Exclusive: Jesse Taylor Talks Jason Day Fight


Jesse Taylor’s dreams of becoming a TUF champ were infamously squashed with a good solid booze-fueled kick through a limousine window. Jesse ‘JT Money’ Taylor subsequently earned himself a reputation as a bad boy. Perception is not always reality though. Following his loss to C.B. Dolloway via a slick Peruvian Neck Tie, the seemingly unstable Taylor went on a steady tear and amassed a seven fight win streak before hitting the Strikeforce ranks where he dropped his last two. Has Jesse’s reputation affected his career? “If anything it helped me – it’s my brand, I guess. If people want to judge and think of me as the bad boy – that’s fine with me”, states Taylor.

Canadian fans will get their chance to judge and label JT Money as a ‘bad boy’ on February 5th when he faces homegrown talent, Jason ‘Dooms’ Day at Aggression MMA: Vengeance in Edmonton, Alberta. Fighting local talent does not phase Taylor, “I enjoy fighting hometown heroes…I’m stoked to be fighting in Canada. I have somewhat of a fan base up there, and Canadians have the fighting spirit. Hopefully you guys like me and maybe even one pretty Canadian girl might like me too.” While ‘JT Money’ tries to pillage our women, Jason Day is working hard on his wrestling to stifle Jesse’s apparent strength. “He can try out his wrestling on me…he’s a very tough well rounded opponent, as am I,” voices Taylor regarding his thoughts on ‘Dooms’ – and he continues, “I’m glad that he’s a big name and legit opponent because you’re only as good as your next fight, and we’ve both stepped up.”

Jesse has signed on for one fight, but true to form, ‘JT Money’ expressed that “…money talks” in regard to his fighting for Aggression again. Taylor is a Team Quest product who’s looking to someday make the UFC take notice again – “In MMA, if you’re whooping ass, you can go anywhere. I’m sure if I keep doing well and turning heads that Dana would have me back. Although I enjoyed fighting for Dream and Strikeforce, who knows what the future holds. All that matters is this upcoming fight.” Jesse is no stranger to tough opponents – his last two losses under the Strikeforce banner have been against Luke Rockhold and Xtreme Couture standout, Jay Hieron.

Taylor thanks “…the sponsors that hop on board and Clinch Gear for always supporting me constantly, and thank you to the fans who have not lost hope in me – keep the faith…” Finally, the Poway, CA native assures the Canadian fight fans a worthwhile night – “I’m gonna come back strong and let my actions speak for themselves.”

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5 Responses to “ Exclusive: Jesse Taylor Talks Jason Day Fight ”

  1. tim mcdunnel says:

    who cares about jesse taylor and jason day really? weak news

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  2. So weak you felt the need to comment.

    We heart you.

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  3. Sean McManus says:

    “who cares about jesse taylor and jason day really? weak news”

    Weak comment – there are a lot of Canadian fans who root for guys like Jason…sorry we couldn’t satisfy your needs but Kimbo Slice was unavailable for comment.

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  4. Bigtoe says:

    I’m looking forward to this fight, both these guys have a lot on the line and we know that always makes for a good fight.

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  5. Bigtoe says:

    Great comment Sean, I laughed my ass off!!!

    And just so we are clear, Jason or Jesse would destroy Kimbo!

    Also, I just checked with Kimbo and he is currently taking a shit, I’ll get back to you whether it was hard or soft…

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