Desilets Versus Valimaki Set for March 19th


"I hope he's not afraid a second time"

Last month at TFC 9, Martin Desilets went to Edmonton to challenge Victor Valimaki for his Light Heavyweight championship title at TFC 9, Dec 5th. Valimaki made weight but was unable to compete due to having problems with his kidneys. Desilets was dissapointed he had prepared for this opportunity and Valimaki could not compete.  Now the two fighters have agree to fight once again in a battle of Top MMA News’ 4th (Valimaki) and 7th (Desilets) ranked Canadian Light-Heavyweights.

According to Joey Benoit, President of Fight Sports Management, they have signed a deal for this fight to take place at TFC 10 on March 19th for Valimaki’s TFC Light Heavyweight title. Desilets’ management is excited for this opportunity and are looking to end up on the upcoming UFC 115 card this June in Vancouver. “I hope after the win against Victor Valimaki, Martin gets a call from the UFC for the event in Vancouver, Martin can fight against anybody in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division”

When Desilets was told of this opportunity by his management his initial reaction was “I hope this time Valimaki will be there in the cage against me, I hope he’s not afraid a second time”.

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