Fighting Spirit – Oneida – January 23


Date: January 23, 2010
Location: Oneida Community Centre in Oneida, Ontario
TV: None

Andrew Smith vs Duane Boulaine
Theo Toney vs Ted Worth
Lyndell Whitlock vs Nate Jamieson
Rob McKinnon vs Wayne Cudney
Ali Mokdad vs Khaled Konga
William Romero vs Keith Nesbitt
Jeff Sharkey vs Shawn Bourbonnais

14 Responses to “ Fighting Spirit – Oneida – January 23 ”

  1. Matt Dunning says:

    how is Chuck Mady fighting on this when he got TKO’ed last weekend in Detroit??Dam this gives mma a bad name and it’s pissing me off!!

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  2. wayne cudney says:

    Matt, It is none of your business if anyone fights when they chose. One TKO a week ago is not a big deal to a real Tough Guy!! Grown Men Fight & Wimps can go home to Mommy & Cry.
    MMA & all Combatent Sports are Violent & if you are too soft hearted then don’t watch!!!
    But leave Fighters alone to make $$$dough while the oppurtunity exists.
    People who whine about what others do for their income PISS Me Off!!!!

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  3. Wow, that is ridiculous.

    And people wonder why I go off on this stuff.

    Wayne, real tough guys follow the rules of the MMA world. it makes NO sense that a person can be KO’d one weekend and fighting the next.

    Do you even realize what would happen if he was to be seriously injured or die in this fight?
    Do you not think Ontario would be ever further from Sanctioning MMA? Or that it could shut down the entire sport across the country?

    WOW, get your head out of your ass. Some commissions automatically give a 14 day suspension after competing just to insure they aren’t putting themselves at risk too soon.

    The sport is too fragile to handle any worst case scenarios in Canada at this point.

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Chucky Mady is an idiot for doing that. And the promoter is an even bigger idiot for ketting him.

    Sweet fucking christ.

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  5. Matt Dunning says:

    Well to my knowledge and correct me if I’m wrong Marc-Andre but most commissions give auto 30 days for guys being tko’ed or Ko’ed badly!!I know for a fact he was beat bad in Detroit so to me that should be the case!I am one of the guys wanting to fight here at home,so crap like this makes me mad.I will never risk my career just to be a “tough guy”

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  6. Albert Mady says:

    To the bid mouths and idiots who have been talking shit about Chucky Mady, number one, the fight in the US is under protest, it was not a good fight for Chuck, he has been burnt out a bit, but the first round was a nothing round, the second round Chucky was losing but WAS NOT HURT, he just didn’t do anything. The fight was stopped after the ref asked Chuck if he was ok, Chuck said yes and gave the thumbs up, the ref stopped the fight, Yes Chuck took some shots but nothing hurt him, except the 5 illegal knees into the spine, which was not stopped by the ref. The promoters of the event wanted the ref taken out of the competition. There is a lot more too it, if you want to open up your big mouth come by and talk to me. Albert Mady

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    Albert, the point is for your sons safety, and what you just pointed out just proves that both the promoter and Chucky acted irresponsibly. Thanks for taking the time to prove our point though.
    5 illegal knees to the spine!! Chucky should take some time to recover before he gets seriously injured and is never able to fight again.

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  8. Albert Mady says:

    The point is that he did not fight on Oneida and was not injured in Detroit. I’ve been in the game for a long time, I care about the health of all my students and fighters, and of course most of all my son. So, I will make the decisions, If I mess up it is on me, but most of the time in mma, as I have seen, there are very bad miss matches, poor refereeing and bad promoters who only care about the money. And Matt you should get your facts straight. I will not comment on line about this any further.

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    Glad to hear he didnt compete. Sorry Chucky for calling you an idiot. Jumped the gun on that.

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  10. Salah Mekkawy says:


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  11. karatekidsister says:

    wow, Madys making excuses?!? what a shock! i never seen that before lol why can’t you guys just be honest for once and accept the fact that you guys get beat more than you win and that its nobodys fault but your own!

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  12. Wayne cudney says:

    Whah whah… Like I said if you can’t handle the Violenece then stay away from The Sport but REAL FIGHTERS will Fight everyday if we can. Don’t worry about our health… WE don’t.
    Pussy’s talkin shit about how We make a living.

    ANDRE Fuck Off WIMP Commisions & The like are too keep fighters poor not too help them. A Real Fighter will always Fight!!!! A Bitch will cry about it…… Andre YOu sound like a Bitch…WC

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Is this a troll or real?

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    Wayne is a “real” fighter, yo. Dont eff with him. Or he will fight you today, and then your mom tomorrow, then your grandma the next day, then your rat the day after that. He will never stop fighting, yo, cuz he is the real deal, yo. Knowwhatimsayin???????????????

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