Hybrid MMA H4 Recap from Gatineau


Great crowd at the Arthur Guertin Community Center. It was a packed house for a great night of amateur MMA action.

Cameron Hewitt vs. Minh Ngyen
Fight starts off as fighters exchange,  Ngyen lands and nice trip takedown. Fighters are back up. Hewitt slips and the round ends with Ngyen landing some big shots. Round two starts off with Ngyen landing even more big punches. Ngyen ties up and lands another trip takedown. Fighters get up and Hewitt fires off a few big hooks.  The second round ends as Hewitt tries for a takedown but is stuffed by Ngyen. Third round starts as both fighters throw big bolos but Ngyen is getting the better if the exchange.  The fight ends as Ngyen lands another takedown.
Minh Ngyen wins via Unanimous Decision

Rick Jamieson vs. Jon Chiera
Big exchange starts off the fight and Chiera lands a takedown.  Chiera then attempts a key lock. Jamieson reverses and finishes off the round with some ground and pound. The second starts off with another flurry from both fighters. It looks as if Jamieson is getting the better of the exchange. In the third, both fighters come out swinging again. Jamieson lands a big right hook, then Chiera ducks under a left and gets the takedown. Jamieson kicks him off and the fight ends with both fighters throwing big bombs from their hips.
Jon Chiera wins via Unanimous Decision

Rejean Gervais vs. Rob Tracey
The fighters come out swingingl Tracey lands a takedown and gets full mount.  Tracey sinks in the hooks but Gervais is able to pound his way out as the round ends. Round two starts off as Tracey goes for a takedown. Once on the ground, Gervais reverses and winds up in Tracey’s guard. Tracey throws up his legs and goes for an omoplata.  He then transitions to a armbar then to triangle and coaxes the tap at 1:42 of the second round.
Rob Tracey submits Rejean Gervais by Arm Bar in Round 2, 1:42

Dan Lariviere vs. Patrick Gill
Fight starts off as Lariviere is throwing big shots and Gill is covering up. Gill ties up and lands a massive belly to belly takedown that’s heard through the entire arena. Gill lands in mount and Lariviere gives up his back. Gill sinks in the hooks and taps Lariviere via RNC at 1:38 of round 1.
Patrick Gill submits Dan Lariviere by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:38

 Kyle Vivian vs. Kevin O’Hearn
Small exchange starts the round. Vivian lands a takedown and is reversed. O’Hearn takes full mount and Vivian gives his up back. O’Hearn sinks in the hooks and coaxes the tap via RNC at 1:34 of round one.
Kevin O’Hearn submits Kyle Vivian in Round 1, 1:34

Gregory Carpenter vs. Mike Riley CANCELLED
Fight is cancelled as Carpenter could not get time off work. Spoke with Riley at the event, he was disappointed but understood and has been offered a fight at Hybrid’s next show April 30th

Matt Demore vs. Pierre Melon
The fighters tie up quickly and Melon goes for a standing Guillotine but Demore reverse for a takedown. The round ends as Demore lands a takedown. Another quick tie up as Demore lands some big shots to the body. Melon attempts another standing Guillotine as the round ends. Demore starts off round three with a vicious leg kick that staggers Melon. Demore lands a well-executed trip takedown. The ref stands the fighters back up due to inactivity. Demore forces Melon to the ground again as the round ends.
Matt Demore wins via Unanimous Decision

Andrick Cave vs. Coady Yach
Quick tie up as the fight starts. Yach lands the takedown. Once back up, Cave throws a big high kick that’s blocked by Yach, who uses the momentum to put Cave on the canvas. Yach goes for the Rear Naked Choke as the round ends. Yach comes out quickly and takes Cave down, transitions to the full mount and finishes the fight via GNP @ 1:09 of the second round.
Coady Yach defeats Andrick Cave by TKO (Ground n Pound) in Round 2, 1:09

Jon Marconi vs. Rock Bosquet
Small exchange to start off the fight. The fight is momentarily halted after Marconi inadvertently rocked Rock’s rocks with a leg kick. Fight is restarted as Marconi lands some vicious bombs. Rock is throwing a beautiful jab / leg kick combo which is caught by Marconi who responds with a vicious right. The second round starts off as Marconi levels Rock with a big hook and brings him to the floor. Marconi takes mount but Rock reverse and they are back on their feet. The round ends as Rock fires a slew of unanswered punches at Marconi’s jaw. Marconi comes out in the third and lands three staggering leg kicks.  The fight finishes off with both men firing huge hooks connecting with each others faces. Rock Bosquet is awarded the unanimous decision, but it appeared to Top MMA News that Marconi had won all three rounds landing the takedowns, catching the kicks and landing more unanswered shots. Fight of the Night as well as robbery of the night.
Rock Bosquet defeats Jon Marconi by Unanimous Decision

Mario Zamora vs. Emanuel Crevier
Zamora catches Crevier early with a big right hook, but Crevier comes back with a takedown.  The round ends with a good standing exchange. The second round starts and both fighters come out swinging. Crevier goes for a double leg but is stuffed by Zamora. Zamora misses with a judo throw as the round comes to an end. The third starts off as the fighters tie up. Zamora attempts a standing Guillotine but to no avail.  The fighters are jockeying for position in the corner and Zamora lands a few good shots.  Crevier goes for the tie up and the two fighters exchange some nice dirty boxing to finish off the round.
Mario Zamora wins via Unanimous decision.

What a great night of amateur MMA, Fight of the Night honours go to Jon Marconi and Rock Bosquet for their entertaining three round war even if the wrong man came out the winner.  Its always good to see up and coming Heavyweight prospects. Submission of the Night goes to Rob Tracey who transitioned from an Omoplata to an Arm Bar to a Triangle to take home the win with a slick submission. Hybrid MMA announced their next show would be April 30 in Gatineau.

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