Boots Scraps – UFC 109 and the Drive Back to Canada


Last week on Monday morning we did 10 hours of driving down south to Vegas! Arrived there we checked in our suite at Mandalay Bay- THE Hotel. Steph and I shared a room, the room was off the hook! Marble bathroom with TV, 2 big beds, spectacular view of the strip, living room with huge TV, two washrooms equipped with telephones lol! The works! If you go to Las Vegas, you need lots of money and you need to go ALL in!

After we settled in, we hung out with Rolles Gracie and took him out to eat. He was about the make his UFC debut and looked really focused and strong!

Our teammates flew in from Ottawa, there was Medi, Randy, Steve, Brian and Lorne. Also Alex and his brother flew in from Montreal to join the team! All of them were coming in to watch UFC 109! Shawn Williams flew in from LA to meet with us and Dave McLoed flew in from San Fran…all of us to cheer on Rolles Gracie and Matt Serra!

We did lots of cool stuff in Vegas, checking out the hotels, casinos and of course little bit of gambling and partying, we saw Joe Rogan’s stand up comedy…good times!

On Saturday night we went to watch the UFC. We had really good seats and cheered on our team mates! Rolles Gracie was the first fight, he dominated the first round but came up short on the second round and lost. Matt Serra came out to “the eye of the tiger” song, everyone cheered for him when he walked out. He KOed his opponent with ease in the 1st round. The rest of the fights at UFC 109 were really boring in my opinion but we still had a great night. I should of put some bets down, Medi won 1400$ on 2 fights!

After the fights we went to the Gracie after party held at Encore called XS. Awesome club! The team had a great night hanging out with Braulio Estima, Bruno, Roger Gracie, Gregor Gracie, Rolles Gracie and Igor Gracie!

The pics kind of explain how awesome it was. Vegas is great but for 1 week…more then 7 days would be too much for me that’s for sure!

On Sunday morning we said goodbye to Shawn Williams and Dave McLeod. Then we said goodbye to our teammates shortly after Pat, Medi, Brian, Lorne and Randy also flew out early Sunday.

Only Steph, Steve and I to DRIVE back to Ottawa, Canada! It took us 39 hours, a few shifts of 6-7 hours of driving each and we made it! Craziest road trip ever! OMG it was so long…we went through some hard driving conditions…fog, snow storm and lots of raining! We would rotate, whoever drove the 6-7 hours shift would sleep at the back and whoever was in passenger seat would keep company to the driver…We only stopped for fuel, food and washroom breaks!

We left Sunday at 1pm and arrived in Ottawa safe, sound and exhausted at 8am TUESDAY! That’s the most driving I have ever done in my life!

This is he final count of my trip in USA – States in order;

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tenesse, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan!
21 STATES in total!

That wraps up my first and crazy road trip of training in USA! Now I am happy to be back but very tired. The trip was off the hook and I have Pat and OAMA to thank for that. He gave me this opportunity to travel USA and train at the best of the best gyms and be taught by great instructors! Coast to Coast to Coast to Coast lol! Thank you Pat, it was awesome, I learned so much and we had a great time!

Now im back in Ottawa for 2 days then im off to Cambridge, Ontario for the week end to train with my striking coach, Kru Chris Kew at MAS gym! Cant wait!

I will let the pics do the talking! I will let you guys know next blog about my opponent change and fight change, crazy news…you guys wont believe it!

I’m going to catch some z’s, good night everyone!


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