Hard Knocks 5 – Calgary – January 30


Date: January 30, 2010
Location: Calgary, AB
TV: None
Tickets: TicketPro

WEIGH IN RESULTShttp://topmmanews.com/2010/01/30/hard-knocks-5-weigh-in-results/

Aaron Armstrong vs TBD
Max Dalsin vs TBD
Troy Sorensen and Pierre Dumont

Amateur MMA
Sumeet Gill (Aetos Pankration) vs. Chris “Auto” Mattock (Gracie Barra)
Cory Knipe (Dragon MMA) vs. Rick Neuman (Team Extreme)
Kurtis Little (Dragon MMA) vs. Rob Park (Team Extreme)
David Swanson (Winnipeg San Da) vs. Matt Krayco (Dynamic Martial Arts)
Gareth Jones (Airdrie MMA) vs. Aaron Barnes (Team Extreme)
Jarod Milko (Progressive Fighting Academy) vs. Mark Morales (Dynamic Martial Arts)
Chad Nielson (Emergent) vs. Meelad Hastee (Team Extreme)
Shad Potts (Dragon MMA) vs. Tory Bleackley (Canuckles)
Gerrit “Kleinbul” Straus (Gagne Fitness) vs. Dave “The Head Hunter” Hollet (Team Extreme)
Marc Baudin (Canadian Combat Club) vs. “Iron” Mike Parsons (Team Extreme)

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  1. Submission King says:

    Aaron Armstrong is on it, wounder who they will find for him to fight.

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