Update: WEC Coming to Calgary this Summer ?


Zuffa is really coming to “the Mecca of MMA” this year.  According to MMAJunkie.com, the WEC is considering holding a show in Calgary, Alberta this summer.  This would mean three Zuffa in Canada over a couple months.  The UFC has already announced shows for Montreal (UFC 113) in May and Vancouver (UFC 115) in June.

WEC Vice-President told the site, “”The UFC is probably going to go to Montreal and Vancouver this year, and Ontario is still waiting to be sanctioned, so it looks like we’re going to Calgary,” Dropick said. “It’s a great sports town. They’re rabid.”

At this time, the Calgary Combative Sports Commission has not been contacted by the WEC.

(Note: This article was updated to include the Calgary Commission’s response to the WEC announcement.)

3 Responses to “ Update: WEC Coming to Calgary this Summer ? ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    Thats pretty awesome news. As long as they can cope with the Calgary commission, who may end up running them out. :(

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  2. CR says:


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  3. Robbie Black says:

    Calgary sucks for MMA

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