KOTC Canada to Appear on HD Net


Last week, King of the Cage announced that they had signed a thirty-six fight deal with HD Net.  The contract calls for one King of the Cage show per month to be aired on the HD Net. 

The first show that will be broadcast is KOTC Vengeance on February 12 from New Mexico.  The show features a lineup that includes Rich Clementi, Mike Kyle, and Travis Wiuff.

Now, Top MMA News has learned that several Canadian King of the Cage cards are expected to be part of the 2010 schedule – one of which is rumored to be their annual Rexall Place event.  “We will likely do two shows from Canada,” Ken Kupsch relayed to Top MMA News.  With the increased exposure, fans should expect an increase in the talent level competing in the KOTC shows.  Kupsch stated, “Terry Trebilcock (KOTC owner) and I will be working a lot closer in the future to exchange fighters and build the brand.” 

Not only will Ken and Terry be involved, but Survivor creator Mark Burnett is also coming on board.  Burnett announced the his new ownership stake on Inside MMA and the plans to be on HD Net.  Burnett has also been involved in fight related television including Bully Beatdown and boxing’s The Contender.

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  1. Aaron Benson says:

    I think they will be showing the US one by I really don’t think the Canadian one. It’s the worst show I have ever been too.

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  2. L-Boutin says:

    Does this mean KOTC Canada will start putting on decent shows then ? Cause its been nothing but crap for a while now.

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  3. Dean Blais says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I guess they didn’t do their homework as far as looking for a quality promotion. I guess they wanted quantaty instead. KOTC Canada is looking more like Queens of the Cage.

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  4. I talked to the CEO of HDNet Fights Andrew Simon today and despite what Ken is saying, this is what he had to say about it.

    “As of today, no KOTC Canadian events on HDNet have been confirmed. Our fist priority is the debut show on February 12th from New Mexico”

    I’d be VERY suprised if a KOTC Canada got on HDNet unless they made some Drastic changes. Right now they could maybe be a commercial?

    Can you imagine a live HDNet card with 3 fights being cancelled after the show alread started? lol

    I do like what John Cooper is doing with KOTC in Nanaimo but I have a hard time even calling it the same promotion. John does good work on the left coast.

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  5. Aaron Benson says:

    Drastic change, they are the worst show in Canada hands down.

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  6. Freddy says:

    VERY drastic, they would have to lose the mullet first.

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  7. CR says:

    I havn’t been to a KOTC in Canada, but could their shows be worse than the UCW here in Winnipeg. THOSE were bad.

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  8. Freddy says:

    UCW isn’t even around anymore. They used to claim they had a tv deal with the fightnetwork for years, but was never on.

    I’m sure saying the’d be on tv each time, yet never were, did wonders for their survival.

    This country could do with a few less shitty organizations.

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  9. Phil Baroni says:

    KOTC canada sucks? i think its pretty entertaining myself.and there HW champion just fought 2 times in the UFC.and there lw champion rory macdonald is 1-0 in the ufc and fighting carlos condit at ufc 115 so to say there promotion sucks is a stupid thing to say.yes the production on the small shows in the small citys isnt the best but go to a rexall place show and its just as big as any other canadian mma event.

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  10. Phil Baroni says:

    1 more thing is KOTC isnt trying to be MFC and sign a bunch of washed up ultimate fighter rejects for ratings there trying to build up and coming canadian fighters.

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  11. BigBoi says:

    ^^ That must be why Shannon Ritch keeps fighting for them.

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