Morvan vs Delorme Rematch Set for CFC 4


Remi Morvan posted on his site that will be getting the rematch that he has been looking for at CFC 4 on February 26.  Morvan was defeated by Winnipeg’s Roland Delorme at WRECK MMA last December and now he will try to even the score at the Canadian Fighting Championship.  In their first fight, seen in its entirety in this video, Delorme shocked Morvan and his hometown Ottawa crowd with a submission victory.  In an interesting twist, the rematch will occur in Delorme’s hometown of Winnipeg.

Morvan, who trains at OAMA in Ottawa, stated on his site that he “didn’t fight to my full potential (in the first Morvan/Delorme fight) and that I am a much better fighter then what I displayed that night. That is the reason for me wanting this rematch right away. I want to go out there and fight hard and leave it all on the line win or lose.”

Delorme, who will join his WAMMA teammate Lindsey Hawkes on the CFC 4 card, surprised the #3 ranked Canadian Bantamweight with strong grappling and Rolly managed to pull off an Arm Bar sumission late in Round 1.  One can excuse Morvan for not fighting to his full potential as his wife gave birth to a baby two days before his WRECK MMA fight with Delorme.   Morvan made no excuses then and now Morvan has a month and a half to fix any holes in his game to try to even the score.

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3 Responses to “ Morvan vs Delorme Rematch Set for CFC 4 ”

  1. CR says:

    I see Jason MacDonald is looking for fights. Is it too late to get him on this card?

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  2. I’d love to have a guy like Jason on our cards, but with 6 weeks to the show today, it wouldn’t be enough time to properly promote the fight.

    We will have news on some of the CFC 4 matchups very soon.

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  3. CR says:

    I’m there for sure, MacDonald or not. I love MMA and you guys put on a pretty good show. Will Perez be fighting again? The show he and Nguyen
    put on at CFC3 was awsome!

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