Machan,Eklund Out – Noble vs Edwards On MFC 24


Yves Edwards will now face Derrick Noble

Dave Pavelich, the Vice President of Maximum Fighting, talked to Top MMA News this afternoon to discuss the recent changes to the MFC 24 card scheduled for February 26. 

As Top MMA News posted earlier in the day, Ryan Machan will no longer fight at the MFC. “Ryan Machan and MFC could not work out a deal, so Ryan will not be appearing on the card,” said Pavelich.  “The best fighter Machan faced was Kajan Johnson.  The reason he was always on the undercard is that he was never exclusive to the MFC.  It hurts the MFC when guys like Ryan lose to Jordan Mein on other shows.  The MFC wants fighters on exclusive contracts and we want the ability to re-sign fighters when their contracts run out.   He would not agree to our contract so he is free to fight somewhere else.”  Machan was scheduled to fight Derrick Noble before these contract issues occurred.

Another fighter who was going to appear at MFC 24 was former UFC fighter Per Eklund.  Dave Pavelich was able to confirm that Per Eklund will not be fighting Yves Edwards on the card as previously announced. 

While Dave Pavelich did not know why Eklund will not appear, he is extremely happy with the resulting matchup – Yves Edwards vs Derrick Noble.  “To be honest, not many people have heard of Eklund.  I am more excited about MFC 24 with a Derrick Noble vs Yves Edwards fight now. These two fighters will put on a very exciting fight.”  If fans remember Noble’s MFC 19 win over Ariel Sexton, they will know that Noble will come to fight.  Edwards will also come to fight having finished both of his opponents in 2009

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4 Responses to “ Machan,Eklund Out – Noble vs Edwards On MFC 24 ”

  1. freight train says:

    get of your wallets mfc and quit being so cheap and pay the boys

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  2. joe buck says:

    Better fight with Noble way better.

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  3. Submission King says:

    is this the #1 contender match….I am guessing so.

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  4. joe buck says:

    this is a great fight. mfc keep it up fuck the haters

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