ABC President Urges Edmonton to follow the Unified Rules


Top MMA News received a copy of a letter today from the head of the Association of Boxing Commissions that was sent to the Executive Director of the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission – Pat Reid. The letter, dated January 20th, was in reference to the proposed changes to the MMA rules that the Edmonton Commission regulates.

“This correspondence shall place the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission on notice that the ABC is not in support of these drastic changes to the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts adopted by the ABC”

The Edmonton Combative Sports Director – Pat Reid has proposed some of the following rules be in place for 2010 in Edmonton:
• Knee strikes to the head of a downed/grounded opponent are legal.
• Gi and shoes can be worn during a bout.
• Two rounds will be utilized, the first being ten minutes and the second round lasting five minutes.
• Bouts will be judged on their entirety, no ten-point must system will be used
• Kicks to the head of a downed/grounded opponent are legal when both fighters are down/grounded.

What is troubling is that the MMA world has never been as unified as it is now, and it’s very disheartening to see a rogue commission going against the grain with such drastic rule changes. The Association of Boxing Commissions also has a problem with this.

“The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission appears to be disregarding this research and the importance of uniformity.”

“The ABC strongly encourages the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission to reverse its changes to the unified rules of mixed martial arts.”

Please Pat, do the right thing and follow the rules and regulations that are your job to enforce.

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  1. jay says:

    Most of the refs in Edmonton couldn’t judge a pillow fight and have a huge amount of trouble with the exisiting rules. Why in gawd’s name the commission thinks this is a good idea is beyond me.

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  2. CR says:

    This would be a huge step back for MMA as a whole. It sounds like they want to back to the old style UFC. The same UFC that was banned from pay per view, and almost went bankrupt.

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  3. Derka says:

    they should completely stay with the uniformed rules… as CR stated “huge step back for MMA”. All organizations have done a phenomenol job of making this sport mainstream. The Edmonton Commission is trying to make a name for itself, but in return it’s also going to hurt the sport of MMA.

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  4. John Cooper says:

    I agree. Any Rule changes in North America right now are a BAD idea. Uniformity is so critical.

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  5. Pete says:

    I agree that it is imperative that the unified rules and regulations currently in place, remain in place, with adjustments only when it benefits the Unified rules and regulations. To begin allowing other organizations such as Pride with their own rules and regulations to enter the ‘octagon’ in Canada and the US is absurd. I am curious to know why Pat Reed is straying from the ABC’s recommended rules and regulations. Is there something in it for him and the rest of the Edmonton Commission? Amen to the ABC calling this Commission a rogue Commission. Let us all hope that Edmonton rethinks their stupid position and stops the upcoming event before someone is killed with a shoe to the head of a downed opponent and their referees (where is the training?) gives a yellow card not realizing the person is in immediate life altering danger!

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  6. Fredo says:

    Edmonton’s Reid and River Cree’s Kilparchuk are real rodeo clowns.

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  7. JK says:

    Couldn’t agree more..

    Cirque du Edmonton-River Cree.

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  8. STFU Noobs says:

    WAR PrideFC Rules!

    You people against this ever watch Pride? No one ever died you noobs.

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  9. jose rodriguez rozotto says:

    i agree no one died from those rules in japan, as long as the reff see that he is not defending him self he will stop the kicks 2 the head very quick! besides any real fighter will tell u that the ten point system is for boxxing and its garbage in mma so i say dont be MARIC0NES and fight!

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  10. Handy Kosher says:

    These are the Pride rules which eliminate the 10 point must system which has no place in MMA. This is precisely what the sport needs.

    Furthermore, this post is dripping with opinion about what ppl should do which seems odd for a site with the word “news” in the title.

    Report the facts and let the ppl decide. Don’t tell them what to think. That’s not journalism. That’s propaganda.

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  11. I feel as a news site it’s our responsibility to report anything that affects the sport of MMA in Canada.

    These proposed rule changes could hurt the sport nationally, and set us back. With a news site or not, there is no way i’m going to be quiet about this.

    I’m kind of saddened so many people in the mma community are supporting this.

    So you are against the ABC Unified Rules and all the work and research they did to determine the rules?

    Why is Edmonton even a member of the ABC commissions if they aren’t going to follow the rules.

    In my opionion everybody should be following the unified rules, and if they felt the rules weren’t what they’d like to use, they can go to the annual meetings and follow the normal process to have them changed,

    There is no room for Rogue commissions in this country.

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  12. Rick L. says:

    I have to agree with MAD on this one. I have kept any opinions I have had to myself, so I could see what others thought through news sites such as this…. and yes I think that it is MAD’s responsibility to report any and all info that relates to the sport of MMA in Canada and for that matter, world wide.

    To have new rule changes for Canada ala the Edmonton Commission is a crime in progress. I don’t care if they will have 2 sets of rules or not. Why would they need 2 sets of rules when Commissions in Canada and the US are satisfied with the unified rules? I would imagine that alot of work went into writing the ones currently in use and I am sure they weren’t taken lightly. I am sure every aspect of the athlete, with safety in mind has been studied and thought out completely.

    As Marc-Andre said, why bother being a member of an organization like the ABC, that has been around for years with a good track record, if you don’t like what they have to say? I’m sure the perks of this association are great but if you disagree with what they have to say, pull out.

    I know that fighters want to fight and will take what they can get. They don’t care what rules are used as long as they know them before they step into the cage and even then, they don’t always follow them.

    Lets face it people!! We need these people in charge to make sure all athletes are treated fairly and watched over. Just because there are doctors in attendance, doesn’t mean that they will be safe using these rules. What if the officials don’t know what they are doing? Anyone can read rules for the event..but it takes experience. Do any of the officials hired for this event have the experience? Have they ever officiated over these rules before? In Canada or the States? I doubt it because this will be the first time these rules are used.

    Propoganda? I’m glad to see this topic up for discussion. This site sparked a conversation that needs to be talked about and from what I have read, something needs to be done about Edmonton and any others that want to change rules just to make money.

    What does the Mayor and Alderman think of what the Commission has done and is allowing?? Who sits on the Edmonton Commission besides Pat Reid? Do they even care? Would City Council not have the final say since it appears that this Edmonton Commission with Mr. Reid leading the way, are so out of line?

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  13. riverio says:

    whats out of line with taking the new direction?i feel that belonging to an organization like the abc is a joke it does not give any canadain commissions,mexican commissions no vote or say in any matter of rule change or anything is a joke,it is having a voice to make a change,also what commission belong to the abc in europe?if any name them?also belonging to a group that says it is responsiblity is for the fighter first?why are they trying to control the sport?i read these are international mma rules followed by companies in asia,europe,russia,brasil the main countries that have been doing contests like this long before any north american orgnization was even formed,if one of you guys can provide proof actual proof not hear say off a website or any other type of gossip but fact i would bring it forward then say how deangerous this is.i would not judge anything before it is done unless i have proof.I find it funny edmonton gets burnt buy the ufc,for a show to be done there they go with vancouver,edmonton makes a change to open the broad spectrum to maybe bring in the dream organization in my eyes to allow an international show in and everyone is quick to critise?also why does the ufc not get in shit from the abc over the wamma title fedor holds?funny who’s running the abc?????maybe the ufc the largest mma organization in the world?hey rome was powerful to and it fell apart i am excited and would totally buy tickets for the ccf show just to show i am a fan of all mma,be it northamerican,international or what ever else comes along also they did not change the unified rules they adopt a second set in my eye’s international rules it looks like call yourself fans or call yourself people that just do what people do is ride the same train,man if bruse lee was alive!!!

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  14. riverio says:

    lol and this marc andres guy like whats up with him he owns a website which is a news website?lol he a one sided it looks like quick to judge with guns blazing alot of people out here in cali are friends with the promoter in edmonton and totally support his moves latey we are watching his progress you canadian guys are not to supportive of a slight adption of ones shows rules you guys also look stupid buy crying about changing the rules when the kotc show up there is still running the rules when the biggest show in canada the mfc is running the unified rules so whats the deal the ccf show is taking it his own way maybe there is just to much of the same in that city there are ten gym from the california with major name fighters and coaches that are pumped for this as we do not all wanna fight in the ufc,,,,,,you canadians are quick to turn on one of there own but i know the movement and backing for that guy is growing buy the day so good luck ccf get this done

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  15. Every commission that is a part of the ABC has a voice. A few years ago they even held their annual meeting in Montreal.

    You are incorrect with these statements.

    My problem with the rules, is more about procedure. I’m a fan of the unified rules, and the hard work that has been done by them. If somebody wants to change those rules, no problem, go to the annual ABC meeting, and propose changes, when the Rules Committee goes over the proposed changes, they will decide if the rules should or shouldn’t be incorporated into the unified rules.

    Nobody is trying to control the sport, they are trying to regulate the sport and do what we all need to do. BE ON THE SAME PAGE. We are all passionate about what we do, but we need to work together to make the sport better. We have too many people working against us for efforts to be wasted on this garbage.

    I think it’s ludicrous that any promoter can have such an influence on the rules the commission regulates. That is insane, and wrong on so many levels.

    I agree, I will always be quick to judge if somebody puts the thing I love the most in this world (After my family) in jeopardy.
    If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it, and do pro wrestling if you want to do gimmicks.

    These aren’t even Dream rules, it’s just “Some” of the rules that Dream uses. Nobody on the Edmonton Commission, or North America has been trained in these rules either.

    With the sport in such a fragile state in this country right now, it’s terrible timing. Ontario is as close as it’s ever been to sanctioning the sport, and do you think this has no bearing on it?

    Criticize me all you want, but I at least have the balls to use my own name, and not post from EDMONTON and claim I’m from the states. LAME. It’s almost as stupid as wanting to make up rules for a MMMA event.

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  16. A couple points,

    1. I think the story here is how a commission that is a member of the ABC can make new rules without them being ratified by the rest of the ABC. The ABC will have to boot out Edmonton or start allowing all of its members to use whatever rules they want.

    2. The actions of the Edmonton commission will hurt Edmonton’s chances of getting a UFC, WEC, or other big show. There is no doubt that ZUFFA will avoid this commission. That is too bad because Edmonton is the heart of MMA in Canada.

    3. Smart move by Lino and the CCF for getting these rules added to his show. He has gotten some fantastic marketing from it.

    4. I don’t care about 10 minute rounds in the CCF. Last CCF had 9 fights, not one lasted 5 minutes! I have my doubts that there will be one fight that will even last longer than the 10 minute first round. Adding weapons like knees to the head on the ground will only increase the odds of fast finishes.

    5. The new judging method in the CCF. It won’t matter.
    Local shows tend to have fights that end fast. Only one fight (out of 27) in the history of the CCF has gone to a decision. I am not worried about unqualified judges blowing a decision. There will be no fight going to a decision to blow.

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  17. Slappy Joe says:


    You write like a woman who finished menopause.

    No periods.

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  18. CR says:


    MMA is FINALLY becoming main stream in North America. Mainly because of the unified rules. It is no longer viewed as “human cock fighting” as McCain put it. Changing the rules to allow kicks and knees to downed opponents will create perfect high light films for MMA opponents. Suddenly people will be petitioning local governments to ban events. Then where are all of your “California” friends going to fight?

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  19. pasqualino santoro says:

    Hi everyone

    I have for the most part taken a back seat to discussions surrounding the upcoming CCF #5 show February 27th here in Edmonton, but recent events have put me in a position where I am compelled to step forward and make our position clear.

    Just in terms of sheer activity it is safe to say Edmonton is the hub of Canadian MMA at this point, it is also where I live, the place I call home and the jurisdiction in which I host my event. Love me or hate me my passion for this sport is undeniable as I ‘unlike most of my detractors” have been involved at all levels of the sport doing everything from setting up events as hired help for other promoters to competing myself in the cage. It is with this experience and the support of the friends and family around me that I have setup CCF in the fashion that the athletes can appreciate..

    I wont insult you with the lame “By a fighter for Fighters” shick so many in this industry often try to do but I ask you to keep in mind I have been in the trenches myself so I don’t only talk out of my wallet like my detractors. I have lost money in the past with mma but keep going because I sincerely love it. This leads me to ask why they would I take moves bad for the sport?

    Lets get one thing clear.. SAFETY is my #1 concern… So I ask anyone genuinely concerned to email me pasqualino santoro at, any supporting evidence that these internationally recognized set of rules is a unjust risk to the athletes. Were that the case I wouldn’t have the show.. we all know that people can get hurt in combat sports it is a risk accepted by all. As such we don’t force people in the ring they all chose to compete and are trained athletes.

    I like anyone have my detractors especially in such a competitive mma market but I don’t get where some of this fear mongering is at all justified.f dream themselves were to come to Edmonton and host a show I don’t think I would hear a thing.

    In the best cases these detractors “who I wont do the favour of mentioning by name” are just mma fans with internet connections and too much time on their hands watching and commentating about many events using the same set of rules we are now using As for the rest the ironic thing is in some cases this isn’t the first time they have cried wolf regarding this sport . Why it not same people at KO boxing promotions who cried bloody murder and tried to have MMA outlawed in Edmonton at its inception that now run Edmonton’s mma show The fight club “TFC” and are one of the most vocal and dramatic detractors of this step forward for athletes? These are the people I have chosen to ignore and keep tying to focus on my positive work.

    Not everyone who competes in mma will go to the ufc , why should our Athletes not have a place they can prepare for competition overeas? IE Japan, China, Brazil??

    The rules we are running the show under going forward are more or less used world wide and are actually implemented in more places that rules suggested by our detractors. And as such I have made the proper steps to create a place for Canadian and north American athletes to experience them before taking their next steps to international competition.

    To the so called “MMA media” out there slamming the show there is not much I can say except try to develop a bit of professionalism and try reporting what is news rather than trying to create it. If you want to report on something I think its news worth that 95 percent of people responding to Keith kizzers post on the forum support our shirt to the international set of rules. In the event you have trouble finding what im talking about here is a like for you
    posted under ABC President Urges Edmonton to follow the Unified

    To everyone else thanks for your continued support it makes all this possible, We will have some big announcements coming up soon and our poster will be released shortly.

    to start things off right the man many considered the face MMA “wanderlai silva” will be here with his new generation of athletes competing in CCF in the future.. its going to be a wild ride!!!!


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  20. pasqualino santoro says:


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  21. Lino… thanks for coming to the site and posting. I have talked to Mr. Santoro many times and there is no doubting his love for the sport. Top MMA News welcomes Mr. Santoro’s comments and has offered him to respond on the site via a post.

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  22. Rick L. says:

    What Slappy Joe said is the best one I’ve heard in a long time.

    Keep up the good work Marc-Andre and Keith. Thanks to the both of you and a couple of the other sports writers, we at least know what is happening and not all one sided. You state the facts and let the responders decide for themselves.

    I just hope this doesn’t ruin MMA for all of Canada. New rules being used for amatuers, UFC finally coming out West, Winnipeg and Calgary holding some great events and even Edmonton has good shows. I’m still hoping Toronto jumps in.

    I am worried and even if there are tons of fighters in favor of these rules, they should stop and think about the immediate ramifications.

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  23. realreport says:

    how does this ruin mma in canada? tons of event operate under these rules , pride, dream superbrawl art of war, Fury Fc ect

    this is a good move and we look forward to watching the fights and more importantly really like how public opinion was firm and not swayed regardless of how much pressure was put on ccf by the mma websites and ABC staff..

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  24. Shocbomb says:

    NICE – Its pretty much pride rules. I am fine buy that its actually a nice little change, Its stupid as all hell anyways that Kness to the head on the ground were banned do to one fight Thanks Gan McGhee

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  25. Matt Dunning says:

    Once again in this country things are going backwards instead of forward!!!Edmonton Commission needs to take there head out of there ass and realize the safety risks of not using the unified rules.My fear is with this some one will get hurt badly and we will be back to square one in Canada.I fight and for me would like to be able to fight here in Canada.So please guys reverse your decision!!

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  26. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    Reid and the new 2010 version of the Edmonton commision have zero pro combat experience in either MMA or Boxing. Reid isn’t some bold trailblazer, he’s clueless and incompetent. His hand picked commisioners also have no idea as to what they ratified…

    Reid’s zenith of sporting experience is as a swim coach in eastern canada.


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  27. KB says:

    As a fan of MMA since 1994 I have to say I support this move and question where the controversy is coming from.

    Did Pride have any major injuries or deaths from having even more allowances (ie – stomps, soccer kicks)? When UFC had only 3 rules (no biting, no eye gouging, no fishhooking – yes, low blows were legal) did they have any serious injuries or deaths?

    Leg strikes to the head of a grounded opponent while you’re on the ground are fair. UFC used to do it. Even Dana White has said he would like to see the rules modified to allow knees in the UFC.

    There are many promotions, from Meca to Dream and now CCF, that allow leg strikes because they aren’t following modified boxing rules. If you want boxing rules, go watch boxing!! ABC has no place telling MMA what to do anymore than they do governing fighting in hockey.

    It seems to be that the only changes made to the rules are removing the ability to do certain things. UFC allows elbows, and there are people who look like they’ve been in a sword fight after taking some nasty shots. But, no complaints about the elbows. Why? Common sense dictates that having a laceration exposing your skull would be dangerous…

    I say get rid of the UFC ‘punches only’ ground game and give the fighters the ability to have some dynamic, entertaining ground battles. Safety is first, and there’s no proof anywhere that knees on the ground are compromising fighter safety. Props to Mr. Santoro, I will see you at CCF #5!

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  28. colloseo says:

    here is are rule set
    Article 1. Fighters are required to have a physician’s checkup at the venue on the day of a show before the bout.

    Article 2. The ring to be used for the bout is a square ring with sides of 7 meters each, certified by the promoter.
    Article 3. Fighters are required to wear open-fingered gloves which will be provided by the promoter for the bout.
    Article 4. Rounds: The first round is 10 (ten) minutes and the second round is 5 (five) minutes in duration. There are no extra rounds. There is a 90 (ninety) second rest period between the first and the second rounds.
    Article 5. Fighters may use knee pads, shin guards, elbow pads, taping, ankle supports and gi at their own discretion. However, an attire check by the referee is mandatory before the bout. A mouthpiece and a groin protector must be worn by every fighter. A fighter may wrap bandages several times around his own fists. The use of tape to hold the bandages in place is allowed. However, it is prohibited to use tape for hardening the fists. If a bandage is to be applied, it must be applied in the bandage check room as early as possible before the bout. Applied bandages must be inspected.

    Article 6. Fighters are allowed to only use bandages or tape provided by the promoter.

    Article 7. Fighters cannot use any lotion or ointment (i.e., Vaseline, oil, pain relief ointment, all types of cream, hair dressing, slip stopper on their feet, etc.) before and during the bout. If the application of such a lotion or ointment is found, the bout may be considered a loss by default. When wearing shoes, those shoes need to be inspected by referees and judges before the bout. The fighter will be allowed to wear shoes only when the referee acknowledges that no harm will be caused by the shoes. Shoe inspection must be conducted during the rules meeting. Shoes with the attributes and items indicated below are prohibited from being worn during bouts:
    ・ Shoes applied with any cover from the ankle over the instep of the foot covering the straps.
    ・ Shoes with any metal parts or zippers attached to any part of the shoes.
    In addition, attire, gi and supporters and the like to be worn during the bout must be inspected and any attire as described below is prohibited from being worn during the bout:
    ・ Attire with any metal parts used in any part of the attire.
    ・ Attire without a belt or string attached at the waist that prevents displacement of the gear.
    ・ Attire with pockets or similar functions attached to the outside of the costume.
    ・ Attire with anything sewn or adhered to the outside of the costume. (*However, this rule will not apply if any article sewn or attached clearly poses no harm and is recognized by the referees that it will not affect the bout. Attire with direct print applied with paint or ink is allowed.)
    Referees may prohibit wearing any attire if they judge that the fighter’s attire would definitely interfere with the bout despite clearing the above items. Article 8. The result of the bout shall be determined by the outcome of one of the following: ● Ippon, KO Demonstration of a give up or loss of the will to fight will be given either verbally or by tapping on the mat or on an opponent’s body three or more times. ● Technical knockout ・Referee stop When the referee judges that a fighter is in a completely advantageous position and his opponent is regarded to be in danger.
    ・Physician stop When the ringside physician determines a fighter injured by his opponent’s valid attack and judges that the injured fighter can no longer carry on in the bout, the injured fighter will be recognized to have lost the bout. However, if a fighter is injured by his opponent’s illegal attack, the fighter violating the rules will be deemed to have lost the bout. Upon carrying out a physician’s checkup by the ringside physician, the sub-referee will guide the chief corner man to a neutral corner and will communicate the physician’s diagnosis and instructions. If the diagnosis results in a physician’s stop, the details of the diagnosis for determining the physician’s stop will be explained to the chief corner man by the sub-referee.
    ・Forfeiture This is the case when a corner man throws a towel into the ring. If the referee does not take note of this fact, judges are entitled to indicate the end of the bout.
    ● No Contest A bout is determined to be “no contest” if one of the following occurs: (i) when both fighters have committed a foul, or (ii) when the judges and/or the promoter determine that a fighter(s) is hurt and cannot continue the bout because of an accident or injury, or (iii) when one fighter and/or both fighters become incapable of continuing the bout because of an injury during the first round. If any injuries disable a fighter/fighters during the second round, the outcome of the bout is decided based on the content of the bout up to the injury. ● Disqualification
    If a foul with malicious intent is made, or intentional fouls are repeated, the fighter may be
    immediately disqualified (being booked with a red card) at the referee’s discretion. ● Decision ・A decision will be made by the 3 (three) judges based on the following criteria: 1. Attitude aiming for a KO or ippon 2. Hits incurred by the opponent 3. Combination of striking techniques and ground control 4. Takedowns and defense 5. Aggressiveness Judges do not keep score to decide any bouts. Instead, the judges decide the outcome of a bout in accordance with the above order of priority and by determining which one of the two fighters was in an advantageous position. Judges must decide on the winner after the second round (There is no draw decision.) Article 9. The following conduct is deemed a foul. The fighter who commits one of these fouls will be given a “Caution 1” from the referee. A caution will be considered a negative factor and points will be deducted for the decision. The fighter will also need to pay a penalty, 10% of the fight money per caution, to the promoter for every caution the fighter receives. If a foul with malicious intent is made, or intentional fouls are repeated, the fighter may be immediately disqualified (being booked with a red card) at the referee’s discretion.
    1. Head butting
    2. Direct attack to eyes, nose, inside the mouth, or other mucosal areas (fish hooking)
    3. Groin attacks of any kind
    4. Biting
    5. Throat strikes, grabbing the trachea, or any other kind of direct attack to the throat area
    6. Striking the back of the head or the spine. (Note that the “back of the head” refers to the posterior aspect of the head; both sides of the head and the area around the ears are not considered the “back of the head.”)
    7. Hair pulling
    8. Elbow strikes to the head or face
    9. Intentionally holding the ropes or a corner post, or hooking limbs including hands, feet or costume, such as a gi, over the rope. Hooking an upper arm on the rope will result in an immediate caution.
    10. Intentionally escaping from the ring. Intentionally throwing the opponent out of the ring.
    11. Cruel acts during and outside the bout.
    12. When a fighter is on his “four point position” on the mat, a standing opponent must not
    kick the opponent’s face or head with his calf/shin/ankle/foot (kneeing is not included). However, kicking to the opponent’s head or face is allowed when both fighters are on the ground. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, regardless of the weight division, the above-mentioned attack is strictly prohibited when fighters with15 kg or more weight difference are in the ground position (“Ground position” is the state where at least one of the body portions, except the sole of the foot, is in contact with the mat). 13. Ineffective attacks that would not affect the opponent or inducing a stalled situation. 14. Any behavior or comment made by fighters or corner men which is disrespectful of the officials or referees who have absolute authority during the show (before, after and during the bouts).

    Article 10. All fighters and their chief corner men must attend the rules meeting. The fighters must undergo the official weigh-in 24 hours before their bout. If the weight requirement is not met at the official weigh-in, a penalty of 10% of the fight money must be paid to the promoter.
    Article 11. When the fighter who receives a foul attack is seriously injured, the bout will resume after the full recovery of the fighter based on the decision of the referee and the ringside physicians. The fighter who made the foul will be disqualified in accordance with Article 8, only if the ringside physician(s) determine that the injured fighter is unable to continue the fight.
    Article 12. The referee will may call out one of the following commands during the bout. “Action,” “Improve your position” ・This command will be made when an action violating

    Article 9(13) is taken. “Work to finish” ・This command will be made when a fighter is in a dominant position but has no intention to finish the bout. When the above command is made, the action is considered to be a foul violating

    Article 9(13) and a yellow card, “caution 1,” may be issued.
    Article 13. If the fighter(s) move outside the ring, the fighter(s) need to immediately move back inside the ring and resume the bout from the standing position at the center of the ring.

    Article 14. ”Stop, don’t move” command will be made if a fighter is about to fall out of the ring or if the referee determines that a rope or a corner post is hindering the bout. When this command is made, the fighters must immediately stop any action, follow the referee’s instructions and move away from ropes and a corner post. The fighters need to go back to the same body position as the one immediately before
    the command was made, and resume the bout when a clear signal to restart the bout is made by the referee.
    Article 15. The referee may command a break in one of the following situations:
    ・When both fighters are in standing positions with no valid offensive attack or defensive attack being taken and a deadlock continues.
    ・When one fighter is in a ground position (on one’s back facing up) and the other fighter is in a standing position with no valid offensive attack or defensive attack taken and a deadlock continues.

    ・When a foul action violating Article 9(13), is made.
    Article 16. Fighters and corner men must unquestionably submit to the judgments and instructions of the referee. If a fighter or a chief corner man files an objection to the referee’s judgment, it must be done in written form within two (2) weeks after the bout. In addition, no third persons, apart from the fighters or the corner man, are allowed to object to the referee’s or judge’s decision. If this article is not complied with, a penalty of 10% of the fight money must be paid to the promoter.

    Article 17. The number of corner men accompanying a fighter is restricted to three (3) or less. The corner men are not allowed to leave their corner during the bout or have any physical contact with the fighter during the bout under any circumstances. If this article is breached, a penalty of 10% of the fight money must be paid to the promoter. End of document

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  29. colloseo says:

    i tried to space it but i did a bad job if anyone wants a set of rules email me and i will glady send them a set

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  30. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    More contraversey regarding this whole mess. Officials from lethbridge who were scheduled to judge the bouts for this event (apparently none of the local Edmonton judges accepted the assignment?) have now been pulled by the Lethbridge commission. Remains to be seen what happens now… Schadenfruede

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  31. I just talked to CCF President Lino Santoro and he states that “the show is a go” and “he has no issues with judges.”

    Are you in the know Sir Lord Iffy or are you just causing trouble? Why don’t you reveal yourself or at least us the Contact Us to send me an email with your contact info and we can chat.


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  32. colloseo championship fighting says:

    yes kieth we are still ago we have the certified judges already to go they have been monitoring everything that is going on on your site and other they are qualified and have judged under these rules before many times so there is no problems cannot wait for show time thou it is gonna be good

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  33. colloseo championship fighting says:

    i did not know we where using lethbridge officails so that sucks they cannot come but we thought we would bring in proper jugdes then no mistakes

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  34. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    Talk to Lethbridge. They sent a letter to Edm yesterday removing themselves.

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  35. colloseo says:

    i do not have to talk to them,why would i?i never even new they where the ones for judging you sound like you are right in with theedmonton commis so i should jhust ask you who judgeing it?lol i know who is so i guess i will see you at the show

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  36. JayKay says:

    Who are these refs and judges?

    Where are they from?

    What shows have they done?

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  37. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    According to Pat Reid’s interview on the Jason Gregor Show, it doesn’t matter. Wow is this guy incompetent! He lied on air about having previous combat sports experience as he has none.

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  38. JayKau says:

    Who are these refs and judges?

    Where are they from?

    What shows have they done?

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  39. colloseo says:

    well how many of these guy from other commission or people that help promote and do other shows have no expierance in the ring or cage?boy oh boy lord iffy boatrace i think people are getting alittle tired of your witchhunts,,,,,,,,,like man you make are sport look retarded with your mocking the commission,mocking something creative coming in you cannot stop the show

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  40. JayKay says:

    Who are these refs and judges?

    Where are they from?

    What shows have they done?

    PS – You wrote: “like man you make are sport look retarded” when I think what you meant was “You make our sport look retarded”. I know they sound similar but they’re not the same and it takes some of the sting out of calling someone ‘retarded’ when you mess up the simple things yourself.

    PPS – Please hire a PR person.

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  41. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    From today’s Edmonton Sun – Most disturbing is the procedures not being followed on fightfax which could’ve gotten someone killed. You call it a witch hunt, I call it incompetence.

    The noose is tightening around the neck of the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission.

    Alderman Ron Hayter, a longtime proponent and practitioner of integrity in the governance of local boxing events, publicly called out the commission on Wednesday night by introducing a Notice of Motion in City Council. It requests the city manager undertake a comprehensive investigation into the conduct of the ECSC and its executive director, Pat Reid.

    Hayter won’t have an opportunity to debate the motion until March 3, but in the meantime the ECSC will have to deal with a growing groundswell of dissatisfaction from the fistic fraternity — not the least of which could be a lawsuit from the city’s most established promoter, KO Boxing’s Glen Carriere.

    “We were recently informed by Mr. Reid that two of the four 2010 events we had booked and paid for at the Shaw Conference Centre have been rejected by the commission — this is after the commission cashed our cheque to hold the bookings,” Carriere said Thursday.

    “Because our shows are televised on Rogers SportsNet and because the Shaw Conference Centre is such a busy place, we basically must work a year in advance. Last fall the commission, which was then run by executive director Orest Zmyndak and chairman John Campbell, asked for our 2010 dates. We were told that in order to hold them, we’d have to pay booking fees up front — which we did.

    “Fast-forward four months and the new executive director, Mr. Reid, turns around and says nope, you can’t have Aug. 27 or Nov. 19 — which had already been approved — because those dates clash with another promoter. In the meantime, we’ve executed contracts with the Shaw Conference Centre and SportsNet and we’ve made financial commitments to major sponsors like Independent Jewellers, who publicize Edmonton from coast to coast.

    “I just hope the commission has consulted its lawyers on this, because they’re putting themselves in the crosshairs for some very serious litigation.”

    Reid did not reply to the Sun’s request for an e-mail response on Thursday.

    Carriere’s threat comes in the wake of the Association of Boxing Commissions vowing to ostracize Edmonton as an “outlaw” city because of the ECSC’s approval of so-called Japanese Dream rules for an upcoming mixed martial arts card. Among other deviations from the modified rules of MMA, the Dream rules allow knees to the head of a downed fighter and kicks to the head when both fighters are on the mat.

    “It’s embarrassing for Edmonton to be branded a rogue commission, absolutely. But that’s what they’re risking by going ahead with these rule changes,” ABC president Tim Lueckenhoff said from his office in Kansas City, Mo. “If a fighter is seriously injured — or worse — under rules that nobody else in North America endorses, it’s going to be a very, very big problem for the Edmonton commission.”

    Another sign of the ECSC’s meltdown surfaced this week when promoters from Halifax and Chicago contacted the Edmonton Sun about fighters who were knocked out here on Feb. 6.

    The Edmonton commission had still not registered its medical suspensions of those fighters on the FightFax website, meaning that they could have fought in another jurisdiction without authorities knowing they were under suspension.

    In the U.S., the Muhammad Ali Act requires combative sports commissions to report results of all matches to a central database within 48 hours. Canadian commissions who are members of the Association of Boxing Commissions are likewise obligated.

    Just one more example of how out of touch the ECSC has become.

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  42. Sean Quinn says:

    Lol. His name is Hayter, and he is a hater. lol.

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  43. Sir Lord Iffy Boatrace says:

    He is also a former executive director of the ECSC and has more years experience in the administration and regulation of combat sports in Edm than every single person on the 2010 ECSC combined. Pretty serious stuff for him to call upon the city for a complete top to bottom investigation of Reid, his boss, and the entire commission, to include how they were picked and to examine certain conflict of interest violations that have arisen. Should be very interesting…

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  44. Rick L. says:

    So now that Tim Luckenoff representing the ABC has called this Edm commission a rogue commission plus other things, and has said he will take a hard look at their membership in the Association, has he done anything, sicne this upcoming event is apparently taking place? Or was he blowing smoke up everyones you know what??

    I am quite surprised that with Mr. Hayter getting involved this event will still take place. If he has some major concerns with the handling of the commission by Mr. Reid, why is this event even allowed to continue. Guess everyone is blowing smoke and trying to give the promoter added grief. I don’t agree with the event happening but what power as citizens do we have if the bigshots can’t do anything?

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