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The Hard Knocks Fighting Championship put on a great series of fights on January 30. Many great amateur fighters made the audience roar with their incredible fury, aggression, power and top notch technique. All of the fights showed that these amateur and professional MMA fighters know how to dominate the cage.

Cole Fetzer vs Meelad Hashtee
The first amateur bout of the night was between 185 pound Cole Fetzner and Meelad Hashtee. As soon as the fighters touched gloves, the match kicked off with quick furies of punches and impressive ring control. The first round was very even for both of these fighters, none showing submission to the other and delivering many devastating combos. After a few solid leg kicks and a few punches to the face, Hashtee took an opportunity to clinch and get the takedown. This however set Fetzner up for a schoolyard headlock that held both fighters until rounds end.

The second round showed a real dominance in the striking capability of Cole Fetzner. Any time Hashtee tried for a takedown or attempted to get into a clinch, Fetzner threw brutal knee strikes to Hashtee’s body and came out of the clinch swinging. After seeing the condition that Hashtee was in, it was no surprise that Fetzner was able to take this match in the second round by technical knockout from referee stoppage. Fetzner rose above in the second round and showed great control and striking ability.
Cole Fetzer defeated Meelad Hashtee by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 2

Chad Neilson vs Sean Grimes
The second match of the night was a quick and disheartening loss for Sean “The Grinder” Grimes. This fighter came in to the ring looking to show off his Jiu-jitsu prowess, but was quickly shown otherwise by the well rounded Chad Nielson. These 185 pound fighters got into the fight quickly and Nielson was clearly showing dominance in striking. When The Grinder went in for the takedown he landed himself in a far worse position. Being sprawled by Nielson and swiftly put into a guillotine choke forced him to tap out and take his second loss by submission, at only 54 seconds in the first round.
Chad Neilson defeated Sean Grimes by Submission (Guillotine choke) at :54 Seconds of Round 1

Cory Knipe vs Rick Newman
Cory Knipe faced off against Rick “The Silverback” Neuman in this 205 pound bout. As the fight took off, both of the fighters quickly locked into a clinch which eventually brought the Silverback to the ground allowing Knipe to quickly jump on top and dominate on the ground. The fighters soon stood up and Knipe delivered a series of flashy and somewhat sloppy back hands and spinning moves which seemed to only be confusing at best. The fight found its way back to the ground letting the two fighters tussle for a dominant position on the ground. The round ended and Neuman seemed like he took a bit of damage to the face. Rick was given the win due to corner retirement from Newman. It was very apparent that although the fight was forfeited, it was Knipe’s fighting that showed control of both the ground and striking.
Cory Knipe defeated Rick Newman by TKO (Corner Stoppage) Round 1

Rob Park vs Justin Wong
The fourth fight was another excellent show of aggression and diverse technique by 170 pount Justin Wong and Rob Park. The fight changed between standing and being on the ground several times, all of which showed great technique and energy by Rob Park. Park was taking damage from leg kicks from Wong, so Park took the fight to the ground and showed his diversity through various submission attempts. The fight then continued to stand up and go back down, all having Rob in a controlled position. After standing up for one last time, Rob threw a devastating punch to Wong, and won the fight by knockout in the first round.
Rob Park defeated Justin Wong by KO in Round 1

Gareth Jones vs Aaron Barnes
In the fifth fight, two fighters in their first official match threw hard and brought yet another fight to a quick and destructive victory. Gareth Jones faced off against Aaron Barnes in this 155 pound match. Although both fighters showed great aggression and many sequences of punch and kick combos, Jones took quick control of the fight and showed that he could control both the ring and his opponent very well. It was no surprise that he took the match by technical knockout at 1:38 in the first round.
Gareth Jones defeated Aaron Barnes by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 1:34 of Round 1

Shad Potts vs Tory Bleackley
The 185 pound bout between Shad Potts and Tory Bleackley was another first time official fight for both of the fighters. The start of the match had very even striking and excellent clinch control by both parties. Powerful knee strikes and punches brought this fight from the clinch to the ground very quickly. The ground control seemed like it could go to anyone until the struggle finally ended with Potts setting in a very nice Rear Naked Choke which forced Bleackley to tap out and give Potts the victory at 2:23 in the first round.
Shad Potts defeated Tory Bleackley by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:23 of Round 1

Dave Hollett vs Gerrit Straus
The fight between Gerrit “Kleinbul” Straus and Dave “The Headhunter” Hollet was another fight that unfortunately had to be cut short due to an unexpected injury. Both of these fighters showed excellent potential. These 145 pound fighters were quick and powerful throughout the entire fight. Hollet made several successful attempts to take Straus down whenever Strauss was not throwing a fury of powerful kicks that echoed through the room. The fight seemed to be in Hollet’s favour until Straus held Hollet in a headlock until he managed to take back control and almost land a Rear Naked Choke. When the round ended, Straus was forced to call the fight because of what seemed to be an accidental groin injury. The final call was that Hollet would take the win due to corner retirement.
Dave Hollett defeated Gerrit Straus TKO (Corner Stoppage)

Jarod Milko vs Mark Morales
The next fight was a very exciting battle between Jarod Milko and Mark Morales, and was the only fight of the night that made it into the third round. The first round was a clear domination by Milko, especially in how he demonstrated his grappling skills. After a number of hard strikes, Milko took dominance by gaining a full mount on Morales and nearly placed him in an Arm Bar until the first round ended.

The second round was much more even for the two fighters with the exception of several near submissions by Milko. After a bit of striking the round once again ended up on the mat, only this time forcing Milko to fight from a full guard and fight his way to side control. The round then once again ended in a nearly climactic struggle for submissions.

The third round truly showed Milko’s ability when he once again controlled the clinch, succeeded in the takedown, and made several more submission attempts on Morales. Milko almost had both a Rear Naked Choke and a Kimura in this round but Morales just fended him off until the match was over. It was very apparent that Jarod Milko took the victory, and ended up with a unanimous decision from the judges.
Jarod Milko defeated Mark Morales by Unanimous Decision

Chris Mattock vs Kurtis Little
The 170 pound fight between Kurtis “Kujo” Little and Chris “Auto” Mattock was a great display of how grappling proficiency can prevail over even the most powerful of strikers. Mattock came looking like he wanted nothing more than to lock up in a grapple and did just that. Mattock started off looking out for strikes, and holding his ground with some leg kicks until he got his chance to jump in and grab Little. Mattock locked himself into a clinch and very slowly and thoughtfully devised a way to take Little down. After being put in a minor Guillotine Choke, both fighters fell to the ground, giving Mattock enough time to swing into an Arm Bar and force Little to tap out at only 2:04 of the first round.
Chris Mattock submits Kurtis Little by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:04

Sumeet Gill vs Matt Krayco
The final amateur bout of the night showed great strength in ground fighting and striking. Sumeet Gill and Matt Krayco made it very difficult to tell who was dominant in any part of the fight. The first round showed that both fighters could gain a great position on the mat and defend against any arsenal of submissions. The fighters flipped and struggled for control of the mat with great energy. The round ended before either could gain the position to land a submission.

The second round showed Gill’s ability to cause a lot of damage in the clinch. After striking traded back and forth, a clinch was established and Gill used this opportunity to throw hard knees to Krayco’s mid section and came out with a quick fury of punches to Krayco’s head. At the end of the second round, Krayco decided to stop the fight making Sumeet Gill the winner by corner retirement.
Sumeet Gill defeated Matt Krayco by TKO (Corner Stoppage)

Aaron Armstrong vs Curtis Chambers
The main event of the evening was the professional fight between 155 pound Aaron “The Gift” Armstrong and Curtis Chambers. The fight started off with some slow studying of each other and a takedown by Armstrong. When they hit the ground, Chambers took an opportunity to get Armstrong into a loose Guillotine Choke, which he maintained for a very long time. Armstrong did not give up and continuously moved both fighters around until he managed to break free. Once Armstrong got back control on the mat, he unleashed a destructive ground and pound on Chambers and nearly sank a Rear Naked Choke that was only stopped by the round coming to a close.

Armstrong started strongly in the second round and slammed Chambers to the ground and instantly took side control. Chambers attempted another guillotine choke that was resisted by Armstrong. This put him in a powerful position which allowed him to ground and pound Chambers until the fight was ended by referee stoppage. The final call was a technical knockout at 2:26 in the second round.
Aaron Armstrong defeated Curtis Chambers by TKO (Ref Stoppage) at 2:26 of Round 2

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    that a boy curtis i heard it was a good battle

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  2. chambers says:

    well i lost but he is a good fighter ill have train more but i also went up a weight class so 145 here iam coming back i would like to thank all the organizers of the hard knocks event real clad to be apart of it the people who run it are real top class people.The ametures that are up and coming are top notch win or lose you all showed up keep your heads up and great job most of all i would like to thank all the mma fans for making it happen

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    You done good son!! Watch out 145 with this guys natural abilaty and alittle more training hes going to be a force to be wrekned with!! Great Card Hard Knocks!!

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