Elite1 MMA Resurrection Photo Gallery


Here is the photo gallery from the Elite1 MMA show on November 29, 2009.  Make sure you do not miss the Elite1 action later this month in Moncton.


* All photos by Sonja Belliveau Photography

14 Responses to “ Elite1 MMA Resurrection Photo Gallery ”

  1. Cesar Lopez says:

    horrible layout, mma canada way better site

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  2. Cesar Lopez says:

    horrible pics. I like MMA Canada pictures better.

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  3. MMA Canada has been around a few years. We are still under a year old and have so many changes to work on the site.

    What kind of changes would you like to see, that you feel would improve the site?

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  4. Brodes says:

    Obvious troll.

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  5. No class, Lopez but I expect it from you.

    This photographer has a lot of talent.

    I particularly love the Jason Bernava and Rodafy Ranaivo pic when the decision is announced. One fighter looks to be shaking his head while the other looks to be super happy that he got the draw.

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  6. michelle kerfoot says:

    Yes, I agree, this photographer has a special talent!!! The only reason Jason Bernava is so happy is because at that point , he was declared the winner by split decision. It was only after an hour or so, that the commision called both fighters to the cage and declared it a draw!!! It was an unbelievable fight!!!

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  7. mike gibson says:

    great pic’s

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  8. So Cesar Lopez (AKA MMA Canada Bitch) Greed and Jealousy will get you know where.

    Why are you wasting you time and energy flaming Top MMA News & my daughters pics and not working on MMA Canada? Maybe if you did you wouldn’t be number 2 to Top MMA News.

    So Lopez why are you hiding behind that alias? Are you a little chicken shit bitch?

    Great job Keith & Marc-Andre, keep up the great work & thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to show her work on your site. We look forward to working with you guys again in the future.

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  9. Sonja Belliveau says:

    It’s okay guys, Jealousy is a normal emotion really. Some people just need to learn to grow up, is all. I totally get it, and it doesnt bother me in the least. Im in highschool, and I’m way more professional than this “Lopez” fellow. You guys do a great job on your website and I respect you for giving me the opportunity to have my pictures on such a great, and popular website. Thanks for all the support everyone!

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  10. Jason says:

    Honestly I’m impressed given the camera you are using Sonja! I know what it’s like to push the limits with the gear you have to work with.

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  11. Jason says:

    I’d also like to add that I think both Marc and Keith are doing a bang up job for being around for the short time they have been. I’ve always appreciated their openness and candor when it comes to the site and shooting events for them as well as their hard work in getting credentials for the fights here in town. It was great to meet Keith when he came out for the MFC/TFC weekend in December as well – he’s a great guy with such an interest and knowledge of the MMA world, especially here in Canada.

    As Marc mentioned, there are changes coming to the site soon – any suggestions and constructive comments are most welcome I am sure. I’m glad to be a part of this site and am looking forward to being involved as the site grows, evolves and moves forward!

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  12. MiChelle says:

    All the pictures are Awesome!!! Great coverage. MMACanada, stfu.

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  13. Hey guys,

    This is Charles from mmacanada.net. Just wanted to clarify that none of the messages posted on topmmanews was made by us or our representatives. We are a professional company and do not have the time in our hands to create such drama. I hope whoever it is sending these comments, could please stop and respect the sport of MMA and the work ethics of those who are helping grow the sport. Thanks!

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  14. I can vouch that this lastest post is indeed from Charles at MMA Canada.

    I can’t verify who is claiming to be with MMA Canada.

    Either way the sport is too big in Canada and even the 2 sites aren’t enough to cover it all.

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