Extreme MMA Results – Western Amateur Champions Crowned


Extreme MMA held their amateur MMA fights January 5th.  At the event, the crowned their Western Canada MMA champions in their tournament of three minute fights. 

One day MMA tourneys sound great, but in reality these events rarely live up to expectations as injuries\exhaustion frequently stop winners from advancing.   That was the case with Extreme MMA as three of six champions were crowned after their opponent could not fight in the final (even with only 1 round of 3 minute fights).  In one case, a champion was crowned despite the fighter not fighting.

Here are the results from the first leg of the CACSC’s Amateur Canadian MMA Championships.

Ross Walker defeats Josh Brown by TKO
Shane Jung submits Leeam Dagan by Rear Naked Choke
Ross Walker defeats Ronald Edgar by Decision after fight stopped due to eye poke
Oren Hanscomb submits Shane Jung by Guillotine
Oren Hanscomb defeats Walker as Walker cannot continue to final round
Oren Hanscomb is Western Featherweight Champion

Josh Shepherd submits Julian Russ by Guillotine
Chris McIntosh defeats Kelly Poulin by TKO
Josh Shepherd defeats John Houston by TKO
Josh Shepherd defeats Chris McIntosh as McIntosh cannot continue to final round
Josh Shepherd is the Western Lightweight Champion

Chris Durette defeats Evan Dixon by KO (Punch)
Don McLeod defeats Mike Blumke by TKO
Chris Durette defeats Sampson Barney by Split-Decision
Don McLeod defeats Chris Durette by TKO (Knee)
Don McLeod is the Western Welterweight Champion

Clayton Brawn defeats Garrett Okeymow by KO
Clayton Brawn is the Western Middleweight Champion

Ryan Bennett defeats Jer Kornelsen by Decision
Stacy Hadikin defeats Ryan Bennett by TKO
Stacy Hadikin is the Western Light-Heavyweight Champion

Byron Toutant defeats Garrett Van Vaals by Split-Decision
Reece Doherty has no opponent that can continue
Reece Doherty is ruled the Western Heavyweight Champion (despite not fighting)

2 Responses to “ Extreme MMA Results – Western Amateur Champions Crowned ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    So a guy who is 0-0 gets the championship over the 1-0 guy?

    I think they should have given the Championship to Toutant and had him fight Doherty on the next card or something! Just my opinion!

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  2. Hitman Dan says:

    no doubt i was a corner man in this event for a few fighters and i was shocked this happened?

    the champ is here……..lol

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