Boots Scraps – Training with Renzo, Rolles, and Almeida


Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Mark Holst, Rolles Gracie

Hello everyone!

Pat Cooligan, Stephane Bernadel, Sterling Thompson and I left Ottawa at 7 pm Wednesday night to begin our road trip\training camp. NYC was our first stop but arrived at the border, they stopped us, searched us and took there time lets say the least. After it was all said and done, we were on our way to NYC finally after 3 hours of being held at the border!

6 hours later…We arrived this morning at the hotel in Manhattan at 6am, slept for 2 hours and then back on the road again to drive to our first training session of the camp; MMA\BJJ training at Ricardo Almeida’s Academy in Trenton, New Jersey. Ricardo is a Renzo Gracie black belt and UFC fighter. Steph and I have trained at his academy before and took part of the special MMA training sessions they have on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s… but this time we were in for a special treat!

At Ricardo’s Academy, there was special training session going on this morning at 9am. The man himself, Renzo Gracie was there training for his upcoming UFC fight against Matt Hughes in Abu Dabi. On top of that Rolles Gracie was training for his UFC debut fight coming up in February against Al Turk. Obviously Ricardo Almeida was taking part of the training session and Gordo (World BJJ Black Belt Champion), Dante Riviera (UFC Fighter) and Ali were also training.

The training session lasted about 2 hours, we covered many aspects of the game, ground, wrestling and stand up. It was really fun to train with elite athletes like them and get to watch them train together.

After the training session, no rest for me! Back in our hotel in NYC, I got Jesse Cronier (a Sudbury Muay Thai student), Sterling Thompson and Jeff Chan (OAMA Muay Thai fighters) to the sauna. I cut the weight with them in the sauna, inside of 1 hour all three had made weight, it wasn’t easy for them but they made it! Then we drove to the weigh-ins (Church Street Boxing Gym), the fighters made weight and then off to Kennedy’s Restaurant for some steaks and mashed potatoes!

So far the trip had a rough start but now its going great! I only slept 2 hours, so im going to hit the hay right now!

The plan for tomorrow is to go train at the NYC Renzo Gracie academy and then Pat and I will coach our 3 young fighters making their pro-am Muay Thai debut at 8pm…3 and 000hhhhh!

After the fights are done, the drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico begins!

USA States count: 3

New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Here is a few pictures of the training and weigh ins. More to come from the fights\training tomorrow!

Good night!


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