Top MMA News Canadian Rankings Finally Updated


Fighters and fans, matchmakers and managers have all been clamoring “When are you guys going to update your rankings?”  Well, Top MMA News has completed updating the Canadian rankings.

Some divisions have seen little movement – particularly the Heavyweight and Light-Heavyweight divisions.  Other divisions have seen a lot of upheaval.  Lightweight saw the defeat of several ranked fighters including Kajan Johnson, Josh Russell, Martin Grandmont, and Trevor Wright.  Two divisions have seen new number one fighters – one from a inactive fighter becoming active (Mark Hominick) and one from a fighter moving down in weight (Nick Denis).

The purpose of these rankings are to increase the visibility of top Canadian fighters by promotions and fans alike and have some fun doing it.  Top MMA News knows that matchmakers are looking at these lists to help create good matchups.  Managers are using these rankings to see who their fighters should beat to “climb the ladder”. 

Top MMA News also hopes that fans will look at these rankings and realize that high quality fighters can be be seen fighting in local promotions in their cities so go out and check out these great fighters at their upcoming  bouts in the MFC, CFC, WRECK, Ringside, MFL, TFC, KOTC, W-1, AFC….

As always, Top MMA News recognizes that our rankings are NOT perfect.  Please bash or compliment them to your heart’s content.  Our reader’s feedback, both negative and positive, is integral to perfecting these rankings.  Not only that, the conversations and comments that spring up from these rankings are probably the most interest part of the process.

With that said, here are the Bantamweights!  The rest of the division will be released over the next week.

Canadian Bantamweight Rankings February 2010

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