AFC 2 – Victoria – March 6


Date: March 6, 2010
Location: Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria, BC
Tickets: JDF Recreation

AFC 2 Card:

Kalib Starnes vs Marcus Hicks (185)

Dan MacIver vs Nick Hinchliffe (185)
Jason Fairn vs Phil Friedman (265)
Diego Wilson vs Josh Fyfe (135)
Justin Shaw vs Nathan Williamson (265)
Derek Medler vs TBD (170) 
Nick Driedger vs Patrick Besarra (145)
Duncan Wilson vs Nathan Swayze (185)
Conner Wood vs Will Richardson (155)
Josh Spong vs Tim Jeffreys (135) 
Chris Jones vs Josh Bohnen (155)
Tristan Connoly vs Jimmy Phan (155)
Karl Bergen vs Mike Reid (170)

4 Responses to “ AFC 2 – Victoria – March 6 ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    Wow…. how much do you think Marcus is gonna come overweight for this one! He missed 195 lbs by almost 15 lbs for his Aggression fight!

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  2. I think the promoters should re-think this one. The last thing they want is a second AFC Starnes fight cancelled.

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  3. Rain-bows says:

    I agree… I would much rather see Starnes vs. Hinchliffe, it would be a much more competitive fight! Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen, I think Hinchliffe is set on avenging his loss to MacIver!

    At least there are lots of other Middleweights on the card, if Hicks drops out or has a few too many Baconators Buckland or someone can step in hopefully!

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  4. Darren Owen says:

    Starnes vs Hinchliffe would be a great fight and is a potential AFC Championship bout if both win their respective matches March 6th. Your right Rain-Bows Nich REALLY wants this rematch with MacIver. I am very concerned with Marcus being so far off weight, it’s unacceptable. I will talk with him tomorrow and see what he has to say. I am thinking of other suitable 185 opponents for Kalib is we don’t feel comfortable that Marcus will be able to make weight.

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