Boots Scraps – Next Fight – Corey Hill !


Hello everyone!

So, back in Ottawa from the USA, I trained two days at OAMA and then Pat, Dave (a student of OAMA) and myself drove down to the MAS Academy in Cambridge to train with Kru Chris. I went there to train my striking at the same time as teach BJJ to their fairly new BJJ program.

It was a great trip down and then Kru Chris killed me with Thai pads training and I got to spar with some of his top students like Marvelous Mitch! It was a lot of fun teaching BJJ to the team in Cambridge. Their instructor is Tom and he is doing a great job teaching Renzo Gracie Ottawa BJJ at MAS!

On Friday night I got to be part of their Valentine’s Day MASsacre! I was 1 of the 3 judges to judge the 8 fights on that night. Kru Chris is an awesome Muay Thai instructor and you can see it the way his students fight! I also got to hang out with Devon Henry and Syd Barnier who are the top students of Kru Chris and Elroy the boxing coach at MAS Academy. That was a great night of Muay Thai, really exciting fights!

I got to train on Saturday with Kru Chris and to spar again, then taught some BJJ to the advanced BJJ students. On Sunday morning, Devon drove Dave and myself back to Toronto where Pat picked us up and we drove back to O-town!

It’s good to be back home, I have been traveling a lot lately, now it’s go time! I am going to get back in the training routine and start to diet hard again.

There are some major changes in my next fight – it will be on March 20th and it will no longer be in Dubai, but in Detroit, Michigan! I was really looking forward to go to Dubai for my first time, but a fight is a fight and I’m sure I will have another opportunity to go there. Furthermore, I will not be fighting Scott McAffe anymore, but my next opponent will be Corey Hill (the 6′5, 155lbs UFC fighter) who took part in the 155lbs The Ultimate Fighter Season on Spike. So I will be training very hard for this next fight! I can’t wait!

Here is picture of MAS with the ladies program and a also the fight poster of XKL where I will be fighting Corey Hill for the XKL Lightweight Championship belt!

If you guys have any topics or questions you would like me to answer in my next blog, feel free to contact me at Take care everyone and let’s hope this winter gets better!


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    Be nice and go easy on the leg kicks! haha

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