Martin Grandmont replaces Mike Ricci at Ringside


Earlier this week it was announced that Mike Ricci has signed to be in the upcoming Bellator lightweight tournament in April, and with a week to go has been forced to withdraw from his upcoming bout against Saskatchewan’s Kurt Southern next weekend at Ringside: Triple Threat.

One can only speculate that Ricci had no choice in the matter, and could have lost his birth in the Bellator tournament in April either for competing , and or possibly suffering a loss before the highly touted tournament.

The Ringside event was title Triple Threat and this last minute withdrawal left the promotion scrambling for a worthy replacement. The very tough Quebec lightweight Martin Grandmont has stepped up and is an instant main event fighter. The fight will be contested at a catchweight of 160 pounds. (I’d have to assume this is due to Grandmont only having a weeks notice).

When asked about the last minute replacement, Ringside matchmaker Alex Caporicci had this to say. “Ricci was unfortunately forced out of his bout with Ringside, but Martin Grandmont answered the call and is going to step up and face Kurt Southern. “Its unfortunate that the fans will not get to see this great fight, but the new Martin Grandmont and Kurt Southern fight has the chance to be even better. We are also looking to add another fight to the card.”

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9 Responses to “ Martin Grandmont replaces Mike Ricci at Ringside ”

  1. Harry Balls says:

    Bad news for Southern if history repeats itself. Grandmont had to step in to fight Holst at W1 and brought that shit.

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  2. Adam Lorenz says:

    I believe that the Ricci fight was going to be a great chance for Kurt to showcase his skills and was going to provide him even more great opportunities, I am glad that Grandmont stepped up to fill his spot though when this fight fell through. I know that Kurt is still going to bring it, and that Martin will too, and this fight will be equally fantastic.

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  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Adam, you get the fuck off of my interwebs!!

    This will be a great opportunity for Kurtis. Wish i was there to see it.

    I think Kurtis will have the advantage cuz no matter how hard Grandmont tries, he will not be able to make Kurtis any uglier.

    Go Kurt!

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  4. Adam Lorenz says:

    You wrote the book on having that advantage Sean.

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Yes i did. You, Kurtis and Graham have been excellent students of mine.

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  6. Jack_Deck88 says:

    Personally i think kurt got lucky he was going no where fast with ricci. prob gonna get completely embaressed. that kids the future of the 155 pound division and not just locally ….kurt beat grandmont so i think it was a good step up in competition for kurt and i think he will grow from this fight and become better for it. as opposed to ricci who prob would have sent kurt him into early retirement

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  7. Adam Lorenz says:

    I think Kurt would have won that fight too. Regardless of what the outcome would have been, him getting sent into “early retirement” is a ridiculous statement. Choosing to prepare for Bellator instead, since it is coming up fast, was a wise choice in my opinion.

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  8. Jack_Deck88 says:

    agreed …still think ricci is a cut above the local rising talent or up and comers whatever label you want to put on these guys ricci is the first to sign a big deal with a big organization early retirement was just a statement to try and help everyone understand the type of one sided affair that fight would have been regardless weasther or not it was ridiculous it is not nearly as ridiculous as your statement about kurt winning regardless if its mike or grandmont i understand you might favor southern but my opinion is unbias i dont know neither fighter just know about the sport and its local rising canadian talent

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  9. Adam Lorenz says:

    So we can agree to disagree, that is cool with me.

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