Exclusive: Tim Hague Signs with TFC (updated)


Olympic BettingThe Fight Club has confirmed to Top MMA News that Tim Hague has signed with the Edmonton-based TFC organization.  Canada’s number one Heavyweight will be appearing on the March 19th TFC 10 card.  No opponent has been named.  Hague recently was released from the UFC after losing a close decision on UFC 109.

President Mark Sinclair told Top MMA News,

“We are extremely pleased to announce that we have signed Tim Hague to a multi-fight contract and that yes he will be fighting March 19th at TFC 10 High Octane and of course will be part of the PPV show.”

Hague joins Victor Valimaki, Ryan Ford, Tommy Speers, and Martin Desilets on the TFC’s best card to date.  TFC 10 will be available live on Pay Per View across Canada.

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14 Responses to “ Exclusive: Tim Hague Signs with TFC (updated) ”

  1. Aaron Benson says:

    I heard no one else would sign him.

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  2. Adriano Bernardo says:

    lol ya strikeforce must of passed on him

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  3. Aaron Benson says:

    everyone did last resort the fight club is low down perfect for hague

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  4. steve says:

    We would of signed him…

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  5. Chris says:

    I think I missed something… Which organization are you meat heads fighting for?

    Fuck you guys are losers! If you didn’t care than why are you taking the time to post?

    I’ll be sure to follow any news on Aaron Benson… Oh wait no one gives a fuck who this joker is!!!

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  6. Tim Hague says:

    I signed with TFC because the org allows me to fight in my home town, on nation wide PPV. They also provide the perfect platform for me to rebuild my career and get back to the UFC. If you ever want another Dirty beating, Adriano, you know where to find me.

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  7. Sean McManus says:

    Awesome that TFC picked him up – I know of at least a few other organizations that had interest in him.

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  8. Chris says:

    Fantastic Tim!!!

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  9. Lee says:

    Adriano Bernardo talkin shit about Tim Hague???!! Now THAT is the joke of the day, that fat assed slob doesn’tdeserve to be in the same ring as Tim and should stick with fightin on local Vanderhoof shows while Tim is in Vegas and on Pay per View for the UFC…..Hummmmm who do you think is the envious loser?! And Adrinao…..it’s called Rogaine dude!

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  10. Jason says:

    Personally I can’t wait to be ringside at TFC 10 – Hague, Valimaki and Ford on the same card? Gonna be fun event to watch and photograph!

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  11. Davis says:

    I hope they can bring in some good talent for him to fight that is a tough challenge. He was robbed in his last UFC fight but that happens to often. A fight with a journeyman like Wuiff would be great, but not sure if we will get just that lucky. I will be at this show without a doubt, TFC puts on a great event and I will pick them over MFC any day.

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  12. Personally I don’t think Tim Hague can go wrong with going with TFC. TFC and KO Boxing are solid organizations, and KO Boxing has been around since 1988. That is longer than any organization around here, or in Canada. All champions have their ups and downs, it is what makes them champions.

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  13. jason says:

    ha ha u gotta be kidding me didint tim knock ur ass out? thats right… didint tim fight in ufc? adriano where the fuck have u fought? the best highlight of ur career is fighting tim … the only reason anyone knows who the fuck u are deuche bag is cause u fought tim and he knocked ur ass out….. so stop hating learn how to fight and shiut the fuck up u peice of shit

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  14. Any predictions on Raphael Bergman vs Adriano Bernardo on this next KOTC? I’m hoping for Raphael to win.

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