Exclusive: ‘Dooms’ talks ‘JT Money’


UFC 83 was a historic event for Canadian fight fans.  Not only was it the first UFC in Canada with notable Canadians coming away with wins, but they also did so in impressive fashion.  It seemed as if the stars were in line that night as Jason ‘Dooms’ Day dismantled Alan Belcher for his UFC debut.  The results of that fight pointed towards a successful UFC career.  However, with successive losses to Michael Bisping and Kendall Grove,  Jason Day found himself on the outside looking in. 

Jason was given the typical parting words from the UFC once he was cut; “I was told to go get a few wins, and to get back to my winning ways and they’d take a look.”  Jason’s focus is not necessarily set on fighting in the UFC again – “I took the news with a grain of salt.  My mindset is to destroy everyone.  If the UFC never calls again, then so be it – I just want to be the best.  When I go on a tear and begin taking people apart, heads will turn.”  Seven months after he finished off Trevor Stewardson with a rare Twister (seen here) at RITC 35, he is set to fight again.
Jason is tapped to face TUF Season 7 bad boy – Jesse ‘JT Money’ Taylor in Edmonton, Alberta on February 5th under the Aggression MMA banner.  Taylor is looking to halt his two fight losing skid, while Jason is looking to build off his last win – albeit with a long layoff in between.  “The road back has not been as busy as I would have liked fight wise, but it has given me the chance to open many more doors and take a look inside.  But now I am hungry, and its’ time to eat,” states Dooms.  Why the lengthy layoff?  “I have had some great fight offers against some tough guys and they all said no… I am in a tough spot, the guys that want to fight me are nobodies who have nothing to lose, and the guys I want to fight have everything to lose…just like me, but they aren’t willing to risk it.  At this point in the game you either have to put up or shut up.”  Jason seems eager to ‘put up’ and test himself against the strengths of Taylor; “This is the first legitimate opponent that has said yes.  He is exactly what I am looking for right now.  I have been busting my ass working on my wrestling and I need a test.  From what I have been told wrestling is his strength, and I want to see how I have improved in that skill set.  He is eager for a win and that’s good, he will bring his A game – that’s what I want.   I will stop him in his tracks – he will have no answer for what I am bringing.” 

Day, who you can follow leading up to the fight at Twitter\jasondaymma, also recently picked up and moved from Calgary out to Langley B.C. to train with Team Revolution. “They have a solid group of guys and an amazing core of coaches.  I moved out here in September and they welcomed me with open arms.  It has been a good fit so far and I am looking forward to continuing my camp here for this fight.”  Jason is able to train full-time now as well, with the help of a key sponsor – “Last year Bedford Biofuels began sponsoring me.  Without them I would not be able to continue fighting as my full time job.  They are behind me 100% and having support like that is very motivating.”  When asked if a spot on the coveted upcoming Montreal card was something he could see in his future, Jason didn’t sway in his focus – “Montreal would be a great place to fight for the UFC again, I have fond memories of fighting there and the fans are awesome.  I am not focused on that though.  I am focused on my training right now, I am still getting better.  After this next test in the cage ask me again.” 

A convincing win over a tough opponent like Taylor may just be what the UFC is waiting to see from our number 4 ranked Canadian MW to invite him back to the ‘big show’.  Headlining a card with fireworks written all over it and with a solid team of trainers, coaches and sponsors behind him, a determined and focused Jason ‘Dooms’ Day is looking to do just that.

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