Boots Scraps – Fighting in Dubai


Hello everyone!

The BIG news is….that I will be fighting in the XKL (Xtreme Kombat League) taking place in Dubai on Feb. 20th for the
lightweight title, co-main event!!!

Here is the interview from with Keith Grienke:

1. When and where is your next fight? I hope its back at Lightweight.
My next fight will be in Dubai, Feb 20th! And I am back fighting at my division and for the Lightweight XKL Championship Belt! I will be the co-main event of the fight card :)

2. Who is your opponent and what do you know about him?
My opponent will be Scott McAffe, I dont know much about him, except that he has the same record as me (7-1) and that he is from Alaska. I will let you guys know more about him in future post.

3. How did this fight get arranged? I know the Gracies and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are big in Dubai – did Renzo have a hand in setting this up?
Yes the Gracie family is well known there, and Renzo Gracie will be in my corner in Dubai! I am very excited for that but the man that made it happen was my manager and instructor Pat Cooligan, with his connections, he made this fight possible for me. Thanks Pat!

4. What do you know of the XKL? Is it a one shot event? Have you signed for one fight or more?
I know that XKL is their first event and I only signed for one fight so far.

5. Ever been to Dubai? Is there any excitement due to it being an overseas fight? I know you have had Muay Thai fights overseas before.
I have never been to Dubai, so I am very excited for that! Ive had a fight Guam and many fights in Thailand, so I am used to competing overseas.

6. When will you start training camp for the fight?
I have been training non-stop the day after I fought Nabil on the WRECK MMA show in Hull but I did take some time off during the Holidays, so this week I already got back in the swing of things, I made sure I didn’t take too much time off to get rusty. I am a full time pro fighter so I don’t take many breaks, my job is to train and get to a high level of fitness and skills to be able to put on the best of fights!

7. Who else is on the XKL show? Any other OAMA or Renzo fighters?
So far there is no other OAMA fighters and I believe that Ali from Renzo Gracie NYC will also be fighting on the card.

8. Where will we be able to read about your upcoming training and your Dubai experiences?
Right here on http://markholst.comand ! I will be updating you guys on my training camp and also talking about the jet lag effect on my next blog!

Thanks for the support everyone! Can’t wait to get it on!


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