Ringside 6 to Feature DeLorenzi vs Machan


Ryan Machan trading blows with Kajan Johnson (photo by J. Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

Joey Benoit, the new matchmaker for Ringside MMA has contacted Top MMA News to inform us that Ringside 6 will be taking place in Quebec City on April 10th and there will be two title fights on the card.

Benoit wasted no time in his new position and has secured a Ringside Lightweight title fight between Guillaume De Lorenzi and Ryan Machan. Both are two of Canada’s top Lightweights and this fight has serious Canadian ranking implications pushing the winner of this bout to the top of the Canadian 155 ranks after the likes of Mark Bocek and Sam Stout.

Also on tap for this card is a Ringside Featherweight title fight between Guillaume Lamarche and Mitch Gagnon. Both are serious Canadian 145 contenders, with a push into the upper rankings for the winner.

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12 Responses to “ Ringside 6 to Feature DeLorenzi vs Machan ”

  1. Michele says:

    Machan is a nice pickup for Ringside. He should be fighting in a bigger promotion though.

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  2. Chuck Norris says:

    Michele, Is a fight against Delorenzi not big enough?

    Where would you suggest he go? W1? So he can fight a bum there?

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  3. Michele says:

    Delorenzi is a great fight. I never said anything about his opponent.

    I just see Ringside as a big step down from the MFC.

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  4. Chuck Norris says:

    But if the matchup is a great one, doesn’t that make it a decent enough organization? (No matter which one was putting the fight together?)

    MFC treated Machan like shit anyways.

    A non HD Net MFC card gets less exposure than a Ringside card.

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  5. Stenson Stark says:

    Chuck – are you saying that Ringside has more talent than W-1?

    Delorenzi is going to be a great fight for Machan and I can’t wait to watch it, but you cannot compare the talent levels of Ringside and W-1. W-1 is far superior.

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  6. Michele says:

    I agree Chuck. It’s a great fight and I am excited about it.

    Although I prefer W-1 to Ringside, W-1 doesn’t have a solid 155 division. I don’t think that he should have gone there.

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  7. brodes says:

    Great fight at 155 with 2 very good prospects…thats all that matters at the end of the day.

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  8. Submission King says:

    oh man what a great fight, this is a fight bigger promotions should be keeping an eye on. The winner of this fight defiantly jumps up on rankings, the winner also deserves a bigger shot I would think.

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  9. the law says:

    WOW Stenson….
    Are you serious in thinking that W1 has better competition than Ringside??? You must not be following the sport well. You have “the Boss” steve Bosse who is the arguably the best light heavyweight and champ right now. Not to mention Misha is on the roster now. Mich Gagnon and lamarche fighting for the featherweight belt at 145 and they are without a doubt the better 145ers compared to john fraser and what, tim tamaki or whoever john is figting for the featherweight title at W1!!! Either mich or guillaume would beat either 2 in minutes.
    The only division that is better in w1 is the bantamweight division with Adrian Wooley and Josh Hill. I mean c’mon… you have carlos newton and shonie carter in middleweight that looked horrible!!! Ringside is the biggest promotion in the country next to MFC!!!!!

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  10. Stenson Stark says:

    The law….you are right about John Fraser and Tom Waters, but Carvalho would destroy anyone in both promotions at 145. Denis Kang is better than any Ringside fighter. Pat Healy and John Alessio were great pickups from MFC.

    Based on the way W-1 has been growing, I predict they will be the largest promotion in Canada by the end of this year. You will think I’m crazy, and I’m ok with that.

    Bosse is amazing though….no questioning that. Have many more fights is he signed with Ringside for? Anyone know?

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  11. James says:

    Prior to this upcoming card, W1 had Newton and nobody else worth mentioning. Now, they are stacking up quite a few talented fighters. Although they are not the biggest promotion in Canada, I believe that they are opening a few eyes.

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  12. James says:

    Stenson – you are ahead of yourself. Prior to their next card, W1 only had Newton. Nobody else was worth mentioning. Although their next card is absolutely stacked, can they keep the fighters? Their next card will probably be the best card of any CDN promotion this year, BUT, most will be gone after one fight.

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