Aggression MMA Play by Play – Taylor RNCs Day


Here are the quick results for Aggression MMA live from Edmonton, Alberta.  If you following on the Internet, you can always watch live for $8 at

Jason Day vs Jesse Taylor
Taylor shoots right away and takes Day down quickly. Day looks for the Triangle but then Taylor gets Day’s back. Taylor locks on the Rear Naked Choke and Day taps.
Jesse Taylor submits Jason Day by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1,

Funny scene as Matt Knysh comes by the announcing table after the Patrick fight.  He tells Bas Rutten that it was his ear blood on him.  Bas tells him to fix his ear but is not impressed by the blood after Knysh leaves.  Rutten deserves it  for forcing me to listen to him sing every entrance song tonight.

Matt MacGrath vs Claude Patrick
macgrath gets a single but patrick hopping around.  Patrick always looking for that Guillotine.  Patrick elbow while bouncing on one leg.  Patrick takes M down and is in half guard. Patrick lands a nice elbow and pushes MacGrath against the fence.  Patrick stands up and MacGrath is on ground.  Patrick goes into MacGrath’s full guard.  Patrick gets into half guard and then works to side control.  MacGrath explodes out of it and they stand.  Left kick by Patrick.  Nice jab by Patrick snaps MacGrath’s head back at the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Claude Patrick

Leg kick by Patrick and MacGrath shoots the single and get Patrick on his back.  Patrick in butterfly and the two get to their feet.  Patrick scores with a nice right and then a low kick.  MacGrath shoots a single and pushes Patrick to the cage.  Patrick hops on one foot and cannot be taken down.  MacGrath finally takes Patrick down using double underhooks.  MacGrath scores no damage from top.  MacGrath gets Patrick’s back and slams Patrick onto his head.  MacGrath in Patrick’s full guard now and lands some body shots while pushing Patrick to the cage.  Ref stands them up.  Nice jab by Patrick followed by a hook by MacGrath. 
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Matt MacGrath

Patrick has never needed the third to win but that is where it is.  MacGrath lands the first two straight rights.  Patrick is staying on the outside.  Patrick goes for the takedown and gets it easily. Patrick in MacGrath’s half guard.  MacGrath is cut under one eye.  Patrick goes to side control then back in half guard.  Ref stops the fight to check MacGrath’s eye.  Cut is under the eye and the doctor lets the fighter’s continue.  Fight resumes standing and MacGrath lands two punches. Patrick sinks a Guillotine with MacGrath’s arm in and MacGrath taps.
Claude Patrick submits Matt MacGrath by Guillotine in Round 3, 2:29

Ryan Brigham vs Hardeep Singh
The two fighters scramble at the start. A big lunging right by Brigham misses. Then a big right by Singh drops Ryan. Brigham covers. Singh is in his half guard and lands elbows and punches. Brigham just covers up and Singh keeps punching. Ref stops the fight.
Hardeep Singh defeats Ryan Brigham by TKO(Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1

Matt Knysh vs Robin Black
Black gets Knysh on the ground and is in Knysh’s guard.  Black stays in the guard and just rubs the elbow across Knysh’s face.  Black lands some body shots and presses his forearm across Matt’s face.  Black content to stay in the full guard and throw the odd punch.  Robin stands in the guard to land some decent lefts. Ref stands the two up.  Black rushes Knysh and takes Matt down.  Robin is in half guard now with 10 seconds left.
Top MMA News scores Round 1 for Robin Black 10-9

Round 2 Black takes the two down.  Robin punches Knysh on the ground and Knysh’s cauliflower ear explodes.  Ref stops the fight. Bas Rutten and Guy Mezger complain that the blood landed all over them.  Shades of James Thompon/Kimbo Slice.
Robin Black defeats Matt Knysh by TKO (Verbal Tap) in Round 2, 1:20

Chase Degenhardt vs Dan Chambers
Clinch and a knee by Degenhardt and then he takes down Chambers.  gChase gets his back and gets one back hook in.  Now both hooks are in.  Degenhardt softens Chambers up with some punches.  Degenhardt cannot flatten Chambers out.  Chambers is just covering up and Degenhardt is landing repeated blows.  Chambers reverses the position and gets in Degenhardt’s guard.  Degenhardt almost gets the Arm Bar.  Chambers still on top.
Top MMA News scores Round 1 for Chase Degenhardt 10-9

The two trade punches to start Round 2.  Chase is scoring more than Chambers and the two clinch.  Degenhardt lands two big shots and drops Chambers.  Ref stops the Degenhardt from pounding on Chambers more.  Good stoppage.  Degenhardt keeps his perfect record.
Chase Degenhardt defeats Dan Chambers by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 0:55

Lee Mein vs Ilya Woronowski
Woronowski starts with overhand right.  Lee takes him down lands in full mount but then moves to side control.  Lee gets RNC choke in but loses choke and maintains back control.  Ilya is hammer fisting Lee.  Lee rolls to side and Woronowski starts dropping elbows.   Mein gets Ilya into his full guard and Ilya continues to drop punchs.  Lee stands up and Ilya lands more punches.  Ref stops the fight.
Ilya Woronowski defeats Lee Mein by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:24

Tim Tamaki vs Adam Lorenz
Tamaki starts with a punch and Lorenz with a kick but he slipped.  Tamaki lands in Lorenz’ guard. Slowly, Lorenz works to reverse Tamaki.  Lorenz gets top position after some work.  Adam gets mount, and like Igor Caetano in the first fight, goes for the Arm Triangle.  Tamaki taps and Lorenz gets the Win.
Adam Lorenz submits Tim Tamaki by Arm Triangle in Round 1, 4:01

Matt MacDonald vs Marcus Hicks
The two throw some kicks.  Hicks takes MacDonald down. side cno  macdonald stands.  macdonald takes him down and is in full guard.  hits him with hammer fists and goes for kimura.  the two stand. macdonald throws a kick.  knees him in clinch.  hicks drops and ground and pound ref jumps in.
Matt MacDonald defeats Marcus Hicks by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:30

Igor Caetano vs Ben Snyder
Sylvio Behring’s nephew took on Ben Snyder in the opener.  The two exchange kicks and Snyder takes Igor down hard.  The two get up.  Igor gets the takedown and goes for a Kimura.  Snyder gives up back then gets rolled and mounted.  Caetano goes for the Arm Triangle and sinks it to win.
Igor Caetano submits Ben Snyder by Arm Triangle in Round 1, 2:18

Tony Bibby fight is off as Phil Wark did not have his medicals completed properly.


Matt MacGrath (170.6) vs Claude Patrick (170.8)
Jesse Taylor (185.4) vs Jason Day (184.6)

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    Hey guys if you want to see the interview i got of Robin Black the day after the event in Edmonton as well as his fight footage go to my youtube page or my facebook page Ali Lundblad.

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