Young Gun Hrynchyshyn on the Rise


From Day 1 of his MMA career, Nick Hrynchyshyn was touted as a young gun. Just two fights in, the young gun has blossomed into a potentially destructive cannon.
Eyeing a long-term future, the Maximum Fighting Championship has inked Hrynchyshyn to a new multi-fight deal, and the welterweight prospect hopes to become one of the organization’s top upcoming stars.
“It is like a dream come true. There’s no place I’d rather be right now,” said the product of Sylvan Lake, Alberta. “The Pavelichs take good care of me and I’m stoked about the signing. Mark came up with a solid contract for me and I feel like I’ve found a home in the MFC and I don’t plan on going anywhere for a long time.
“I think it’s the best career move I could have made at this time and I know it’s the best thing for me in all aspects – the money, the great competition, the organization, the promotion I get, everything. I feel very lucky.”

Luck very nearly wasn’t on Hrynchyshyn’s side in his last outing, but the fight certainly proved one thing. Faced with adversity, the six-foot-one 170-pounder is able to pull himself out of the fire and, in the case of the fight against Jesse MacDougall, put the heat right back on his opponent. Badly cut and up against some dangerous ground-and-pound action, Hrynchyshyn was in danger for a spell, but reversed his fortunes and roughed up MacDougall until the referee had no choice but to step in at 4:29 of Round 2. It was a far cry from his first outing when Hrynchyshyn needed all of 45 seconds to finish his outgunned foe, but it served as a stepping stone and learning experience for a developing fighter.
“I really enjoyed my last fight and I have no problem going through a war each and every time I fight,” Hrynchyshyn said. “The last thing I will ever be is a boring fighter. I hear so many fighters say, ‘Oh, I’ll never give a boring fight’ but then they get in there, take a shot and start running. We are paid to fight, that’s what the fans want, this is the sport, and this is what I’m here to do.
“Every time I step into the ring I could not imagine losing the fight or even going to a decision. I’m in there to finish every time. I love strategic fights and I will showcase more of a strategy in my future fights but I will never get a few takedowns and land a couple good shots and then stay away from my opponent to take the decision.
“I am a huge fight fan. I love wars – who doesn’t? But on the other hand I am a fighter and I love strategy and showcasing amazing skills so really I don’t prefer either one. I love them both, but I’m always up for anything a fight brings.”
There were no boring spots, lay-and-pray, or lackluster moments in the bloody battle with MacDougall. All it did was garner Hrynchyshyn a whole new set of fans amongst the sold-out crowd at MFC 22 and solidify the young fighter as a hero to the wild throng of supporters who specifically came to the show to back him.
“I love my fans – I love all MMA fans, they are why I do this,” added Hrynchyshyn.
“First and foremost I fight for me to test and prove something to myself and after that I’m here for the fans. The fans are what make this sport what it is and I’m willing to put my head on the line to keep them entertained. I’m extremely happy that I have so many fans at my fights cheering for me because that shows me I’m doing something right and giving them what they want.
“I’m so grateful for all of them. My fans help give me the strength to keep pushing forward. People always ask me why I fight and I tell them because I want people to hear my name so whether they love me or hate me, cheer me or boo me, I’m happy, as long as they know it’s me.”
Hrynchyshyn is bound to hear his name called several times in 2010, likely starting out at MFC 24: Heat XC on Friday, February 26 at the River Cree Resort and Casino. What lies ahead is up to him – success will breed bigger challenges but that’s right up Hrychyshyn’s alley.
“For 2010 I just want to stay undefeated and get in some good ring experience,” said Hrynchyshyn. “I didn’t fight a bunch of bums in lesser organizations before moving to the MFC – I’m starting out here and it’s no joke.
“This year I just want to get some experience and keep working hard and get better and better each fight. I really want to get my name out there and develop a solid fan base and let everybody see what I’m capable of and get myself prepared for some of the bigger tests later in my career.
“I hate saying it because I wish I had a more exciting answer but I don’t have anyone I want to call out or anyone I’m dying to fight right now. I’m only two fights deep and I go to every show that I’m not fighting in to watch the competition and I don’t have a problem with anyone in my weight class or see anyone who I’m itching to fight yet. I’m sure later this year or after a couple more fights that answer will change. I hate when fighters get that question and they say, ‘Oh, whoever my promoters want me to’ but I truly don’t care or know of anybody so far. I want to take smart fights and come up in Heat XC and MFC properly. I’m not in a rush to get to the top guys at rapid speed but I will definitely be ready when I get the call.”

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12 Responses to “ Young Gun Hrynchyshyn on the Rise ”

  1. Neil Green says:

    Has MacDougall secured a contract with MFC? He hamered Hrynchyshyn. This was one of the best MMA fights I have seen in my life.

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  2. Matt Mayr says:

    I was at this fight and it was definitely fight of the night. Hrynchyshyn had good chin and reach advantage. MacDougall is big time warrior and really pressed some excellent Muay Thai action much like a Sam Stout. This guy will be a beast at 155 as the size difference was very evident. Very very entertaining.

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  3. Christopher D. Hodder says:

    This articles fails to capture the technique and ambitions of both fighters as both are deservant of it. However……

    Despite an exchange of punches early it wasn’t long before MacDougall demostrated a dynamic Muai Thai, and wrestling fighting style with percise kick and punch combinations and a relentless ground attack that on more than one occassions stunned Hrynchyshyn and capturing the excitement of the crowd. MacDougall attempted a “Belly to Belly” takedown that was stopped by Hrynchyshyns leg hook. Hrynchyshyn fell in “Half Mount” and the referee ordered the fight to the Centre of the ring with “Full Mount”. If the fight had not been handed to Hrynchyshyn in the 2nd round MacDougall led on my score cards.

    This fight was MacDougalls debut as it was his first MMA apperance, and his first fight in a year.

    I think the true victor in this card goes to the fighter who demostrated the most potential and in my opinion, Jesse MacDougall…

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  4. Christopher D. Hodder says:

    What bothers me is the referee had more control in the outcome of this fight than that fighters….I KNOW I’m speaking for some fans in attendance that night…

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  5. freight train says:

    were does mcdougall fight out of?

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  6. Josh Perrier says:

    I helped Jesse train for this fight at camp just outside Fort Mcmurray Alberta. The gym we were training in lacked the proper equipment to train for a mma fight. So, we had to make due with what we had. This included doing 5, 5 minute rounds in a sauna just big enough for the two of us!

    I believe Jesse is a great technical striker.  I guess that goes without saying seeing that he is a European Muay Thai Champion.   

    I agree that Jesse is better suited to fight at 155 considering he didn’t cut weight for this fight!!   

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  7. MMABunny says:

    This was a very impressive bout. And a great way to start off the night!

    Hrynchyshyn at 6’1 athletic, lanky, and versitile, towered over MacDougall’s 5’8″ chizzled, muscular, jaw dropping frame which illustrated an epic David versus Golliath theme to it with.

    The tension in the air at the star down to break the ice for the first fight of the night had the crowd anxious to ssee two skilled warriors battle it out.

    Both warriors laid it all out there. There is clearly no loser in this fight. The crowd including myself was going crazy and constantly cheering. I could not believe this was the first fight of the night.

    It looked like MacDougall’s nose was instantly broken in the first 10 seconds then shortly after a large gash above his eye opened up.

    MacDougall then landed landed a gigantic over hand left dropping Hrynchyshyn which would have nocked most fighters out. MacDougall then laid some tacticful ground and pound landing three huge elbows which left a whole in Hrynchyshyn skull. This was only the first round!!!!

    Based on this first fight I would have been happy paying the amount of money I spent on the tickets of MFC 22 even if there was no another fights.

    Does anyone know if this fight was aired anywhere or if it is going to be aired? or can be viewed somewhere?

    The MMA community needs to see this fight. This was one of the most entertaining fights I have seen to date.

    Does anyone know how much each fighter got paid?

    I can’t wait to see both fighters in the ring again!

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  8. According to the MFC, MacDougall only had a one fight contract. He is not scheduled to fight again in the MFC.

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  9. Jeff Harrison says:

    I’ve trained on and off with Jesse for many years and seen him get a handful of pretty impressive highlight reel KOs in his 15-20 thai fights..his background in university wrestling, his Muay Thai and serious strength and flexibility..he could really go far if he decided to. War Jesse love ya bro.

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  10. freight train says:

    why dosnt mcdougall go trai nwith all the biys at bowmans in fort mac???? would be the proper choice…then in someones garage

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  11. Christopher D. Hodder says:

    Bowman is a good guy too….

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  12. random says:

    I did not see the fight But Jesse fights out of Thunder bay Ontario. Good fight Jesse.

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