Boots Scraps – 3 Wins in NYC and Off to Jacksons


Cooligan and Holst getting Texan

Hello everyone!

Friday morning we woke up late and Steph and I missed out on training at the Renzo Gracie NYC Academy but priority was to the three of our Muay Thai fighters: OAMA’s Sterling “War Machine” Thompson, OAMA’s Jeff “Jackie” Chan and Sudbury Muay Thai’s Jesse “The Kid” Cronier!

All three fighters look ready, fully re-hydrated and confident for the W’s! All three fighters gained about 5-8lbs back from the weigh-ins, the cut was worth it, they looked much stronger and bigger then their opponents. I was hoping that the weight cut would not affect their cardio too much, since they are new to cutting weight, but they did juuuuuuust fine! Pat and I were cornering the fighters, as well as Steve Joncas was cornering his fighter Jesse. Steph and Jenn were taking pics and cheering on our guys in the NYC crowd.

NYC Friday Night Muay Thai fights took place in a Church on 9th avenue, Manhattan, show time was 8pm. We got there nice and early so I could tape all three fighter’s hands and warm them up as the fight card went on. First fight was Jeff “Jackie” Chan from OAMA. Jeff was looking a bit nervous but I knew he would do fine. He had the reach on his opponent so the game plan was kick kick kick! He did just that!

1st round he came out throwing great with low kicks, body kicks and head kicks. 2nd round Jeff low kicked his opponents leg so many times, that you could see his opponent’s leg going dead and he was starting to limp around. So we told him to work the high kicks from there and he did just that!  His opponent was tired and hurting so he clinched with Jeff to take a breather, but Jeff didn’t want any of that and landed hard knees to the body. 3rd round Jeff was looking a bit tired but not as much as his opponent! His opponent was doing the good old “spit the mouth guard out” technique to buy some time to recover. Jeff’s opponent only landed a few punches and 1 kick sweep on Jeff. Jeff came out strong in the 3rd and kicked and kneed his way to get the TKO (referee stoppage) in the 3rd round! Great first fight for Jeff “Jackie” Chan getting the TKO in 3rd round in pro-am Muay Thai rules in NYC! Great job Jeff, keep up the training you have lots of potential!

Sterling “War Machine” Thompson was up next! Sterling had a few fights under his belt and was facing a shorter but stronger opponent with a record of 4-0 I believe. Sterling started relaxed (for once) and felt out his opponent. In the middle of round 1, Sterling caught his opponent with a cross and his opponent got a 8 count from it. At the end of the round, I saw Sterling get confident, too confident and he dropped his hands. His opponent saw it and delivered a high kick to Sterling’s jaw. Sterling went down hard! He tried to stand up, I could see his legs give out and he was really shaky.  He finally got up and shook it off. The referee started the 8 count and Sterling was ready to go at around 6 or 7. Round 1 was crazy, 2 knock downs, 2 8 counts from both fighters! I thought Sterling was hurt badly but maybe it just woke him up! 2nd round was alot of clinch and few boxing exchanges with some kicks, both look really tired. So far Sterling was losing. When 3rd round started, Pat and I told Sterling that he was going to lose if it went to decision, so Sterling ramped it up and fought hard, lots of clinch at the beginning of the last round, then out of no where Sterling does a left fake kick to right high kick then fell towards his opponent with a mean cross. It landed right on the button! His opponent blocked the right kick but the cross went right through, to create an epic KO like Sterling says on his facebook lol. His opponent was out cold and fell off the ropes face first on the canvas. The ref started to count but his opponent was struggling and was completely out. The crowd went nuts! They replayed the KO on the big screen about 5 or 6 times. What a comeback! Sterling had to get a KO or we would have lost the decision. Fight of the night FOR SURE! And dubbed the “Craziest Muay Thai fight I have ever corned” by Pat and I! Both of us were sweating bullets during this fight, it was back and forth the whole time and I was so worried that Sterling was going lose if it went to decision, especially fighting a hometown guy. Next time, hands up and don’t do this to Pat and I again Sterling haha! Great job Sterling on the 3rd round KO! NYC wants you back already so keep up the training and get ready for some tough New Yorkers!

And the last fight for us, was Jesse “The Kid” Cronier. Only 17 years of age, Jesse, unlike the two others was fighting amateur and not pro-am. Fully geared up with head gear and shin guards. It was his first fight outside of the gyms OAMA\Sudbury, he looked really nervous but excited to go in there! Jesse came out strong in the 1st round and landed some really nice boxing combos. Working great muay thai, we told Jesse to stay away from the clinch. His opponent looked a bit stronger then him. Jesse did just that, landing kicks and punches in bunches and circling and moving out of the clinch. Then out of no where with a boxing combo followed by the KAO LOY (Flying Knee) to the solar plexus. That did it, his opponent dropped and the ref gave him the 8 count, he didn’t want to fight anymore. 1st round KO via Flying Knee, not bad for a 17 year old on his first fight which happens to be in a NYC Manhattan Church jam packed with New Yorkers! Good job Jesse, get ready for the next one!

OAMA\Sudbury Muay Thai goes 3 and 0000hhhhh! TKO 3round, KO 3round and KO 1st round! That’s what I call strong Muay Thai! I’m really proud of all three of you guys, keep up the good work, this is only the beginning, all 3 of you have great potential and are doing great internationally now! I know you three can go to the top! Great job!

Right after the fights, Pat, Steph and I said good bye to the fighters and Jenn and Steve. They drove back up to Ottawa that night. And we would begin our DRIVE to Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The drive.  We started driving towards Albuquerque Friday Night at midnight. We drove all night and all day Saturday. We stopped here and there for food. Finally on Saturday night at 11pm we stopped at El Reno, Oklahoma, just west of Oklahoma City. We crashed there for a good night sleep in a hotel. Then at 8am on Sunday morning back on the road again, we stopped at Amarillo, Texas at this restaurant called “The Big Texan”, where there was a 72oz steak “eat it and its free” contest. I was tempted but decided not to! We kept driving and finally, at 5pm, we arrived at Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we will have a 1 week training camp of MMA at Greg Jackson’s MMA gym.

Driving NYC to Albuquerque was a total of driving time of 32 hours! (Pat drove 28hours!) We left Friday night and arrived Sunday evening. We drove a total of 3185km!!! And the road trip is not over yet, still got to drive after our week here to LA for some more special training!

Total USA State count: 11

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland (5min), West Virgina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

Albuquerque is very nice, about 10 degrees here, it was weird to see patches of snow in Texas and New Mexico! It beats the weather in Ottawa that’s for sure! Weather is reeeaaal nice! We rested Sunday night to begin our training on Monday morning!

I will post in a few days about the training here at Greg Jackson’s, got lots of really cool and crazy training! Keep your eyes on the website, I will keep all of you guys posted on the great training here and put up some pics in a day or two! Here is some pics from the NYC fights and the road trip across USA!

That’s all for now, take care everyone!


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