W-1 – Montreal – March 20


Date: March 20, 2010
Location: Montreal, Quebec

Main Event
Jason MacDonald vs Vernon White

Semi-Main Event
John Alessio vs Chris Clements

Shonie Carter vs Nabil Khatib
Antonio Carvalho vs  Eddie Fyvie
Pat Healy vs Sidney Silva
John Fraser vs Tom Waters
Jorge Britto vs Jonathan Mix
Sergej Justkevic vs TBD
Josh Hill vs TBD
James Arva vs Jay Alexander

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4 Responses to “ W-1 – Montreal – March 20 ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    So is Pat Healy not under contract with MFC anymore or did Pavelich give him permission to fight elsewhere?

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  2. Michele says:

    Healy signed with W-1. Looks like he is done with MFC. Silva will be a good fight for him at 155….he is one of Wand’s fighters. Can’t wait to see if Carvalho still has it.

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  3. Davis says:

    he must not be under MFC or something, I would like to see what Mark says, I mean after he won the belt he went and lost a fight what looks bad. There WW division is weak.

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  4. Matt Dunning says:

    Healy is not under contract with MFC anymore!They cut him when he started excepting fights in other events last yr!!

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