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Cirkunov Finishes JD Thunder (photo by Sean McManus)

Although the temperature dipped down to -25 C outside, things were heating up inside the Centre Claude-Robillard in Montreal for Ringside’s fifth installment: Triple Threat. Although the main events were plagued with cancellations, the replacement fighters and fights put up tremendous performance value for the fans in attendance. 

The show kicked off with the debut of the grappling phenom, Misha Cirkunov who faced Sudbury, Ontario’s Jeff Doyle. Misha finished the fight quickly as he stormed across the cage and forced Doyle to the mat, where Misha ended up in mount while holding onto an arm triangle. Misha gave up on the choke and finished with some brutal ground and pound, causing the referee to step in at :40 seconds of the first round to crown Misha the winner via TKO stoppage. 

The Fight of The Night honors went to two fighters on the under card as Zahabi MMA fighter, Alex Garcia TKO’d Bruckmann Martial Arts pupil, Matthew Northcott. Alex got the better of Northcott throughout the first round and going into the second round Garcia looked gassed. In the second round Garcia landed a nice flurry and looked as if he started feeling too comfortable and dropped his hands. Northcott answered with his own shots stunning Alex and opening up a nasty gash over Alex’s left eye. Although Northcott answered the 3rd bell as the fresher of the two, Garcia’s superior ground game came to light as he took advantage of a high mount and rained down punches and elbows, forcing the referee to call the fight at 3:44 of the 3rd round. 

Rory McDonnell

Rory McDonnell (photo by Sean McManus)

Rory McDonell took on a tough Team Bergeron striker in Yves Lemelin. In what this writer considered Submission of the Night, McDonnell locked up a tight triangle attempt in the first round and although couldn’t finish the choke off, transitioned into an arm bar – forcing the tap at 1:15 of the first round. Keep an eye on a rejuvenated Rory McDonell. 

The main event fights kicked off with a featherweight bout between Guillaume Lamarche and Randy Steinke. Steinke pushed the pace of the fight with a nice takedown to side control. After a game of half guard to side control back to half guard, Lamarche reversed the positions and was trying to tie up Steinke in a crucifix – resulting in a tight triangle choke. Steinke gave the thumbs up to the ref, however after a few more seconds was forced to tap. Ringside awarded their Submission of the Night honors to Guillaume Lamarche. 

TMN behind the scenes with Northcott, Bruckmann, Pierson, Wooley, Zahabi, and Chaimberg

Behind the scenes with Northcott, Bruckmann, Pierson, Wooley, Zahabi, & Chaimberg (photo by Sean McManus)

Kurt Southern was originally scheduled to face Mike Ricci. After Ricci pulled out due to undisclosed reasons, the always game, Martin Grandmont stepped in with a week’s notice. The fight was fought at a catch weight of 160lbs. Southern started the fight off with a huge double leg takedown, and worked side control. Grandmont worked to his feet but Kurt was relentless and dragged Grandmont back to the canvas, eventually working his way to mount. From there Grandmont eventually gave up his back and Southern clamped on the rear naked choke forcing the tap out at 2:32 of the first round. Kurt Southern looked very impressive with this win. Kurt was on the outside looking in for Canada’s lightweight top ten ranking, but after having knocked off the #7 ranked LW in Grandmont in such impressive fashion, we will be sure to see Kurt in the top ten. 

The night was capped off with a welterweight tilt between Tyler ‘TNT’ Jackson and Zahabi MMA golden boy, Derek ‘Sex Machine’ Gauthier.  Throughout the three round affair, it seemed as if Jackson controlled most of the action by tying up Gauthier if he ate too many shots while holding him against the cage. Gauthier got off a few times with some nasty leg kicks and head kicks, however Jackson ate what he dished out and kept moving forward. Jackson had some vicious takedowns, with one almost ending up with Gauthier being spiked head first into the canvas. ‘TNT’ obviously worked his game plan and took all three rounds in the judges eyes earning him a unanimous decision win. 

Overall, it was a great night of fights – catch all the results as they were being delivered live on Top MMA News. To wrap things up, here are a couple of things I took away from my weekend in Montreal: 

1. Ringside’s production value is great now that RDS has picked them up.
2. Jeff Doyle deserves credit for his fight with Misha.
3. Gary Whittaker from The Franchise is a popular guy in Montreal, and genuine nice guy – I just wished he hadn’t ignored me all night.
4. The Alamo burger from Rueben’s on St. Catherine West is the best burger I’ve had – thanks to Adrian Wooley for the recommendation. 

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