Four Fighters Facing Pivotal Situations at MFC 24


Jarod Kilkenny is on the receiving end of a Ryan Fortin left. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

They are both defining moments in a fighter’s career. Cross roads, more times than not, are make-or-break fights, must-win situations, and absolute keys when considering whether a fighter has anything left to give or whether his better days are behind him.

New roads are essentially those paths that young, up-and-coming fighters travel down. Times in their blossoming careers when they can step up to new heights or they are forced to re-focus and start fresh.

Two fights on the undercard of MFC 24: Heat XC are the epitome of cross roads-new roads fights. Travelling down the cross roads are Jared Kilkenny and Jason Kuchera while strolling down the new roads are David Letourneau and Nick Hrynchyshyn. The two matchups will be among the Heat XC bouts of show slated for Friday, February 26 at the River Cree Resort and Casino.

Many moons ago, Kilkenny (12-7) was a strong contender for the MFC’s light heavyweight belt, but fell by the wayside short afterwards. He worked his way back into the MFC/Heat XC fold in the last few months yet failed again when the big opportunity was presented, losing to both Dwayne Lewis and Ryan Fortin. Kuchera (5-4), too, has ridden hard times of late. After a knockout-filled unbeaten start to his career, the rugged, free-swinging puncher went on a terrible skid including a pair of losses to Aron Lofton, a tapout to Jay Whitford, and a one-punch Knockout of the Year contender to Lewis.

The Kilkenny-Kuchera clash at MFC 24 is definitely a make it-or-break it for both fighters. A third straight loss will certainly kick Kilkenny from clubhouse, while Kuchera could face a similar fate if he should fall, particularly when considering a defeat would come at the hands of fighter who had lost two in a row.

Nick Hrynchyshyn defeated Jesse MacDougall

For two young bucks like Letourneau and Hrynchyshyn, their head-to-head clash is chance to break through and start their path down a road that could ultimately lead to many golden opportunities – opportunities that fighters like Kilkenny and Kuchera had on their plate and couldn’t sink their teeth into.

Hrynchyshyn (2-0) is one of the more-talked about prospects in the MFC/Heat XC scene in large part because of his impressive fan base that rock the house even for preliminary bouts. He also endeared himself to the crowd in its entirety in his last outing, throwing caution to the wind and engaging in a bloody brawl on his way to a win over Jesse MacDougall.

Letourneau (1-1) is quite a story on his own. A training partner of Nathan Gunn’s, Letourneau went to great lengths in pleading for the chance to gain a spot on the show and took the only opportunity presented to him – the chance to take on Hrynchyshyn in his own backyard. A gutsy call but a gamble worth taking for a fighter willing to make the most of the moment presented to him.

Two fights with interesting avenues laid out before the four men staring down the journey.

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