Tim Hague Released From UFC


Canadian Heavyweight Tim Hague has been released from the UFC.  The fighter recently fought Chris Tuscherer at UFC 109 where he lost a majority decision to the American fighter.  The fight appeared to be a sure victory for Hague, but the judges did not see it that way as they gave the fight to Tuscherer 29-28, 29-28, 28-28.  Top MMA News scored the fight 29-28 for Tim Hague with the Albertan winning the first and third rounds.

Hague has recently posted as his Facebook status,

I  just watched the fight on UFC.com for $1.99. Joe Rogan said it was the worst decision he’s ever seen in his life. I gotta say I agree. And on top of it, I get released from my contract. Go watch the fight, judges suck ass. Oh well, win 4 in a row and I’m back hopefully at 14-3.

Hague was 1-2 in the UFC.  He won his debut against Pat Barry, lost a quick fight to Todd Duffee, and then the decision to Tuscherer.

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  1. Rain-bows says:

    Fuck… That sucks, IMO they shoulda gave him a one fight contract after that one! It’s not fair to be cut after a fight like that!

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  2. Adriano Bernardo says:

    tim sucks anyways i want my rematch asap

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  3. Aaron Benson says:

    tim does suck. he will be back to kotc telling everyone how he got robbed. The guy he fought sucked beyond sucked and tim couldn’t finish him, forget about who won or lost they both suck and they should both be bunted from the ufc not just tim.

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  4. Big Jake says:

    Wow….a lot of love there for Timmy. And I’d be surprised if that’s the real Adriano Bernardo calling out Tim like that. You seem like a classy guy. Plus a 2-1 fighter who clearly lost to Tim the first time around shouldn’t be talking trash like that.

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  5. Aaron Benson says:

    tim sucks. how did that farmer ever get in the ufc to begin with.

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  6. Aaron Benson says:

    someone told me that tim was a school teacher can you image that imbecile teaching you’re kids.

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  7. Sean McManus says:

    Guys I’m all for constructive criticism or even just plain old criticism but bashing fighters like Tim Hague is uncalled for. Tim, from what I know of him is a genuine guy who puts in hard work and earned his stripes before he got to the big stage.

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  8. David Letourneau says:

    Can anyone clarify is this the same aaron benson that got his ass handed to him by matt veal feb 3 2007 in wisconsin? Wheres the fighter respect? Win or lose I thought tim was a great addition to the roster anywhere hes fought. Good luck to Tim in the future.

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  9. Tim Hague is one of the nicest, most humble guys that I have had the pleasure of interviewing. He is not a top UFC Heavyweight and I am sure that Tim would say that as well. If he was, he would have taken the Junior Dos Santos fight.

    However, he is the top Heavyweight fighter from Canada. If he keeps his morale up and stays motivated, I do not see other Canadian Heavyweights taking this title from him for a long time.

    btw….I would have no problem with him as a kindergarten teacher for my kids.

    Letourneau…this guy is not from Wisconsin.

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  10. Aaron Benson says:

    alberta bitches

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  11. JayKay says:

    Shitty deal however someone like Tim always comes back tougher after a set back.

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  12. Big Jake says:

    Hahahaha…I love my boy Letourneau!! You’re the man!

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  13. Submission King says:

    that is not Bernardo, he is way to humble to do crap like that.

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  14. Lee says:

    Aaron Benson….Adrinao Bernardo….these are Punk little nobodys that hide behind a screen while Tim is fighting in the best organization in the WORLD LOL! Envy must suck hey Aaron and Adrinao….now run along children as your done here!!

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  15. Eman says:

    Haha Aaron you fuck, don’t talk shit. Tim Hague is a nice person and obviously your not if you go around talking shit about people for no reason. You think tim sucks then why don’t you try being a fighter or step in the cage with a real man like tim Hague.

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  16. Suzieq says:

    Dear Aaron,

    If you’re going to insult another person’s intelligence, at least learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” and how to properly use each of them.

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