School of Hard Knocks 5 Photo Gallery



* All photos by Noah Fallis

4 Responses to “ School of Hard Knocks 5 Photo Gallery ”

  1. Sean McManus says:

    Noah – I love, love, love these shots…great work man…you don’t see much b&w work in the sport and the artistic impression jumps off the screen – keep it up.

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  2. Jason says:

    Good shots indeed… heh I like b&w as well for sports shots, should really go back and find some shots to convert. I’ve been tempted a few fights due to poor lighting to convert to B&W as it hides the grain noise level really well in most cases ;) – what was the lighting like for this event?

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  3. Thanks Sean. It was an awesome event to attend. Glad you like the photos. Never been to an MMA event so it was a great (and very close) way to experience it.

    Jason, the lighting was good but I shoot with a Nikon D3x which isn’t great at high ISO (shot this at 1600) so making them black and white certainly helped as you suggested.

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  4. Jason says:

    Noah, cool – worst I’ve shot is some of the KOTC stuff… ISO 2000 at 1/200… compared with MFC at ISO 500/640 and 1/500 – makes a huge difference! Shooting with a 5D Mark II though so it’s a bit better at the higher noise. Trying to figure how I can get my hands on the 1D Mark IV though. /sigh.

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