Boots Scraps – Private Lessons with Greg Jackson


Mark Holst, Greg Jackson, and Stephane Bernadel

Hi everyone!

We wrapped up the training in Albuquerque at Greg Jacksons MMA by doing a private with the man himself, Greg Jackson. He showed us so really slick GNP techniques, pins and then we went on YouTube on the computer and he got to see my next opponent (Scott McAffe) fight footage and came up with a game plan + techniques to work on and rep out for the training camp. It was great to have his point of view on my next upcoming MMA fight and have him build a strategy for the fight.

After our private early Thursday morning, Pat picked us up and off we went, driving out West…to Los Angeles, California! We went through a huge snow storm in the north of New Mexico and Arizona! I couldnt believe it! Thankfully Pat was driving, showing all the Americans how we drive in the snow lol! Finally out of Arizona, driving into Cali, the weather started to change, from snow storm to a rainy storm! The worst weather LA has ever had they say! When we settled in Friday night in our hotel in Beverly Hills, it was starting to clear up and when we woke up, blue skies and sunshine just for us!

Now our traveled US state count is: 13 !

INew York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland (5min), West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

We did it! Coast to coast USA driving!

Check out this big change in our trip! Pat told Steph and I that we should stick around for the training camp, for an extra 2 weeks! This week we will be training with Shawn Williams, the 5th Renzo Gracie Black belt, at his academy ( Hollywood BJJ) to get some great wrestling\jiu jitsu\conditioning training for all this week.

On Friday morning Pat, his family, Steph and I will drive out to San Francisco to meet Pat’s friend, Dave McLoed and also get some great training out there! After 2-3 days, we will drive out to Las Vegas to watch UFC (my first one, cant wait!) Rolles Gracie will be making his UFC debut and Matt Serra will also be fighting! We will also have some training in Vegas, then after the UFC we will be driving back to Ottawa, Canada with the guys (Nick, Big Bear, Steph and I)

What a road trip!  Training all over the states, great training camp for my next fight. I’m learning so much and getting to train with elite level fighters….Lovin’ it! Thanks Pat!

Boots, Pat Cooligan, and Stephane Bernadel at the Pacific Ocean.

Here is a few pictures. More to come from CRAZY good training in LA! I will post again before leaving Friday to San Francisco, keep your eyes on the website, got lots of big news about the training in LA!

Take care everyone! Im sending y’all some Hollywood sunshine 


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