Press Release – CCF a Go as ECSC Approves DREAM Rules


The following is a CCF Press Release:

After careful scrutiny by the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (ECSC) and much controversy, Lino Santoro, president of Colleseo Championship Fighting (CCF) is proud to announce the highly contentious Japanese DREAM rules or International MMA rules (not to be confused with the improperly reported defunct Pride rules) have been approved for governance in the CCF Ressurection 5 fight card, Saturday, February 27, 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hosting the Weigh-In, Dinner and private Autograph Signing, Friday, February 26th at Schanks Sports Bar, from Las Vegas MMA legend Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva

Ressurection 5 Main Event: Holding two title defense wins, from Brazil:  Jorge Britto (9-6-1) faces off with Josh Kyrejto for Lightweight Title

Also on this card Las Vegas native training under Wanderlei Silva:  Bill Fraser vs. Jason Zorthian    Welterweight
Jon Charbonneau   vs.   Aaron Zimmerman    Welterweight
Alphonse Gagne    vs.   Raphic Kasimova    Lightweight
Cory Berridge   vs.     Arnold Ranon   Flyweight
Joel Johnson     vs.    Cody Hemstock    Heavyweight
Jerry Winslow   vs.   Ian Young    Heavyweight 
Thiago Thavares   vs.    Ryan Rother    Lightweight

Private autograph signing with Wanderlei Silva
Weigh-In & Dinner
Friday, February 26th
*6 PM
Schanks Sports Bar
9927 – 178 Street
VIP tickets (includes dinner at this event and ringside seating fight night):  $300, $250, $200, $150

Locatoin of Metro Sportsplex

Saturday, February 27th
Metro Sportplex 14420 – 112 Street (Griesbach Army Barracks – see attached map)
*7 PM
VIP tickets: $300, $250, $200, $150 General Admission:  $50
Licensed event, no minors.

18 Responses to “ Press Release – CCF a Go as ECSC Approves DREAM Rules ”

  1. Top MMA News has not been able to confirm with Pat Reid that the ECSC has voted on and passed the DREAM rules.

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  2. Freddy says:

    These guys are retards

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  3. JayKay says:

    Wow. I really hope this goes off without a hitch but I have serious doubts.

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  4. Canuck says:

    One step forward for Reid and his butt buddy Santoro and ten steps back for the world of MMA.

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  5. Rick L. says:

    Good luck to everybody involved.

    I think it’s a bad move to allow Dream rules with no mention of who the officials are going to be (if they even have training to do this) and a stupid move by Pat Reid to go ahead, but it sounds like those ABC threats were just that…threats.

    If somebody gets hurt, you can bet its going to be alot more then ten steps back for the world of MMA especially Canuck MMA.

    Just wondering out loud, is Pat Reid the chairman of Edmonton or the exectuvie director? Did the chairman have any say or the board members? Does the chairman have any knowledge of MMA because I heard that Pats only knowledge is in swimming? and I’ve never heard the chairman mentioned….only Pat Reid.

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  6. Aaron Benson says:

    who are these people on the card. I have not heard of any of thses guys.

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  7. Rain-bows says:

    I just wanna know about the Wandy autograph signing… it it for the public or just for ticket holders?

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  8. Mitch Clarke says:

    I heard the Fraser/Zorthian fight isn’t happening.

    Time to add another black eye to Edmonton MMA

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  9. BigBoi says:

    How many fighters will be willing to fight for this guys? It seem like they just put this together without knowing how it will work.

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  10. colloseo says:

    know how what will work?

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  11. JayKay says:

    Who are these refs and judges?

    Where are they from?

    What shows have they done?

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  12. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    “Top MMA News has not been able to confirm with Pat Reid that the ECSC has voted on and passed the DREAM rules.”

    Former Executive Director of the ECSC and current City of Edm Alderman Ron Hayter has put forth a motion for the City to conduct a full investigation into the conduct of Pat Reid, his boss at the City, David Aiken, and the entire ECSC.

    Items that are to be investigated include:

    Why did Pat Reid release a statement in Dec giving his approval to these “modified” rules when no such approval was given by the ECSC in Dec? No minutes exist indicating that this was even put forth to vote upon, which is required, and failure to do so is in direct viloation of the Exec Director’s duties. The ECSC votes upon rule changes and the E.D follows their orders. Reid acted without consent of the ECSC in Dec and only AFTER the new commission was in place after Jan 1 2010 did this matter come up.

    ECSC application doccuments clearly state that no applicant for the commission is to have existing perfessional relationships with other members, yet the current commsion chair is the boss of one of the commsioners at the University of Alberta Athletics Dept! Also Pat Reid himself admitted on the Jason Gregor Show (Team1260) that he had been working with both the City AND the U of A in their bid to host the University Games, and when that fell through he was without a job. Now suddenly without any experience in combat sports he is named as Executive Director to the ECSC AGAINST the reccomendation of the hiring committe, and suddenly 3 UofA faculty staff members are named to the ECSC as well? How did their clear violation of the conflict of interest guidelines get swept aside within the city and by whom?

    ECSC application doccuments also state that no applicant is to be involved in any regulated combat sport as a coach or instructor for a minimum of 1 year prior to applying to the ECSC, yet two of the Uof A faculty members put on the commision are current coaches and instructors in BJJ and wrestling! Again, how did their clear violation of the conflict of interest guidelines get swept aside within the city and by whom?

    Other allegations to be investigated include ones made by members of other fight commissions suggest that this current group that calls itself the ECSC was handpicked which circumvents the public application process, and in doing so, other far more qualified applicants were outright rejected including a former Chairman of the ECSC!

    There are a LOT of shady dealings going on and it will be very interesting to see what happens pending the motion for a full investigation before the City of Edmonton Council.

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  13. JayKay says:

    Is this even going through? I haven’t heard any word of the event and it’s suppose to be this weekend.

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  14. colloseo says:

    yup we are a go !!!!!!!!!!!! 72 hrs and counting getyour tickets

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  15. colloseo says:

    lord quit being a hater charlie come on.

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  16. Combat Captured says:

    I hope you’re not accusing me Lino, that would really piss me off, and I have way more dirt on this situation then Sir Lord Iffy does, you’d know %100 if it was me making comments.

    I’ve been nice enough to stay quiet until after your show, so show some respect and leave me out of it.

    Feel free to have topmmanews compare my IP

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  17. jaykay says:

    @ Lino – Have you hired a PR person?

    Best of luck with this show I truly hope that all fighters involved make it out healthy and safe.

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  18. Rick L. says:

    guess the event is going ahead with 24 hours to go.

    I pray everyone makes it out all right with no serious injury.

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