Introducing Sean McManus-Top MMA News Senior Writer


Top MMA News would like to announce the hiring of Sean McManus as our newest writer.  We are very excited to add a knowledgeable Canadian MMA expert of Sean’s calibre to Canada’s Top MMA News source.

Sean has been around the bloc.  He was the Senior Writer at MMACanada, covered Canadian news for MMAMania, contributed to Fight! Magazine and has written features for FightSport before taking time off to devote to his new baby and new job.

“While I was taking some time off I realized that I love the sport at a grassroots level…I love watching the young Canadian talent and any day of the week would hands down rather cover their story than try and get an interview with a big name…I’ve interviewed the Chuck’s, the Randy’s and I enjoyed that time…but my focus is on the Canadian scene…more for a pure love of the sport instead of a ‘look who I know and how cool am I for being able to hang out with so and so…,” says Sean when describing his MMA interests.
Sean adds, “I am excited to be back and truly appreciate the opportunity TopMMANews has given me – I love their focus, I love the quality of their work and I look forward to all of the work we will be doing together.  Canadians need a site dedicated to providing up to date MMA content from a truly Canadian perspective and I know is that place.”

Readers should look forward to Sean contributing original pieces to the site and covering Canadian MMA events with the quality that you have come to expect from Sean McManus and Top MMA News.

Look for Sean’s first article tomorrow!

8 Responses to “ Introducing Sean McManus-Top MMA News Senior Writer ”

  1. Jason says:

    Cool, looking forward to reading your stuff Sean!

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  2. Sean McManus says:

    Thanks Jason, love your work – I’ve been a fan for awhile now. I am very excited about this opportunity and love the community feel that has acquired over this past year or so. Cheers man, thanks for the support.

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  3. George Carlos says:

    Who the hell is this Sean McManus? This guy is a joke!!! LOL!! Congrats Sean.. Looking forward to your work as in the past. Your a true professional when it comes to covering the Canadian MMA scene.

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  4. You can enjoy his great first piece about Jason Day here:

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  5. Sean McManus says:

    Thanks for the kind words George! I haven’t been training BJJ much lately, but I did take some pictures at Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles’ seminar last night, does that count?? All the best in 2010 to you George!

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Sean McManus is a sonuvabitch!!

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  7. Mike Muise says:

    Congratulations Sean, definitely looking to see some more great work and finding some inspiration to better my contributions as well!

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  8. jaykay says:

    I agree, I was talking with Jessie Brockman recently and his exact answer when I asked about Sean was “McWho?” Exactly!

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