a complete idiot just to get a laugh, right?

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  31. Sean Quinn says:

    Leave Christine alone, she trains street!

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  32. L-Boutin says:

    Haha, great posts !!

    This has to be a joke, because nobody is this stupid.

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  33. BigBoi says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for posting again. It’s been way too long you know. Out of curiosity are you still telling the out of town fighters an earlier time for weigh ins than the home town boys? Are you still promising to cover hotel rooms and then leaving the fighters in the lurch when they find out you haven’t made any arrangements at all? Are you still using Lockhert or have you moved on to another last name? Personally I think you should go back to Harris.

    Any who, Dave, Christine, Christina, whoever you are. Shows like this that prey on the uneducated fighters are doing far more damage to the sport than good. If you really want to see Professional MMA in SK then stop putting these shows on, stop recruiting kids with more heart than skills and support some of the local initiatives that are working to get approval for professional MMA.

    True you’ve probably burnt just about every bridge in the community but the least you could do is stop putting these sham shows on and allow others to help repair the image of the sport.


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  34. BigBoi says:

    Oh and thanks Evans. If you go to for only $14.99 I will send you out an 8×10 glossy. For an additional $9.99 I’ll autograph it and for an additional $9.99 I’ll even personalize it for you.

    If you act now I’ll even through in a set of “Sean Quinn Sunbaths” as a bonus. See all of Sean’s gloriousness in High Resolution poloroids.

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  35. BigBoi says:

    PS – Chrissy, I like how you went from just not liking Sheers to having your knee blown apart during sparring. Now, Biggie has never met Troy but I’m pretty sure he would remember a 6 yr boxer blowing his knee apart on the mat. Just sayin’ if you’re going to lie try to pick small ones. You know like chasing down a mugger and executing a citizen’s arrest or accusing teachers of theft of equipment. That’s much more your style.


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  36. Jamie Locke says:

    Did Christian take the same English class as Showtying?

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  37. Tyler Davis says:

    Ahhhhh conflict, finally things were getting stagnet on here for a bit. Now biggie if I order with my credit card do I get one for free

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  38. BigBoi says:

    Hell if you order I’ll send you the blanket Sean was sun tanning on. I stuffed it into a ziplock bag to preserve the scent of wine cooler and suntan lotion.


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  39. harry balls says:

    Biggie! welcome home! Christian is that a Saskatoon number?

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