Nick Ring Joins The Ultimate Fighter 11 Cast


Nick Ring (Photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

According to Five Ounces of Pain, Alberta’s Nick Ring will be a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter 11.  Ring is a Canadian Welterweight who has been flying under the radar but now will be his time to shine.

Top MMA News heard rumors of the 10-0 Ring being offered both an Ultimate Fighter spot and a possible Bellator spot early in January but were unable to confirm the rumor before Ring entered the TUF House.  His absence has long been noted and it was expected he had chosen The Ultimate Fighter.

Ring, the fifth ranked Canadian Middleweight, is an undefeated fighter who has fought once on Bellator in Season One where he beat Chilo Gonzalez.  He last fought at Aggression’s first card where he defeated Yannick Galipeau.

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18 Responses to “ Nick Ring Joins The Ultimate Fighter 11 Cast ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:


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  2. Aaron Benson says:

    great news

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  3. Joe Doerksen says:

    best of luck to Nick. I am gonna go ahead and declare him the favorite to win. He’s gonna make an impression, I think.

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  4. Submission King says:

    finally big news for him this is great news, he should do very well.

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  5. Sean McManus says:

    Great news for Nick…

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  6. Kelly says:

    Watching Nick train all these years and come back from injuries, that halted his rise in Pride, its going to be great to see Nick show what he can really do.

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  7. This really makes TUF 11 a must watch show.

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  8. David Letourneau says:

    This is huge news, good luck to nick.

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  9. Spankenstyne says:

    That’s just badass. Way to go Nick. He’s gonna surprise some people.

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  10. Brandy Brigden says:

    I can’t wait to watch the show! Nick is going to do awesome! So happy for you Nick!!!!!!

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  11. Jason says:

    Definitely gonna be watching this one!

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  12. Davis says:

    I can say this, Nick Ring will be the most watched guy on the show. Finally a Canadian Representative that is not a complete push over like Thacker and Macdonald from the other seasons. Ring stands a high chance of making it to the finals of the show. Without Matt Major and Brian Baker on it what would of been huge competition it looks even more likely. All though with those two it defiantly would of been one of the highest skilled seasons if not the highest skilled field of fighters yet on the show. Training with the likes of Chuck, Tito, Shields ect. will only help Nick’s skills in the long run with so many great training partners and teachers. This will only help his extremely well rounded skill set that he is walking into the show with.

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  13. Mike Ring says:

    Go for it, Nick!!

    Uncle Mike

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  14. Mike Yackulic says:

    Alberta’s best kept secret won’t be for long.

    Nick will makes waves from the first episode on.

    Well done Nick.

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  15. ABDUL says:

    Way to go Nick! We here at BDB truly believe in you. The path up until this point was always meant to be, the future is now in your hands…Elbows, knees, shin, submissions and all that stuff that you do with exellence.


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  16. Him being a southpaw with heavy hands if gonna be a benefit for sure.

    Good luck Nick!!!

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  17. Dark Knight says:

    BEST of luck nick ring… Just remember, dont follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail….

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  18. kevin says:

    I remember nick when he was my first muay thai coach 8 years ago for Mike Miles… He’s come an extremely long way.
    I’ll be cheering you on bud!

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