Moncton Elite1 ECAMA Event Postponed


The Elite 1 MMA and ECAMA Amateur MMA show scheduled for Moncton on January has been postponed.  Event organizer Steve Williams has indicated that the card was postponed to January 30 due to a combination of poor tickets sales and some fighters being out with illness.

Fans that purchased $35 tickets will be upgraded to $75 tickets according to the promotion.

Top MMA News encourages all fans to support their local promotions!

4 Responses to “ Moncton Elite1 ECAMA Event Postponed ”

  1. fan says:

    They can’t sell tickets because they are charging the same for a weak ammy card as they would for a pro card. Guys fight for free but fans pay the same that doesn’t make sense.

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  2. Steve says:

    $30 is pretty cheep . 7 amateur and 3 pro fights

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  3. Steve says:

    $30 plus tax …

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  4. Fan says:

    Which is the same as a pro card in the Maritimes with 10 pro fights.

    This has 2 pro fights that I can see and the fighters have a combined record of (5-10)

    Sorry I would never pay that much to watch this card. Make them Gen Add and charge $20 a ticket. You arn’t paying the fighters afterall.

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