UFC 4 Vet to Fight at AFC 2

Jason Fairn

Jason Fairn will fight Phil Friedman

British Columbia’s Jason Fairn will be fighting in his home province at the Armageddon Fighting Championship on March 6.  Fairn, who is 37 years old, will fight for the first time since 2008 when he defeated Scott Matthews at the Underground Fight Championship.  Long-time UFC fans may remember Fairn from his 1994 bout with Guy Mezger at UFC 4. 

Armageddon Fighting Championship representatives confirmed that Fairn will be fighting Phil Friedman from Xtreme Couture in a Heavyweight fight. “I got into the game early and am still young at 37.  I still have a some good fights left in me,” Fairn told Top MMA News

Fairn, who was a trainer at Tito Ortiz’  Team Punishment, states “I have been training constantly.”  He also has been very busy working on his new gym, which is scheduled to open early in January 2010 in North Burnaby, British Columbia.

Fairn, a Fabiano Iha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, wants to win his AFC fight in March and then get back into the UFC.  “I want to get a prelim fight on the UFC card scheduled for Vancouver this summer.  It would be great to go back there,” says the Bonecracker.

Fairn fought Mezger at UFC 4

In other AFC news, the organization confirmed to Top MMA News that Bastien Huveneers will be on the card as well as Justin Shaw.

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4 Responses to “ UFC 4 Vet to Fight at AFC 2 ”

  1. George Carlos says:

    Fairn vs Metzger was a great fight. I remember me & my buddy calling it the pretty boy fight as both fighter’s had there hair pulled back in a pony tail. I remember rooting for Fairn because he was Canadian. Hope the UFC offers him a fight in Vancouver.. they offered Elvis Sinosic a fight in Australia!!

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  2. Josh Wilson says:

    I remember the pony tial, he doesn’t look so pretty now. He’s fighting Phil Friedman thats Randy Coutures sparing partner. I wonder if Randy is gonna corner him.

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  3. Jason Tapped out in 38 seconds. George Carlos forgot to mention that Fairns corner threw in the towell because Fairn was getting his ass kicked as usual. This guy is a fake!

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  4. sue says:

    Hey Jay.
    Hope you have recooped from the crash.
    best of luck in the future.Kick ass.
    much love..Aunt Sue

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